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Interview with Doogie White
(Yngwie Malmsteen/Cornerstone)
Doogie White Time to Shine

					Doogie White

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 2008

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Brian Rademacher: Hey Doogie an welcome to

You have a new CD coming out with so many talented musicians, Craig Goldy DIO, Pontus Norgren TALISMAN, GREAT KING RAT, Rudy Sarzo QUIET RIOT, DIO, OZZY OSBOURNE, Neil Murray BLACK SABBATH, WHITESNAKE, Greg Smith, Patrik Johansson YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and Derek Sherinian DREAM THEATER, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN was there any ego problems at all?

Doogie White : No! No ego problems at all. These guys are all world class professional musicians and as such they understand that egos are for the insecure and have no place in the real world. Everybody is contributing on an even basis and I am very happy that these friends have or will contribute to my humble little album.

Iíll tell ya wee ego story. I once saw a famous musician who would not wear a laminate or pass gets stopped by security. The musician said ďI am Blah Blah who the fuck are you?Ē

Slowly and coolly the security guy said ďI am the guy who is not going to let you in unless you wear your fuckin passĒ ClassicÖ

Brian Rademacher: Did each member use wave files to send you their material or did they actually meet with you?

Doogie White : Well we are still working on it and I have met with all the various players and as it is a global experiment it would be hard to get everybody together. So the Americans will record in America and the Europeans will record in Europe and Pontus will bring it all together and make everyone sound more god-like than they ever have.

Brian Rademacher: You also asked Ritchie Blackmore, have you heard back from him? Doogie White

Doogie White : So far, I have heard nothing and that is how it should be but my door is always open for the greatest of guitarists. I donít even know if his management passed on the message. I donít hold out much hope that he will bring his magnificence to this album but who can say.

Brian Rademacher: Were there any other musicians you approached?

Doogie White : Nope. These are the guys I wanted to work with and they have all to a man taken one-step forward.

Brian Rademacher: Tell us a little about the CD and would you say it's more in the Yngwie mold, CORNERSTONE or EMPIRE?

Doogie White : None of the above. It is a fantastically diverse set of songs. Powerful driving songs. Dark and spiritual with a couple of lighter interludes.

Brian Rademacher: How many songs do you expect on the new release?

Doogie White : I want to have 13. I want Ritchie to play on song 13.

Brian Rademacher: Is there a title yet?

Doogie White : I used to read Sounds magazine years ago and Kerrang also and they would always say something along the lines of ďSo and so is in the studio in Vancouver recording their new album, as yet untitledÖ.Ē

So the album is gonna be called ďAs Yet UntitledĒ There you have an exclusive.

Brian Rademacher: Will you tour with this new CD?

Doogie White : Who can say? Touring is what I enjoy and one of the reasons I stayed with Yngwie that long, although I was not involved in the creative side of the songs I got to tour around the world and meet and see interesting people and places, put my foot on the big monitor and RAWK.

Brian Rademacher: Reading a lot of reviews many other vocalists are compared to you, what is that feeling like?

Doogie White : I have never read anything like that. I donít tend to read the press. Just like I donít tend to listen to albums I have been on.

Brian Rademacher: Are you working on any other projects or upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Doogie White : There is plenty going on but as with most things they are under the radar and when the time is right all will be revealed.

Brian Rademacher: When you worked on the EDENS CURSE CD doing background vocals, were you asked at all to do any duel leads with Michael and what was your impression of Michael Eden?

Doogie White : No. It was an EDENS CURSE album and Michael has the perfect vocals for that album and for the band. There is no way that I or anyone else could have brought those songs alive the way he did. I am looking forward to doing the BVís on the next one.

Brian Rademacher: With working with so many people have you ever kept any kind of memorabilia?

Doogie White : No, not really. If we had itineraries then I kept those just so I would know where I had been. Laminates perhaps. But no T shirts or posters of anything like that. I even stopped taking pictures and shooting video footage. I do have a Stratocaster headstock from a guitar smashed by Yngwie and signed by Ritchie. Which is kinda funny!!!

Brian Rademacher: What is a typical day for you now from morning to night?

Doogie White : Wake up. Do stuff. Go to bed.

I check my emails once in the morning and once in the evening.

At the moment I am trying to get into shape after a nasty back injury playing football. Iíll take my dog for a walk along the river. I am sociable but I donít really socialize. Maybe on a Friday or Saturday I will meet a mate and have a couple of pints and talk shit. Sunday I will prepare dinner for the family and enjoy washing the dishes afterwards while enjoying a glass of wine. Just regular stuff really until its time to RAWK and then I am a different animal.

Brian Rademacher: If there is one musician out there that you have not worked with and had the chance to, whom would that be?

Doogie White : Does anyone have the Mighty Tony Iommiís number? But he is gonna be busy with Ronnie for a while I guess.

Brian Rademacher: Could you have ever imagined that you would still be in music after forming LA PAZ in 1984?

Doogie White : Well, we all thought we would be mega stars and be dead by the time we were 30. But neither of those things happened despite all the crazy stuff and the world tours and the madness. I feel very lucky to have been making a living in this crazy business for almost 20 years. I have seen and done things that once I could only dream of. Itís been and continues to be a great source of joy for me. I take the peaks and the troughs and treat each the same.

Brian Rademacher: You know it would be pretty cool if you video taped some of the recording of the new solo album, are you? That would be great to add as a bonus or an actual DVD the making of Doogie White's solo CD.
What do you think?

Doogie White : That is something that I hope we can all do just for fun. If the footage comes out looking good then we can put a wee bonus on the CD.

Brian Rademacher: Here some questions I like to ask and it's really cool to see what artists are thinking.

What are your feelings about the world we live at this present time?
Doogie White : I believe that good will always triumph over evil. It may take some time but it always happens. People place too much emphasis on celebrity and fame. A rich person can never have enough money.

Brian Rademacher: If you could donate a million dollars to any cause, what would that be?

Doogie White : The Doogie White Loft Conversion Fund.

Brian Rademacher: If you could have one dream come true for the future what would that be?

Doogie White : If I tell you it might not come true. Just be careful what you wish for!!

Brian Rademacher: What would you like to known for after you're gone?

Doogie White : I could not give a shit.

Brian Rademacher: What do you think happens after death?

Doogie White : One gets eaten by worms.

Brian Rademacher: If you could change anything from the past in the world, what would that be?

Doogie White : Spandex and curly perms on men.

Brian Rademacher: Even though Yngwie is going in a different direction, if he asked you back after the next Yngwie release would you consider it or is your time with Yngwie finished for good?

Doogie White : If the situation ever raised its head again it would be on a fresh set of terms that I canít see his management agreeing to. Life is way to short to burn bridges but we really took our time together as far as we could under the constraints of our initial working pattern and I donít know that he could deal with anything other than the way it was and that has not really worked for me for some time.

Brian Rademacher: Doogie it's been fun and I really can't wait for your new CD, I know it's going to be a killer. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?



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