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Interview with Toril Lindqvist
(Vocals - Alice In Videoland)

Alice In Videoland - Toril Lindqvist

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: December 5th, 2005

Alice in Videoland is bringing back the days of vintage music and the fun early days of MTV. We recently had the chance to sit and talk with lead vocalist of Alice in Videoland, Toril Lindqvist.

Hi Toril, It’s a pleasure to meet up with you and introduce the band to our readers.  The new CD “Outrageous” reminds me of the early MTV format with band such as the Buggles, Madonna, and others. Have you always liked this style of music?
Well of course, who hasn’t? And a whole lot of other stuff as well!

You put out a five track demo before getting signed. Where any of those songs on your debut CD “Maiden Voyage”?
Yes most of them I think, if not all of them.

You sold out of the first pressing of “Maiden Voyage” and had it repressed, added a new cover and booklet. Why did you decide to change the cover?
Because it was not suppose to look as it did in the first pressing, it was suppose to be the blue one (the current cover) but Calle our keyboard player  (Who did the artwork at the time) decided to change it the day before it was pressed… some guy he knew had him convinced the colors would be all fucked up, and somehow he forgot to tell us about it so you can imagine our surprise when we finally got our very own debut album and our only thoughts were “What the hell, someone has got to be kidding”!!

What was the difference in recording “Maiden Voyage” compared to “Outrageous”?
When we recorded “Maiden Voyage” we mostly used soft synthesizers, overall it was more electronic. “Outrageous” is basically recorded with live instrument cause we wanted it to sound more organic, more like we sound when we play live cause that’s kinda our trade mark, it’s what were all about!... (Almost anyway).

Your vocals sound a lot like Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons. Have you heard of her and if so do you have any impressions?
I don’t think I’ve heard them… am I making a fool of myself now? I’m not sure, I might have but I’m really terrible with names…

Before the band actually formed were you in any other bands that recorded material and who were they?
I’ve been in many bands before, but always playing lead guitar since that is my main instrument. I sang in the first band me and three other girls started when we were 14 - 15 something, I don’t recommend anyone (not even my worst enemy) to listen to that! Then after that misfortune I figured I’d better stick to the guitar for the sake of mankind! So it wasn’t until I started “Aiv”, and had to record some melodies, I discovered that my voice sounded pretty cool :)

My favorite track on the new CD “Outrageous” is “In Denial”. Can you tell us what your favorite track is?
It changes from day to day but I think “Emily” is the one I like the most!

What is your feeling towards downloading music?
May all those who do, die a slow and painful death :)

I actually found Alice in Videoland through Myspace. Tell us your reaction to that forum?
I think it’s a great way to spread your music across the world!

Growing up what kind of music, did you listen to as a child?
I don’t know where to start… I’ve been listening to it all :), seriously I have! But two of my all time favorite bands are Guns n´ Roses and Iron Maiden!

You also play guitar besides singing. Do you play guitar at all during your live show?
No not in Alice, I tend to lose control on stage so it’s one or the other. I have to stay flexible.

What was the wildest thing that happened on stage to you?
What wasn’t? See us live and you will understandJ But if I have to think of  something specific I guess there was this one time the entire crowd somehow decided to take part on stage so they broke threw the fence, climbed over the guards and up on stage. Desperately trying to hug us, sing along, grabbing what ever kind of instrument they could find to play along, grabbing me, simply acting crazy… you name it they did it!! It was mad I’ll tell you, MAD!

In 2004 your band won Best Newcomers at the annual awards for independent music in Sweden. Tell us the feeling winning this award? And did winning the award bring anything new to the band?
It was great, obviously, and it resulted in one hell of a party! It was a great honor! It’s always good to mention it when you’re trying to conquer a new territory!

What is your feeling towards each member of the band?
I love them to death.

Are there songs written yet for the next CD?
You might say that some ideas are taking form…

What was the biggest crowd AIV played to?
The big stage on the Arvika festival I think there were over 5000 happy fans making us even happier!!

Do you think you will release a solo CD?
No I don’t think so, it’s not quite my style… but who knows, a lot can change over the years but I wouldn’t bet on it!

What are some of your favorite bands now?
Now? As in what new bands I like today? That’s a tough one… I think White Stripes kicks ass, Him is really good as well, Danko Jones, I know I will think of  many, many more as soon as this interview is over…  but some of the old ones will always remain as the best, AC/DC, Maiden, Dio you know what I’m talking about!!

If you had a dream come true, what would that be?
To become an action figure!!

As a woman do you think of motherhood?
Do I look like the motherly kind? The answer is no, I don’t think of motherhood.

What is your feeling of the current state of the world?
It sucks, (assuming I understood the question properly) let’s face it; your president is not the sharpest knife in the drawer!!

Toril it has been a blast talking to you and Rockeyez wish the band success in the future. Would you like to say any words in conclusion?
Thanks a lot!!  Rock on and make sure you have a good time all the time! I’ve actually recently discovered that if you take the time to REALLY look at things, you’ll find something incredibly funny almost every time! Well that and… buy our records!!! © 2005-2010 All rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of
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