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Interview with Ty Oliver


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: October 2009

Brian Rademacher: Hello Ty and welcome back to

Ty Oliver: Hey Brian, thanks for having me.

Brian Rademacher: Back in 2008 we reviewed your CD "Heartstrings" that got a good rating on our site. What have you been up to since then?

Ty Oliver: Well for most of the year following the release of "Heartstrings" the live band at the time just busted ass and played out as much as we could. A couple of highlights from that were getting to open for FOREIGNER in September of 08' as well as getting to perform a quick solo set at the Sfarzo Guitar Strings Booth at winter NAMM 09' Unfortunately, around January of this year the band dissolved and I found myself having to plot my next move. I ended up getting a guitar spot backing up Wind Up Recording artist Megan Mccauley this past summer in Los Angeles. That was short lived unfortunately.

Brian Rademacher: I see you started a new band called STARS ON FIRE and you’re looking for a vocalist and drummer?

Ty Oliver: Well, originally forming a band around that name and the demos on that page was what I had in mind. I'm not so sure about it now, I've had some time to sit with the material and I'm not quite sure I'm all that in love with it. For right now, they are just some demos I made while I was hanging out in Florida after I decided to walk away from the Megan Mccauley band. I may or may not pursue them, we'll see.

Brian Rademacher: You have always been instrumental, what changed your mind into putting vocals to your music?

Ty Oliver: Good question. It's been something gradual and really just a natural shift for me musically. After "Heartstrings" was finished, I didn't write anything for like a year. The thought of slaving over solo's and more guitar music just wasn't inspiring me creatively like it had in the past, and I started to feel like I had expressed that part of me to the best of my abilities with the "Heartstrings" CD. Not only that, but the music I listen to 99% of the time isn't instrumental. I get inspired by bands with vocals, modern rock stuff ya know? Playing in the Megan Mccauley band this summer was what really did it for me. Learning the material, and playing mostly rhythm guitar turned out to be something I really liked. After that ended, it was totally clear for me that being in a traditional vocal fronted band was the path for me now.

Brian Rademacher: You played shows with Megan McCauley, is that over with now?

Ty Oliver: Yeah, I left the band in July after we played a show at the House Of Blues in Anaheim. Unfortunately, I was in the band for a very short time and made the choice to walk away from it after having conflicts personally and professionally with Megan and the Manager. It got to a point where I knew I couldn't be involved any longer, it just was not a healthy, workable situation for me, so I split. Those that know me, know how hard I worked to get that spot, and how excited I was about being in that band. It had such tremendous potential, and I was so grateful and optimistic about the whole thing, so making the choice to leave was not easy, or the way I wanted it to work out by any means. The musicians involved were all fantastic and very professional, and playing with them was a great experience.

Brian Rademacher: I checked a couple demos on the STARS ON FIRE MySpace and I liked what I heard and I think by putting vocals to the tracks will make them sensational. What kind of vocals style are you looking for?

Ty Oliver: Thanks, I appreciate you listening! I want a modern rock sound, 30 SECONDS TO MARS, DAUGHTRY, RED JUMPSUIT, TRAPT, that type of sound.

Brian Rademacher: When listening to the instrumental demos I would think of John Waite laying down vocals to those tracks, whadda think?

Ty Oliver: Ha, wow great singer but not what I had in mind at all.

Brian Rademacher: How hard is it to break into the music scene?

Ty Oliver: Uh, it can be next to impossible or easy depending on who you know I'd say.

Brian Rademacher: How do you try and keep your music fresh?

Ty Oliver: I'm currently struggling with that right now!

Brian Rademacher: Do you really feel an instrumental release will ever crack the top ten on the charts again?

Ty Oliver: Anything is possible, but I really doubt it.That era had its day, a long time ago.

Brian Rademacher: Why did you originally go into music?

Ty Oliver: Just a love for music, plain and simple. Once I got my hands on an instrument for the first time and fooled around, I was hooked.

Brian Rademacher: Is there any new guitarist’s that has caught your ear?

Ty Oliver: Yeah, there are a couple in the underground Instrumental scene that I really like, Matt Cafissi and Neil Rambaldi are amazingly good players.

Brian Rademacher: What will be the next Ty Oliver release with vocals or without?

Ty Oliver: The next thing I do will be a band, so it won't be a solo "Ty Oliver" thing, I'm not on the solo artist path anymore. I'll either join up with an already established band, or form one with some other like minded people.

Brian Rademacher: What the does the future look like for Ty Oliver?

Ty Oliver: Another good question. I'm sort of at a point where things are taking on a entirely new path for me musically and I'm kind of feeling it out as I go. I do know that I'll be pursuing a band situation, modern alternative rock type of stuff preferably. The best is yet to come!

Brian Rademacher: Hey Ty it was great talking to you again, best wishes. Would you like to say anything in ending?

Ty Oliver: Thanks again for having me, always happy to have your support!


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