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Interview with Freddie Avalon


Rising Wind

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 2011

Brian Rademacher: Hello Freddie and welcome to RockEyez!

Freddie Avalon: Thanks for having me.

Brian Rademacher: The band started back in 2006 playing cover songs. What are some of the songs you covered back then?

Freddie Avalon: These five years we played several cover songs obviously in addition to our songs. "Hail And Kill" by MANOWAR, "Melancholy" by ICED EARTH and "Fear Of The Dark" by IRON MAIDEN were three of the cover songs always included in the first shows. Anyway, since the beginning we decided to give space to famous songs, but more rare to hear around like "The Tears Of The Dragon" by Bruce Dickinson or the actual "Enemy In Me" by VAINS OF JENNA. This is just to have something different from the other bands!

Brian Rademacher: The band is originally from Italy do you feel that playing U.S date has helped the band. I know you guys played Rocklahoma or Rock N America right?

Freddie Avalon: It was Rock N America! Of course it gave us a larger visibility overall in that side of the ocean called United States! Itís also very important to consider the positive impact that this experience has had on the spirit of the band. It encouraged us to go on believing more and more in what we do.Live Tartaruga

Brian Rademacher: How was that?

Freddie Avalon: Rock N America has been a fantastic experience! I wish it for everyone. I truly experienced the best week of my whole life, playing in the US in a big festival, sharing the scene with young bands and legendary rock stars. Like a dream come true!

Brian Rademacher: You have two EPís out now. Can you tell us anything about them? Are you working on a full-length CD?

Freddie Avalon: Our first EPís, called "Believers", was published in June 2009 and it collects the first 5 songs that we wrote during the period between 2006 and 2009. In truth we had more songs ready to be recorded, but we thought that those five were the most suitable to represent us at that moment. Although we are proud of every song of "Believers", only three of them are performed live. Iím talking about "Forever" , "Another Sun" (published also on "Skydive Your Soul") and "Ancient Tomorrow" . On you tube you can find a new version of the latter played live at Rock N America. "Skydive Your Soul" instead was published in November 2010 and it has been the product of a continuous evolution of musical tastes and styles from us. Furthermore with this EP you can well hear the voice and the compositional inspiration of Jack, the drummer. He found a lot more space in the composition process unlike "Believers", where the songs were ready and only needed a proper drums line. Just like the first one, also for "Skydive" we had more songs to choose from and thatís why we had not yet decided to start recording the full-length CD. We prefer to have many songs to evaluate and choose. The first album is very important and we donít want to do things in haste. It must kick ass and it will, I promise!

Brian Rademacher: Does Italy have any kind of music scene right now?

Freddie Avalon: Italy has great musicians and bands but not a real scene. For a long time now, tribute bands have had the best stages and attract more attention. It seems that people are unable to evolve and realize that thereís a whole world to discover behind the usual groups. All this comes at the expense of the young bands that work hard to play their music. The Italian media doesn't help us, but we donít give up; we believe in our music and apart from us other awesome bands are growing up. Stay tuned because Italy will soon have something to say!

Brian Rademacher: Tell me a little history on the band?

Freddie Avalon: Uhmm, this is a fresh, recent historyÖ Iím talking about just few days ago: we were playing in a show with 2 other bands (far from home) and because of bad organization, it was all in late. Between the second band and us a drunk and probably looking for thrashing guy came to us blabbing "No more bands, the show is over, timeís up!". I just said something like "Hey, youíre wrong" so he came to me, a thumb from my face, trying having a row, screaming and shouting insaneÖ all this in front of an unbelieving crowd. A great way to open a showÖ

Brian Rademacher: When you were in the US how were the woman?

Freddie Avalon: They were very funny and friendly! They loved to joke never seeming precious! But Iím sure you want to know more about something else right? Hehehe canít say anything.. girlfriends and children can read this interview hahaha!

Brian Rademacher: Are the audiences any different from Italy to the U.S.?

