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Rocklahoma 2008 RockEyez was There!!

By Dave Felix
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When Charles Dickens wrote his immortal opening “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” to his 1859 masterpiece “A Tale of Two Cities,” I’m sure he had no idea that almost a century and a half later, people would still be using those words to describe so many different situations and in so many different ways. Well, not to sound completely cliché, but I cannot think of a better choice of words that would pretty much sum up our entire experience at ROCKLAHOMA 2008.

Let me explain…

When I say “it was the worst of times,” I mean it more as a warning or some simple words of advice from someone who went through the experience for the first time. The five day event can be one of the most grueling experiences of your life if you’re not prepared for it. You will have to have the stamina to endure changes in the weather ranging from 90 degree + heat and a merciless sun beating down to thunder and lightning storms which can produce near-hurricane strength wind gusts. On top of that, get use to little or no sleep and a lot of walking… and I mean A LOT of walking over literally acres of landscape sometimes drenched in mud 6 inches or more deep! So the demand on your body (both mentally and physically) can be a drain and I suggest you start preparing for it weeks… maybe even months in advance… not unlike a jogger would prepare for a long, hardening race.

But on the flip side, no where else and at NO other festival of this magnitude will you meet as nice a group of people and be able to enjoy good food, good times and witness an almost non-stop concert produced by a gathering of some of the most talented musicians in the business. THAT’s what makes it all worthwhile and THAT’s what everyone came for… to support the music and the artists we love and let them know that even though, in some cases, some of these bands haven’t played together in years, we still have not forgotten all the great music, memories and experiences they have given us and the way they have impacted so many lives in so many different ways over the years. And also, to welcome in the NEXT wave of up-and coming artists who will be producing all the great new music for the next generation. There’s just nothing like it…

All this and BEER! Lots and lots of BEER!


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