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Interview with Marcie Free


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: October 2010

Brian Rademacher: Hello Marcie and welcome to RockEyez.

Marcie Free: : Hi Brian. It's very nice to meet you and to have the opportunity to speak with you and your readers.

Brian Rademacher: When working on the new release "Worlds Collide" were the songs written from self-experiences?

Marcie Free: : I believe that when Guy and I write, we draw upon our feelings and memories from all our life's experiences. At least that is the way it is for me. I give a part of me in everything I do musically and lyrically. Take the song "You Don't Understand" for instance. I wasn't even planning on writing a song that day. I was sitting in front of my computer waiting for it to boot up when I looked and saw my acoustic guitar sitting there. I picked it up and BAM. This song came out of me. I started writing the lyric and it all flowed out of me instantaneously. It felt as if God picked me up by the ankles and shook it out of me. In the end the lyric came from my perspective as a result of my gender change and how it destroyed my marriage. How much it hurts and how some people really don't understand how it feels to be me. I wanted a way to express those feelings but do it in a way that wasn't in your face about it. I hope I accomplished that. Kng Kobra

Brian Rademacher: Was there a point that you wanted to give up on music?

Marcie Free: : Yes. When I faced my gender issue and the word got out that I was going through this, people in the music business who I had known and worked with for quite some time, shunned me. It hurt me deeply and it felt like I would never be able to do my music any longer, which was my life's dream. Imagine having your life's dream taken from you. I did the natural thing; I panicked and acted out of fear and resentment. Of course time is the great healer of all wounds, thank God I survived long enough, and it took what it took for me to be able to come back with this renewed vigor and perspective. But it's completely true what they say. With God all things are possible.

Brian Rademacher: Were any of your past band members or musicians you worked with constructive in the new release besides the original members of UNRULY CHILD?

Marcie Free: : No, no one besides the guys in UNRULY CHILD had anything to do with this record.

Brian Rademacher: Why do you feel now is the time for UNRULY CHILD to release a new CD?

Marcie Free: : I have been getting sober now for over two years and that led me to developing a close personal relationship with God, or my higher power, as some people like to call it. They say, "Don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle". Many wonderful miracles have been happening in my life since. One of them was during my morning prayer one day in May 2009, two weeks before Bruce Gowdy called me to ask me if I would be interested in signing with Frontiers. While deep in meditation that day I realized that we are all blessed by God with certain gifts when we are born and just how important it is for us to get in touch with those gifts so we can develop them and give them back to God, so to speak, in order to make life more enjoyable for our fellow man and for ourselves as well. We all have them. It could be as simple as loving to knit, or work as a gardener or a grocery clerk. Whatever it is, you do it because you love to do it and you are good at it because that is what God intended you to do. I realized that day just how incredibly gifted God made me and how selfish I had been by not using the gift. I made an oath to God that day that if ever another musical opportunity came along that I would take responsibility and stand up and accept it as a way of doing my part; upholding my end of the contract so to speak. I believe it is divine providence that we are all back together again after all these years.

Brian Rademacher: It seems a lot of past bands are releasing new CD’s or making comebacks.. Why do you think so many bands are making that comeback?

Marcie Free: : Music is a wonderful gift from God to mankind to make our lives more enjoyable and more worth living. At least it is that way for me. I suppose they all feel as I do?

Brian Rademacher: Your voice still sounds amazing are you doing anything different vocally these days?

Marcie Free: : Besides not singing as much as I did years ago, no not really.

Brian Rademacher: How did it work out with Frontiers singing the band for "Worlds Collide"?

Marcie Free: : Over the years I was made aware that Frontiers was interested in signing me and working with me to come back into music. Until now I felt I wasn't ready to make that commitment. When I had my epiphany Frontiers was more than willing to come to terms and they were wonderful about everything during our negotiations.

Brian Rademacher: How the hell did you get all the original band members back together for this project?

Marcie Free: : I know all of the members of UNRULY CHILD feel as if we are brothers in rock. We highly respect one another’s talents and there is a deep seeded love for one another. I love these guys as I would love my own family. We never left on bad terms and when you don't burn those bridges people feel comfortable about being friends and getting back together.

