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Rock Eyez' 2009 Best of ...
Reviewer: Tom Stewart (Staff Writer)

Favorite Top 10 CDs:
  1. The Beatles-Mono/Stereo Boxsets (EMI) "They sound stunning...highly recommended."
  2. Wolfmother-Cosmic Egg (interscope) "If they continue in this direction, we have a classic band on our hands."
  3. Brendan Benson-My Old, Familiar Friend (Ato) "Beatles, ELO, Wings, classic rock, alternative edge with hooks, melody, that's it in a nutshell."
  4. Cheap Trick-The Latest (Cheap Trick Records) "It's a grower...well thought out songs, one of their best in recent years."
  5. Cheap Trick-Sgt. Pepper Live (Big 3) "One of the best bands of the 70s performing one of the best albums EVER? Yeah, it's a no-brainer!"
  6. KISS-Sonic Boom (KISS Records) "Not Rock & Roll Over, sorry Gene, but a solid, if not slightly paint by numbers effort that is really an 80s KISS album with 70s style."
  7. Ace Frehley-Anomaly (Bronx Born) "A strong effort from Space Ace....heavy, rocking, a few surprises."
  8. AC/DC-Backtracks Boxset (Sony Legacy) "They just keep pumping out the cool rare stuff....keep it up fellas."
  9. The Cult-Love "Omnubus Boxset Edition" (Beggars Banquet) "My favorite Cult album given the deluxe treatment...worth it for the live disc alone."
  10. Jet-Shakka Rock (Five Seven Music) "Great modern era power pop/hard rock-hooks, guitars, no grunge-lite modern rock here." .
Top New Bands of 2009:
  1. Unfortunately, there were no "new" bands last year that come to mind LOL! Most of the newer music I like has been from bands that have come out over the last few years, and to be honest I did not hear a debut release in 2009 that knocked me on my ass. Sorry!
Top Three Bands or Artists of 2009:
  1. AC/DC (For still kicking ass onstage! Yes, they are a little slower, and a little balder, but Black Ice was a better album than most bands are capable of these days at any stage of the game. I hope they at least do a farewell tour at some point before packing it in for good.)
  2. Cheap Trick (For touring non-stop, constantly putting out quality music, not cashing in on trends and being true to themselves, and releasing a quality album this year in The Latest.)
  3. Wolfmother (For putting out an album (Cosmic Egg) that actually got me excited about a newer band! How refreshing to hear a mix of influences that isn't a carbon-copy of any one specific band and has a great blend of melody and heaviness. A true modern-era "classic rock" album.)
Comeback Band of 2009:

  • AC/DC (For putting out one of the best albums since For Those About To Rock and doing what they do best...and not growing goatees and de-tuning their guitars when everyone else was.)
Disappointment Of The Year
  • There's more than one! Steven Tyler being an asshole and allowing (apparently) booze and yes-men to cloud his decisions yet again. No VAN HALEN activity-c'mon guys! Let's hear a new album in 2010. At the very least, how about a rarities boxset/DVD???

    The new KISS stage show/Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons constant berating Ace & Peter in the press. Have some class guys and remember that you aren't what you were when you were 25 either. Watching our country being intentionally bankrupted and slowly transformed to Euro-Socialism....ugh, don't get me started LOL
Special Thanks:

Mom, Michelle, friends and family for making my 40th Birthday fun and pain-free this year! You guys rock! And especially Dina rock AND roll with the big boys.....she can sing a mean Steve Perry fellas!
The Guys in TEQUILA ROSE and LOVIN' TOUCHIN' SQUEEZIN' for putting up with my gig scheduling conflicts and wanting me in the band enough to deal with it LOL! And to all of the great people who come out to the gigs and support us loyally...especially those road warriors Dina & Trish. Brian/Steph at Rockeyez for giving me the opportunity to spew my venom/praise on their website and get my frustrated rock journalist rocks off. Greg Schmitt for hooking me up with Brian! Eddie Trunk for That Metal Show....a nice diversion from the usual crap on TV. Creem Magazine for the inspiration and giving me something to look forward to every month when I was a kid. Captain Lou Albano(R.I.P.) for providing me with years of wrestling entertainment in the 70s/80s. Dad and God for being there in spirit when I need some guidance, and Mom for being there in the real world for the same reason. I Love You!

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