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Interview with Swan


BLACKRAIN SWAN talks about the new release OVERLOADED

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: November 2009

Brian Rademacher: Hey Swan, thanks for taking our questions and how’s everything going today?

Swan: Hey man! A pleasure to hear from ya again!

Brian Rademacher: Why would you sign with Listenable Records when as I look at their line-up it is mostly Thrash and Death metal acts and BLACKRAIN is a sleaze rock band?

Swan: You know, we had some other proposals and had been talking a lot with everybody. After the bad experience we had with Thundering Records, I swear we’ve been thinking twice before we made any decision. Their back catalogue doesn’t really matter to us, we know they do an awesome job and we’re pretty convinced that we’ll be able to get over the next step together. That’s the most important thing in my opinion.

Brian Rademacher: I was reading on the Sleaze Roxx website a post by Bazooka Joe that you contributed on some of CRASHDIET’s material. Is this true, and if so, what songs?

Swan: Well, since I usually stay with Peter when I go to Sweden, we always try to work a bit together. We didn’t write much actually; we have a couple of unfinished songs. I wrote quite a lot of "Caught In Despair" and I also gave ‘em a song of mine called "Scream, Burn, Die". Dunno if they’ll use it but they uploaded a sample of that one on their website.

Brian Rademacher: I have been friends with Heinrich for some time, seems like a cool dude. Did you guys cover a SISTER OF MERCY tune?

Swan: Sure he’s cool! Yeah, we covered "No Time To Cry" for the Japanese version of "License to Thrill". I love that one and it was funny to make something pretty much different than what we’re used to. I sang in a lower register and it sounds cool I think!

Brian Rademacher: BLACKRAIN has been around since 2002. That’s seven years now and it all started with a 5 track demo back in 2004 called "Twilight, Rain, And Darkness". How much has the band grown since then?

Swan: It has been a constant evolution, we did a lot, everything we could do to make that band grow up again and again, and we moved our asses in the whole Europe and Japan on our own to spread the name as much as possible. We had to go though many, many troubles but here we are with a new deal and whole team around us that believe in the band. I think everybody knows about BLACKRAIN in the French business now. Lots of people hate us and lots a other loves the band, we had to face jealousy since the beginning but fortunately we’ll fuck ’em all, were just up to make it big!!!

Brian Rademacher: Do you plan on working with Chris Laney again?

Swan: We were planning to give him the new upcoming album but we had to change our choice at the last second… some business details... but we feel totally fine with what we got from Mr. Hill!!

Brian Rademacher: We reviewed "License to Thrill", which was amazing and got 4 stars on our site. Now you are re-releasing that CD. Is there anything different you did with that release besides adding a bonus track "Baby It’s You"?

Swan: Nah, except the front/back covers nothing is really different; we were way too busy with the new album to add another cover track.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me about the two chicks on the original cover of "License To Thrill"?

Swan: Hmmm, I guess you’re talking about the EP cover "Innocent Rosie"? Can’t tell ya much about it, just 2 good friends of mine, they look wonderful. Love their "sleazy" style; it fits well with the EP. Hehe

Brian Rademacher: Do you think BLACKRAIN will make it over to the States in 2010?

Swan: I would fuckin' love it!!! But it sounds complicated, we don’t have any deal in US and would need lots a promotion before planning a tour. We’re now working hard on Europe and Japan; we’ll be touring pretty much once the new record will be released. Hopefully we’ll get in touch with some people in the States soon, I’ve been on KNAC radio, and they should keep on playin' some of our tracks so maybe that will help!

Brian Rademacher: With all the glam and sleaze bands coming out of Europe do you feel it will make a comeback in the US also?

Swan: It’s hard to tell. I just got back from LA. Been a lot on the strip and of course things are very different now but still many, many people are listening to glam and sleaze. There are also some nice new bands… so ... I guess anything is possible.

Brian Rademacher: What was the name of your very first band?

