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Interview with Simon Cruz



Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: October 2010

Brian Rademacher: Hey Simon, how’s everything going today?

Simon Cruz: Good. I just came home from Moscow and am a bit trashed from a month of mayhem.

Brian Rademacher: Was joining CRASHDÏET everything that you thought it would be like?

Simon Cruz: Yes, everything and more!

Brian Rademacher: So who came up with the theme for the "Generation Wild" Video?

Simon Cruz: We sat down with the director and worked it out together.

Brian Rademacher: When that hot chick stuck her tongue in your face what was your true thought?

Simon Cruz: Is this torture?

Brian Rademacher: What do you feel you brought to CRASHDÏET that was missing from the previous release?

Simon Cruz: Beer, booze and liquor ;)

Brian Rademacher: I truly mean it when I say you brought the spark back to the band. You have charisma, stage presence and a total glow. How are the fans treating you?

Simon Cruz: Awesome! I am pampered and very thankful. It’s quite funny though cuz I thought the way I look and dress would send some kind of message across something like "do what you want, look like you want to, don’t be molded into a frame" but there are more and more people turning up looking like versions of me. Of course I'm honored but I'd rather see people express themselves in new ways. I´d like to lead a colorful pack of wolves! I'd like to be challenged by looking down at the crowd from stage. But I still get very happy when I see the Simon hair somewhere in the crowd!

Brian Rademacher: Does it disappoint you that the American fans are being denied in getting to see you live? (BECAUSE I THINK IT FUCKING SUCKS!!!)

Simon Cruz: All I want is just to go! But I don’t know how the fuck to go about it, it seems so difficult to accomplish.

Brian Rademacher: Will there be another video coming off Generation Wild?

Simon Cruz: We are deciding on the next single now and are planning to record the video in November.

Brian Rademacher: Being in CRASHDÏET is there any restriction the band puts on you?

Simon Cruz: Not really, but I would never live in Sweden if I didn’t have my band here.

Brian Rademacher: Do you feel you achieved what you set out to do with Generation Wild?

Simon Cruz: I am very pleased in fact. It was a fucking struggle and there are some things I'd wish we had more time to work on but overall (I’m) very pleased.

Brian Rademacher: You guys played "Rest In Sleaze" this year. What was that like and what was the feeling like paying homage to Dave?

Simon Cruz: I like Dave, I never knew him personally except through his work, and I am proud of CRASHDÏET’s in heritage so I thought It was great and I think it’s important to show respect towards the bands history.

Brian Rademacher: Are you guys working on a new CD yet?

Simon Cruz: No, we have some ideas bubbling but haven't started working together.

Brian Rademacher: Any thoughts of a DVD like in the past?

Simon Cruz: Absolutely, but the world tour is long from finished. But yeah we already have loads of material and backstage footage that I think you’re gonna like!

Brian Rademacher: What is your favorite part of being in CRASHDÏET?

Simon Cruz: On stage or drinking and writing songs with the boys.

Brian Rademacher: I’m sure the women are all over you. So what would your sexual dream come true be?

Simon Cruz: Being Dionysus, the god of wine, surrounded by generous sharing nymphs in my temple ;)

Brian Rademacher: On your days off what do you do?

Simon Cruz: Been long since I had a day like that. Maybe just hang out with friends

Brian Rademacher: What is your feeling towards each member of the band now knowing them for awhile?

Simon Cruz: I've become good friends with all of them and I like to hang around them. Martin, me and our tour manager live in the same flat so after touring we still go back together to our place so we kind of see each other a lot but I like that. We are like family.

Brian Rademacher: Since you guys are on tour a lot what are some of the things that CRASHDÏET asks for on their tour rider?

Simon Cruz: Well there we have quite a funny story… We had to mildly change the rider a little bit after Olli was in the band, for example swap 40 bottles of mixed sodas to 40 cans of beer. Jagermeister and Smirnoff ice are also on the list.

Brian Rademacher: What was it like opening for Prince of Darkness, Ozzy?

Simon Cruz: Great crowd, great venue! Sad I didn't have a chance to meet the guy and say hey whassup shaggy!

Brian Rademacher: When you guys shop for stage clothes is there any particular place you go?

Simon Cruz: Usually secondhand shops to find stuff that no one else wears, but sometimes H&M and other female based stores. Depends what you are out for. I can’t remember last time I shopped in the men's department, those clothes are so fucking boring It’s a fucking insult!

Brian Rademacher: What is touring really like for CRASHDÏET? In the states many bands rent a van, eat anywhere they have a dollar menu and sometimes sleep in the van. How is it with CRASHDÏET?

Simon Cruz: Usually we fly abroad and then the promoter arranges the transportation to the different gigs and it’s usually a van, and usually we stay up drinking all night so we try to sleep in the van during transport to next venue. Comfortable seats are very much appreciated and not those ones we had in Italy, the seats were angled forward (ha ha). We where fucking trashed after that tour! In Sweden we rent a van that has 8 seats and room for our backline and we drink so we have to stop all the time to take a piss. It usually takes the piss out of our driver.

Brian Rademacher: What makes Simon Cruz happy?

Simon Cruz: Good friends and good drinks

Brian Rademacher: And what pisses you off?

Simon Cruz: Winter, bad weather, journalists that don't write what you say but what they wanted you to say. That can really piss me off!

Brian Rademacher: Tell the fans 5 things that they might not know about Simon Cruz?

Simon Cruz: I suck at paying bills. I’m good at pool. I am ace on electricity. I started my stage career by playing air-guitar in front of the class in 6th grade. I've played guitar since 13 (years old) and still suck at it.

Brian Rademacher: Do you collect anything?

Simon Cruz: Boots, whiskey and hippie shirts

Brian Rademacher: What was the wildest thing that happened on this recent tour?

Simon Cruz: I almost died in a car crash in Sao Paulo.

Brian Rademacher: What is a typical day for you?

Simon Cruz: I try to get up early. I try to do things but mostly I forward it to the next day. I can be really productive but usually it happens when I'm in a hurry.

Brian Rademacher: If you had a dream come true what would that be?

Simon Cruz: Going to America and playing for big, wild crowds.

Brian Rademacher: Simon I really congratulate you for bringing CRASHDÏET back in the mainstream. I hope Martin don’t get pissed I’m giving you too much praise because you deserve it. You KICK ASS. Would you like to say anything in closing? Hope I'll see you soon In America, hold yer horses! Cheers.


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