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Interview with Bruno Kraler
(Vocals, Guitar - Brunorock)

Bruno Kraler (Brunorock)

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: July 19th, 2005

Bruno Kraler talks with Rockeyez about the past and present.

Hello Bruno and thanks for taking the time to talk with our readers. Before we get into the new CD, let’s talk about the past. What was the first band you were in?
The name of my first band was TIGER 99... I only played the guitar at that time and we had a female singer. I was and still am a huge LEE AARON fan and love rock music with female lead vocals.

You were in two bands before starting your solo project. Nightpride and Dark Sky. Did you release any material in those bands?
No official releases exist with my time in NIGHTPRIDE and DARK SKY… only demos and Live-video-tapes.

Growing up in Italy, what music did you listen to?
Actually, I’ve only listened to rock music all the time.

What was you experience the first time going on stage and what was the name of the club or venue?
My first live-event, which happened sometime around 1984 with TIGER 99 in a small theatre in Bressanone …that was real cool. All our parents were there to hear our loud music.

When starting out in music business did you first want to be a singer or guitarist?
I first started with keyboards and then changed to guitar. …a few years later I started singing, because our band did not have a good singer and it worked out very well.

What was the first guitar you owned?
Gibson Les Paul.

What is your favourite guitar you own now?
Hamer Diablo.

What musician did you dream of becoming as famous as?

How does this new CD “Interaction” differ from the first two Brunorock releases?
...much more expensive…but we played and recorded much better.

Tell us what it was like working with Michael Wagner. Who is one of the best producers in music, producing Alice Cooper, Dokken, Metallica, and Ozzy?
Michael Wagner
is a really good close friend and it makes it a lot of fun to work with him.

Why did you record in three different studios?
To reduce the cost.

You had the chance to work with some amazing musicians on “Interaction.” Rachel Bolan (Skid Row), Alex De Rosso (Dokken), and a cast that is unreal. Did the other musician have input in the recording or did you take full control?
Normally I like to have total control about everything…but with such a DREAM TEAM, it wasn’t really a problem to get an optimal cooperation. Every one of these musicians is undoubtedly good and has lots of experience… everything they have played was great.

Was there any problem with egos in the studio?
Absolutely none.

What song took the most takes in the studio and was the most difficult to record?

What is your favourite track?
“Castaway” and “Pray For the Rain.”

Come on Bruno. Tell us your secret. How do you come up with a phenomenal record like this? You must have some kind of secret in writing the lyrics?
A friend of mine... Christian Rechling is responsible for the lyrics. What I’m trying is… simply said… to transform his lyrics in music. Every lyric has a melody in itself; you only have to bring it out.

Some of my favourite tracks are “It’s All Been Done 4 Me,”“Take the Trophy,” and “Hard Working Day.” Would any of these songs be made in to a video?
Momentary it isn’t possible to do a video clip. To perform it in a way I want to have it, you need a lot of money… and that will not happen right now.

Do you plan on touring with this record and will you come to the US?
Here in Italy we’ve been playing a few concerts together with GOTTHARD (Switzerland) and DARE (Ireland)…It would be a dream to perform in the U.S.A. potential.

We want to know since you are a family man. How do you have time for all these projects being away from home?
As a father, I’m real proud of my daughter. Her name is Sophia. Fortunately, my wife is also a rock fan… and therefore she gives me lots of time for the music… she likes what I’m doing and is always present when I play live.

Do you feel this is your best of the three Brunorock records and why?
All of those three CDs are my babies...I like them all. But I’m sure to do it much better in the future.

Were there songs recorded that did not make it on to the CD?
Yes... but they will certainly be on the next CD. Those songs were simply not grown for a production.

How long did the new release take to record?
It took nearly 2 years from composing to the final mastering.

Since you worked with some great musician is there another musician you would like to work with that you have not worked with in the past?
... There are many of them... but Dan Huff would be really tremendous.

I compare your singing to Claus Lessman (Bonfire) and Dennis De Young (Styx) would you consider that a good comparison? If not who do you think you sound like?
Hmm... I am not a good judge of my own voice... but from my point of view, it sounds more like Sammy Hagar than Claus Lessman.

Will there be another Brunorock CD and do you have anything written yet? If so can you give us some titles?
Yes there will be a new BRUNOROCK CD... one of the songs is called “Fighting for Something.” I wrote this title in the beginning of the 90’s… and now I will record it once again. Other songs are not so much grown (at this time) to give them names.

If there is another CD, from Brunorock will you have a whole new cast or will the band stay the same?
In case of the new CD, I will mostly work with my Live Band. Once again, Bobby Altvater is on keyboards and Dominik Huelshorst (Ex-BONFIRE) plays drums.

Would you work with Michael Wagner again?

Is MTM Records giving you the attention that this CD deserves?
MTM is just a small record label and not able to afford a big commercial budget. But I’m very pleased with their work.

Are there any new bands that you would recommend to fans?
Absolutely top for me are SPIN GALLERY. Their album “Standing Tall” is simply fantastic.

What does Bruno Kraler listen to these days?
Lots of music from the Eighties... Like SURVIVOR, FOREIGNER, LOVERBOY a. s. f.

What is a normal day for Bruno Kraler?
Getting up and making music or listen to it.

What is the most memorable moment in your music career?
As Michael Wagner said, that he would like to do the mixing for my album.

In conclusion, to our interview would you like to say anything to our readers?
I want to say Thank You to all the fans… because… without them, my work would be SENSELESS. © 2005 All rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of
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