Brian Rademacher: You started singing at the age of 19 do you feel you accomplished your goal at this point?

Marcie Free: : That's kind of hard to say. Sometimes I feel as if I have completely attained my goal. I can tell you though, years ago my goals and focus was centered on how much money I made in the music business. As much as I would love to make tons of money doing what I do, today I feel my desires to make records and play live for people has changed into feeling more like I am being of service to people. To give them back the love they have given me all these years. In the end that is what it truly should be all about; being of service to one another. Helping out when needed and giving back what you have been given.

Brian Rademacher: During the KING KOBRA days what were some of the things you had on your tour rider?

Marcie Free: : Sheesh! I am getting too old to remember those things. I showed up and whatever was in the dressing room is what we ate or drank. That's really all I know. Andre', our tour manager handled all those details.

Brian Rademacher: By the way I’m listening to the new release as I write these questions "When We Were Young" is a killer track… Are these all newly written tracks or has anything been left over from the past?

Marcie Free: : All are brand-spanking new; gifts from heaven as I like to call them.

Brian Rademacher: What was the feeling like in the recording studio doing UNRULY CHILD again; any flashbacks of past memories?

Marcie Free: : Years ago Bruce was living in this one bedroom apartment in North Hollywood. He had his studio set up in his kitchen/dining room area. Today my studio is in one of my spare bedrooms in my home in Michigan. The rest of the band has their own studios where they live in California. So the experience was completely new to me. Plus I had never had to engineer my own recordings before. I loved it! Bruce helped me while on Skype video conferences and it was like Star Trek and shit; very futuristic. (Kind of) like living in a Jetsons cartoon.

Brian Rademacher: Do you feel there will be a follow up release after "Worlds Collide"?

Marcie Free: : Most definitely! This record is too good to let us go without making more in the future.

Brian Rademacher: When you first started in music how did you find out you had a talent for singing?

Marcie Free: : My parents are both musically talented. My Mother sings very well and she would always be singing around the house, in church choirs and barbershop quartet groups. I recall being able to sing as early as six or seven years old. I had a great ear for harmonies. I recall singing third part harmony with my Mom and sister while doing the dishes after Sunday dinner at age seven.

Brian Rademacher: What were you like as a child in school?

Marcie Free: : School was hard for me as I was not a happy person. I had all sorts of issues growing up as you could imagine. In spite of all that though I was popular and had lots of friends.

Brian Rademacher: After school what were some of the things you liked to do as a child?

Marcie Free: : In elementary school I couldn't wait to get home to play baseball, or kick the can. In Jr. High (all the way) through High School I couldn't wait to get home to play my drums. I could play as long as my Father wasn't home. The minute he got home I had to stop!

Brian Rademacher: Do you remember your first concert and did it make any kind of impact on you?

Marcie Free: : I was a drummer in a band when I was in 10th grade… 16 years old. We played for a Jr. High School dance. I recall loving the attention I got from all the good looking girls.

Brian Rademacher: The first time you actually bought a record what was the band that did it for you back in the day?

Marcie Free: : Jimi Hendrix "Are You Experienced". I played that record till it turned grey. But I was into music way before that too. I have an older sister who also loved music and because she would get money babysitting the neighbor’s kids she would buy 45's. I would love to hang out with her and listen to all her records. But the Jimi Hendrix record was the first album I bought with my own money.

Brian Rademacher: Are there any regrets that you feel you made during your life and are you happy now?

Marcie Free: : No. No regrets. Just life experiences which are all worth their weight in who you become and how much you appreciate the present. I am as happy as anyone can be. And I owe that all to God.

Brian Rademacher: Marcie RockEyez really appreciates that you took the time to answer our questions and we hope everyone supports the new release this month on Frontiers Records "Worlds Collide". Would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Marcie Free: : Please know that I have felt your love and support all these years. I appreciate it more than you know. I hope someday I will have the opportunity to meet you and give you all a great big hug. Please visit us on our website for news and information regarding the release and where we will be performing. WWW.UNRULYCHILD.NET May God bless you all.


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