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Interview with Bridgette (vocals) & Brandon (drums)


Siva Addiction

Interviewed by Rick "The Screamer" Lindner
Date: August 2011

Rick/RockEyez: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me on behalf of RockEyez after your great set here in Alcester, SD. You are from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. OKC is a fine city, but not exactly the rock capital of the world. How did a band such as SIVA ADDICTION emerge from there?

Bridgette/SA: Yes we are (laughs)! It develops there just like it would anywhere else I guess. We found each other through the scene, mutual friends, so on. It just kind of fell together.

Brandon/SA: We haven’t been together all that long, but we are all close now. Music brought us together and now we are trying to do our thing and take over!

Rick/RockEyez: Speaking of great Oklahoma exports, your latest single "One Night Rodeo" off your up-coming album was produced by another Sooner Cody Hanson of HINDER. Talk about that experience as well as how that came together?

Bridgette/SA: Cody and Marshall Dutton (from FAKTION) are phenomenal. The two of them pretty much spearheaded the entire new project we have coming out including that song. They were very influential in turning the album in the direction that it did. Unlike anything we could have imagined it could possibly be. They were amazing. Brandon actually knew Cody from school!

Brandon/SA: I grew up with Cody. We got to a point where I thought he was the one for us to use. Their music told me he knew the direction we wanted to go. I thought he had the edge to get us where we needed to be.

Rick/RockEyez: In similar fashion to what HINDER and the like are doing, you (SIVA) seem to ride that cool fence between modern radio rock and good old classic hair rock with a little ALICE IN CHAINS and MOTLEY CRUE thrown in there also. Kind of like oil, steel, and leather having a fist fight with cologne and sweet perfume!

Bridgette/SA: That is a good vibe to have! I am glad we are conveying that.

Brandon/SA: That is what we are going for (laughs)! We aren’t trying to specifically aim to sound like any of those guys. A lot of them are influences for us so some of that kind of just bled out into the results.

Rick/RockEyez: I mention that as a compliment as I would imagine it allows you to appeal to a larger audience.

Bridgette/SA: Absolutely!

Brandon/SA: Yes, we’ve played with anyone from JACKYL to EVANS BLUE, DROWNING POOL, IN THIS MOMENT, etc.

Bridgette/SA: We’ve done the heavier and even the softer stuff. We can play with just about anybody.

Rick/RockEyez: Your current single "One Night Rodeo" has that harder edge to it. It has that punch you in the face vibe going on. Then you have your softer songs like "Take Me Home" on the other side.

Bridgette/SA: That’s what we like.

Rick/RockEyez: What is the expected release date for the new full-length CD? I believe I have heard sometime in the fall.

Bridgette/SA: We don’t have a set date yet. The album is finished and ready to be released from that standpoint. We are getting all the artwork together right now and did a photo shoot for it last week. I say roughly fall. We are trying to go out with SALIVA in the fall. With that we are shooting for whatever date the Oklahoma City show on that tour would be for the release.

Brandon/SA: We are aiming for that as we know that would be a large crowd for that type of show. Hopefully get the word out the best we possibly can.

Bridgette/SA: At the same time we will release it worldwide via Amazon, ITunes, Rhapsody, anywhere digital music is available basically.

Rick/RockEyez: Where you are as a band right now, what are your thoughts on digital music vs. hard copy CDs?

Bridgette/SA: I think digital is where it is at, but at the same time people still like the physical copy they can get at the shows so they can get them signed. Something they can have that is tangible.

Brandon/SA: What is it about 89% of the people out there have an Ipod now in the U.S. whereas oversees I think it is only 20% worldwide? We could sell a lot more oversees with some distribution, but here it is all digital now it seems.

Bridgette/SA: We put a lot of effort into the actual artwork. We don’t want people to have just something that was put together and throw it out there. This is what is taking the longest right now is getting the total packaging put together. We want people that purchase the physical CD to say "wow, this is worth the extra effort to buy the hard copy".

Brandon/SA: I know when I was a kid growing up I would try to go once a week or every two weeks when I had the money and to go buy CDs when they were released. To see the pictures, see the cover and read the lyrics while I listened to it made it a big deal.

Rick/RockEyez: Speaking of the total package, your live show is the full deal as well.

Bridgette/SA: Thank you so much! You actually got to experience an extended version of our normal set tonight. Normally we play for 45 minutes, tonight we got 90 minutes. It allowed us to break some of the older tunes from our debut full-length (Artifice) as well as all the new stuff we play and a few covers.

Brandon/SA: We pride ourselves on that. We like to get up there and show people a good time. When they get into it, we get into it. I hope we put our set together in a way that is like a roller coaster full of dynamics with peaks and valleys.

Bridgette/SA: We want to put on the type of performance that makes people want to come out and see the show. Afterwards we make sure we make ourselves accessible. Unlike a lot of national acts that come through we have seen as fans ourselves. Go shake someone’s hand, take pictures, whatever they want us to sign. We appreciate the fact they spent the time and money to come see us.

Rick/RockEyez: A festival that readers of RockEyez are fond of is Rocklahoma, not too far from where you are located. You’ve played there, talk about your experience (there were lots of smiles, laughs, and some hesitation to answer this one so it must have been a pretty good experience)!

Brandon/SA: We actually got there a day early. We played on a Saturday, got there on Friday and stayed through Sunday night and watched a lot of bands. I think we had a good set there. There were bands from the other stages that came and watched us. We had a good time and it was a good experience for us. Hopefully we will get to do it again and get on main stage eventually.

Bridgette/SA: It was a good reuniting with a lot of our friends in other bands that are touring right now. REV THEORY, MY DARKEST DAYS, the guys in POP EVIL, PAPA ROACH. We got to spend time with all of those guys.

Rick/RockEyez: When the new CD comes out, do you have any plans for another single to coincide with that date?

Brandon/SA: Yes, it is probably between two songs right now. "More than a Memory" or "Take Me Home" are definitely options right now. We aren’t sure if it will be a harder or softer song.

Rick/RockEyez: Anything you would like to add to wrap this up?

Bridgette/SA: Be on the lookout for the new CD and please check out our website, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. We’d love to hear from you. Also, be sure to check out "One Night Rodeo" on You Tube!



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