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Interview with Nick Elmore


Dust and Bones

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: April 2011

Brian Rademacher: Hey Nick Brian from RockEyez

Nick Elmore: How ya doiní man?

Brian Rademacher: Good, howís everything today?

Nick Elmore: Not too bad just getting home, had to stop at a couple places to pick something up to eat.

Brian Rademacher: Cool ready to go?

Nick Elmore: Sure

Brian Rademacher: Can you tell me anything about a band called "BIG MUDDY" that you were in?

Nick Elmore: I was just in that band a couple years. It was just a cover band we played AEROSMITH, BUCKCHERRY plus some southern rock stuff it was a variety of things. Some new rock and classic stuff too.

Brian Rademacher: Were you in any bands before that?

Nick Elmore: Yeah a couple bands but didnít do much with either one just a couple gigs with each band.

Brian Rademacher: So what was your first job?

Nick Elmore: It was right down the road where I lived. It was a restaurant named the green lantern. I was fifteen and I started as a dishwasher. After that I worked at a truck stop called the bobber. Started out as a dishwasher there too and went to prep cook.

Brian Rademacher: All these times working at other jobs did you have dreams of being a musician?

Nick Elmore: Of course.

Brian Rademacher: How hard is it being at another job and having that dream of being a musician but you still have to pay the bills?

Nick Elmore: Itís difficult when you have to take care of the bills. I do what I have to during the week and on the weekends I have time to do the band thing.

Brian Rademacher: BAD MONKEY was the original named for DUST AND BONES?

Nick Elmore: That was the original band name. They started out originally as a five piece band and wrote and recorded an album. I went to see them one night they were playing with THE NAKED BEGGERS (Eric Brittingham) of CINDERELLAís band. I got up and did one or two songs with them and Sean the bass player kept bugging me to join the band. I went to their practice one night and it meshed really well. They werenít having any luck with their singer at the time and he was ready to leave anyway. I joined the band and we became a four piece and with so many line-up changes it wasnít BAD MONKEY anymore so we changed the name to DUST AND BONES.

Brian Rademacher: The first album "Voodoo" that came out in 2009 did that come out as BAD MONKEY or DUST AND BONES?


Brian Rademacher: I was reading reviews on "Voodoo" which got excellent reviews, now you have a new release on Perris Records called "Rock And Roll Show" which is also getting good reviews are you happy the way the release came out?

Nick Elmore: Definitely we spent a lot more time working on this one. The first album "Voodoo" I joined the band in April 2008 and between April and July we written all thirteen songs and recorded all thirteen songs in one day. Some of the songs we record for "Voodoo" we play live and changed them a little because we played them long enough. We are very proud of the first CD but we didnít take near the time we needed as we did with the second one. Weíve been working on the songs for the second release "Rock And Roll Show" for over two years. "Rock And Roll Show" was just released in March. Perris Records signed us to a two year distribution deal. You can buy the CD from Perris

Brian Rademacher: Were there any tracks on the new record that was difficult for you to sing?

Nick Elmore: Each track has something hard to sing but "Aliceís Wonderland" was difficult because it was high energy. "Shut Your Hole" was higher end which was grittier and more of a metal type tune almost like GODSMACK, I had to change my voice for that one. "Hypnotize" I had to use a more raspy voice on the verses.

Brian Rademacher: Is there any song you like singing live?

Nick Elmore: I love doing "Aliceís Wonderland" live and we kick our show off with that tune. I also love singing "Love Song" thatís really fun to play.

Brian Rademacher: You guys are based in St.Louis?

Nick Elmore: Eastern St.Louis thatís the city we are closest to.

Brian Rademacher: Do you feel you are pigeon holed in that area?

Nick Elmore: We are starting to branch out; we played Chicago a couple times. We recently played Nashville, Tenn. Most bands these days canít travel. We are grown men; we have kids and other priorities so we canít go on the road for months. Two of the guys are married but we are perfectly fine with the situation in the band. We can go on road trips during the weekend and in July we are playing a festival in Wisconsin. So we are slowly branching out.

Brian Rademacher: So what are your hopes for this album?

Nick Elmore: Get as many people as we can to listen to it and hope everyone likes it.

Brian Rademacher: What was the last CD you listened to yourself?

Nick Elmore: I listen to a wide variety of music. I have a lot of Rap and Hip Hop on my iPod also SHINEDOWN, HINDER, BUCKCHERRY, NICKLEBACK. I love ALTAR BRIDGE.

Brian Rademacher: Who was the first concert experience you had?

Nick Elmore: It was Ozzy when I was fifteen. Couple friends of mine and their mom took us. It was the Retirement Sucks Tour. I think the guitarist was Joe Holmes.

Brian Rademacher: As a kid did you paste anything on your walls in your room?

Nick Elmore: I had some AEROSMITH stuff but I didnít get into music until I was about thirteen.

Brian Rademacher: So what did you do after school?

Nick Elmore: I liked rollerblading and doing stuff that kept me active.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me your impressions of each member of the band starting with Sean.

Nick Elmore: Seanís a great guy who is always coming up with new guitar riffs; he always has his guitar in his hands during the day at some point and always coming up with new riffs. John has a knack for knowing good songs with hooks and arrangements. He is the bands business person and takes care of band stuff. Ryan he is the most solid drummers I met. Heís not flashy but always on the money. Myself Iím the worst member of the band (laughing) I do it because I love to do it. Itís funny because people see me live and they see me as this high strung person. Iím the complete opposite more laid back and I rather stay home and watch TV than going out and being the center of attention.

Brian Rademacher: Nick Once again I congratulation on the new album. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Nick Elmore: We are hoping this year will be good to us. We all have high expectations on the new CD that we are very proud of and we hope something good happens. Thank you very muchÖ

Sean Quidgeon (guitars/backing vocals), Jon "Big Dawg" Jackson (bass/lead/backing vocals) and Ryan Riggs (drums/backing vocals).


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