Freddie Avalon: Americans are easier. They love to have fun and make you understand it! In Italy, it often seems like bands stand in front of a jury and not a public. Always ready to judge you as if they werenít there for having fun. I havenít noticed this in the US; I noticed only the pure passion for music played live.

Brian Rademacher: I know you do a killer cover of VAINS OF JENNA "Enemy In Me". What was your feeling when they released Lizzy?

Freddie Avalon: Lizzy is a kickass-singer! He has a great attitude! It wonít be easy to find a suitable replacement.. Thatís what I thought. Now itís Jesseís time..I like his voice very much and I really appreciated it in the video with Nicki playing "Oh Darling" by THE BEATLES. Amazing!

Brian Rademacher: Do you feel that you have to make it in the US to make an impact?

Freddie Avalon: I feel we cannot make it in Italy to make an impact, it would be a miracle.. Making it in the US it would be a dream he-he

Brian Rademacher: When you guys play out in Italy what size is the crowd?

Freddie Avalon: It really depends, of course. I canít exactly answer to this question, the crowd can change from few dozens of people to hundreds from a show to the next one. What I can surely say is that weíre playing very much in the last months, so the number of RISING WINDs supporters is noticeably growing up.

Brian Rademacher: Besides RISING WIND is any other bands in Italy you think we should check out?

Freddie Avalon: Yes, of course. Have you ever listened to someone called DESTRAGE? They come from Milan too, but listening to them you could think "What the hell! Which PLANET do they come from?!" Theyíre different from us. You really should check Ďem out, I canít describe you what they do and youíll discover the reasonÖ

Brian Rademacher: Have you been approached by any labels to get signed or do you feel a label is not necessary anymore?

Freddie Avalon: We havenít been approached by any labels yet, and I think yes, itís necessary if you wanna really step from amateur to professional music.

Brian Rademacher: What would you say has the biggest impact on your life?

Freddie Avalon: Of course playing at Rock N America! As I said before, those were the best days of my life. Iíve seen all my sacrifices and all my efforts to finally have a sense for a week. I will never forget this incredible experience!

Brian Rademacher: What was the first concert you attended and did it impact your life at all?

Freddie Avalon: When I was 13 I went with a family friend in Milan to attend the concert of INCUBUS during the tour of Morning view, but I was too young to understand how wonderful that wasÖ in 2003 IRON MAIDEN in their "Death On The Road Tour" changed my life .. bastards! Hahaha

Brian Rademacher: Tell about a little about your childhood? Did you play sports, how were your grades, what did you do after school, things like that.

Freddie Avalon: In my life I played a lot of sports: judo, horse riding, kung fu, swimming and something else that I canít remember hahaha.. But I have always played soccer! I love it, itís my second passion. About school I ended the linguistic high school without really knowing what to study at a hypothetical university and so I decided to join the Accademia Del Suono of Milan to study music and sing in particular.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me about each member of the band and your feelings toward them?

Freddie Avalon: What to say about them? Theyíre my family, my brothers! Jackie and Lou are two talented guitarists with unique styles and very humble; Jack, the drummer, is simply a genius! He plays the drums very well, but can also play many other instruments and even sings and he has a remarkable compositional creativity! Finally Slevin.. RISING WIND would have already split up without him, I donít add anything more!

Brian Rademacher: What do you do as a day job?

Freddie Avalon: As I told you before, Iím studying singing, and I record some national radio & tv spots as day job.

Brian Rademacher: What is your goal?

Freddie Avalon: My goal is to reach success with RISING WIND, because I really believe in this band! A childís dream only?...

Brian Rademacher: Well Freddie Iíd like to congratulate you on the latest EP and wish you guys success. Would you like to say anything in ending?

Freddie Avalon: First of all I want to say thanks to you and to all the staff of, you rock guyz!
I invite you to stay tuned on for future news and please, leave comments everywhere! Congratulations, insults hehehe whatever you want! Itís important for us to feel you close! Goodbye rockers!!!
"Skydive Your Soul"!


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