Swan: BLACKRAIN! ha-ha-ha

Brian Rademacher: Have you recorded any material before BLACKRAIN and what band were you part of for it?

Swan: Na, nothing!

Brian Rademacher: Tell me what Swan was like as a school kid?

Swan: Depends actually, but I never really enjoyed school. It was hard for me to concentrate, I rarely took notes of the lessons so I was usually making some kind of mess with my school mates or I was just sleeping. I used to draw a lot too. ha-ha. But then I had to leave school quite early; my parents decided that I had to get a job since I was doing nothing there.

Brian Rademacher: Do you remember your very first concert?

Swan: Yeah, I do remember a bit, it was a local band. They played some covers but also some original songs and I loved it, I’d been watching ‘em with Max 2 actually and when the show ended up I looked at Max and told him: "Man, we’re gonna make a band!" and so BLACKRAIN was born few weeks later.

Brian Rademacher: What was the first record/CD you owned?


If I remember I bought the IRON MAIDEN by myself just cuz I loved the cover...

Brian Rademacher: What song sticks in your head to this day as a child?

Swan: "It’s So Easy" by GUNS N’ fuckin' ROSES, the one and only band I never got bored of since the day I started to listen to rock n roll!

Brian Rademacher: What do you feel your family is most proud of you for?

Swan: BLACKRAIN probably. I can’t see anything else. My parents are very supportive and I feel very lucky about that; some of the BR members don’t have that chance.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me about the first time you got drunk?

Swan: Well, I was 14 you know, I didn’t drink a lot and was acting probably very stupid! I smoked everything I could find and just puked after...

Brian Rademacher: How about the first time you had sex?

Swan: Ha-ha. Was the same year as the first time I got drunk, can’t tell much about it, was just a kid but I remember I did it to the SEX PISTOLS " NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS" album!

Brian Rademacher: Tell me what it is like backstage after a BLACKRAIN show?

Swan: Lots of friends, hopefully lots of alcohol, so much fun... I repeat myself but we love to get fucked up!! It always ends up by doing lots a bullshit... so be careful if you don t wanna wake up with a BLACKRAIN scar somewhere on your body. ha-ha-ha

Brian Rademacher: Playing in Europe, what is an average size venue and what is the biggest crowd that you headlined a show at?

Swan: We usually still play in front of 200 people but it can be different every night, less or more, it depends, you never know. I don’t think we ever played for a "big" crowd but that will surely change soon… next year is our year!!!

Brian Rademacher: Tell me you’re feeling towards each band member?

Swan: Heinrich is a very clever business man, Max is the funny dude that makes everybody laugh and Lann got something special in his cock that makes the girls crazy. We fit well together, the chemistry seems to be fine, let’s roll!

Brian Rademacher: Tell me 5 things that people don’t know about Swan?

Swan: woo, that’s tuff... let’s make it funny

  1. I’m soon 26 and still live at my parents place cuz I have no job and spend all of my money on alcohol and tattoos...
  2. I listen to DARK TRANQUILITY right now
  3. I love cats
  4. i dunno how to play anything else than BLACKRAIN
  5. I feel black metal ha-ha

Brian Rademacher: We know many bands and have worked with tons of Sleaze bands in Europe here at RockEyez. Are there any new comers that you think we should check out?

Swan: I guess you know more than me. he-he. But I discovered a nice band from Australia called THE GALAVATRONS a kind of old/new rock style... I think they kick ass!

Brian Rademacher: When can we expect a new full length BLACKRAIN CD?

Swan: March 2010, should be titled "OVERLOADED". It’s recorded and been mixed and mastered in Texas by Beau Hill and believe me, it sounds very promising.

Brian Rademacher: Hey man I really love your vocals and BLACKRAIN is a killer band. All I can do is wish you guys success and hopefully one day I will get to see your live show and meet up. Would you like to say anything in ending?

Swan: Thx for the vocals comment! Well, I just hope we’ll be able to make it soon over the States; you guys need to see what it’s like to be backstage with us! he-he

Thx again and cya soon with a new record.


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