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Interview with Dave Lepard
(Vocals, Guitar - CrashDiet)

Dave Lepard - CrashDiet

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: September 12th, 2005

CRASHDÏET has just released their debut CD after months of hard work. In the early stages of Dave Lepard graciously gave us one of the first interviews ever on our site and Dave has returned once again to fill us in on the happenings with their debut release.

Dave congratulations! I am happy for you and the band. I see the new CD is #1 in Sweden on the rock charts right from the start. How does it feel?
Cheers Brian!(ha-ha) well its just amazing the flow of the record right now... it’s nice to see people enjoying what we do, going out buying the album instead of  “not buying CDs anymore coz we got internet to download our asses off 24/7” world of ours (ha-ha).

So what has changed since the CD release?
Well we just started the tour here in Sweden at ‘KB’ in Malmö and the place was packed! I guess that the obvious change is that more people know of us and wanna have a ball with us at gigs, dance with us all night at our fantastic after parties.

I want you to promise us that when you come to the USA, Rockeyez will have front row seats and we will have the chance to meet the band?
If you wanna have seats then I guess it’ll be in the back (ha-ha)! Hey man sure thing you’ll be in the front row bangin’ your heads off with all the other crazy maniacs…of course we’ll have a nice rendezvous with Rockeyez..

You know the band is going to be huge. This is what sleaze is all about. You are bringing back music that the fans are starving for. The music fans are waiting for CRASHDÏET. How does it feel making an impact on the music world?
If CRASHDÏET is opening doors for the Rock ’n’ Roll Sleaze scene in the world that’s just Fuckin’ Straight A Freakin’ Jackpot. I think that we have shown that you don’t have to play by the basic rules to make it, since we barely have made anything right from the start (ha-ha). I mean since the record deal contract got signed we’ve just been going downhill on every level there is (ha-ha)! As it’s said it’s not until you’re in hell you can sing about heaven…or is it just me sayin’ that (ho-ho-ho).

I know the band gained popularity from “Riot in Everyone” which is explosive. Wait until they hear “It’s A Miracle.” It is my personal favorite on the CD. What is your personal favorite track on the CD?
Back on trackk” ‘coz its like an aerobic track (ha-ha) every part of the song is like a new step up on the treadmill… it just keeps on going.

Kiss, Motley CruË, and WASP are just some of the bands still around. Sweden has the best sleaze scene in the world. CRASHDÏET is fresh and has that element to reach superstardom. Do you see the band reaching a more diverse audience?
I think one of the most valuable ingredients in writing music is to have a diversity of songs. I feel like the “Rest In Sleaze” album has a good mix of tunes so consequently we got a pretty fair chance of serving our line of art to a bigger crowd.

When the band first formed how hard was it to be accepted with your image? Emo, Alternative, and Rap music basically owning the top spot on the charts.
I don’t know really coz I haven’t felt it to be such a wacko thing for myself. Some people think your looking like shit when you’re struttin’ down the streets. They get intrigued and showin’ up at shows later on and then they are stuck, and a week later they look the same... (ha-ha)

Kiss and Motley CruË have their stories when they first started at their very first practice session. Tell us how it was the first time the band practiced together?
We needed a drummer badly coz since the split of the first lineup it was hard finding good drummers, that wanted to play good Rock ’n’ Roll. I knew Eric from earlierdays. He was more into playing death metal and stuff. I just remember this guy with hair down to his ass, like zz-top beards, looking like the typical Swedish death metal freak . Stinkin’ and all (ha-ha)! He wanted to try out for CRASH so I was alright let’s tryit, here comes this guy I haven’t seen in maybe a year. He had bleached his hair, got rid of the beard, lost 70 pounds and looked like a slut but played the drums like Tommy Lee. He got the ticket to CRASHDÏET right away (ha-ha)! We played two songs, went out got drunk as fuck! And were still going strong on the drinkin’ and playing part.

When CRASHDÏET first started performing do you remember the very first show that you played (date, venue, and how did the show go)?
The first show we did we had bought a wireless system to the gits and bass. We had hype already and we marched through the audience from the back when the intro went on, I think it was the theme song from ’Hawaii Five-O’ as an intro. We screamed, waved our arms, got up on stage and played a really cool gig… think it was in Feb-March 2003 with the present lineup. The place was a nice jazz club in Stockholm called ’Tre backar’. The same place we played our first gig with the first lineup in 2000 or something like that.

The new CD is sensational. It received 4 ½ / 5 stars on our site. Were there any songs you wrote or recorded that were not put on the CD and if so what were there titles?
Well the only song that didn’t get put on this pressing is a song called “Tomorrow.” It’s put on the Japanese CD as one of the bonus tracks amongst some videos and stuff… it’s a kick ass song so it will surely be on the next album.

What are the expectations of the band now that the new CD is out?
Hopefully, the expectations are high, you guys come see us play live… and for us it’s touring, do as much promotion and stuff as possible. 

We interviewed you back in February and you were recording the CD then. Why did it take seven months for the release?
Effective recording time is no more than a month maybe two… but we used different producers and where out playing shows at the same time. So to make the time schedule for recording wasn’t easy, but I agree 7 months was longer than we expected.

There must have been other names you were thinking of when naming the band. Can you tell us some of the names you were going to call the band?
I can’t remember any other names actually (eeehhhh)… I think that since 2000 it’s been CRASHDÏET (ha-ha).

What is it like being backstage with CRASHDÏET?
What you give is what you get… loads of Breasts and Booze...

How long is your set?
Around 45 mins. Then we do some extras if the crowd is rowdy.

Who was the most exciting band that treated you well on tour and tell us the fun you had with them?
We haven’t been playing out with any other band for more than a show or 2 maybe… it’s always fun to play with Crucified Barbara and Crazy lixX.

What was the first record you ever bought and the first concert you attended?
EuropeFinal Countdown” ’86. I got 7 bucks, went alone to the record store and got it on vinyl… I think it was Pernilla Whalgren ’87 or something… she was Sweden’s equivalent to Samantha Fox.

What CD’s have you listened to lately?
I now listen to TerrorizerWorld Downfall” its mainly 10cc and GG Allin on the speakers.

You have a new video out. “Breakin the Chainz” can you tell us any wild stories about recording it?
There are no wild stories behind that one sadly… we recorded it at the Universal office and just had a really sober but yet good time.

How many women in one night are too many for Dave Lepard?
How many nites are enough for a women with Dave Lepard... (ha-ha)!

What is the most exciting thing that has happened since being in CRASHDÏET?
With the bunch in the band everything is pretty messed up( ha-ha). The trip to Malaysia was freaked since the whole crew was drunk and behaving in a true CRASHDÏET manner… very pleasing.

Do you feel the success of the band has put a boundary between you and the fans?
Hell no! On the contrary, my friend we spend as much time as possible with our fans they are our friends through this roller coaster ride.

Can fans contact the band or does everything go through management?
I think the best way to contact us is through the forum since we are on the board. and register on the forum…voila.

Have there been any songs written for a follow up CD?
I have like 10 songs in my head just waiting for some time off to get recorded.

Who came up with the CRASHDÏET logo?
I woke up one morning, just saw it in my head and that’s the first thing I have ever painted. I paint like a 4 year old... (ha-ha)

What are the future plans for CRASHDÏET?
Touring, drinking, masturbating…

Dave I would once again like to congratulate you on a fantastic CD. I hope the music community will support the band and buy the CD and also checkout the CRASHDÏET official site. Would you like to say anything in ending?
If you got a little piece of rock, name it the world and own it…

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