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Interview with Stuart McKie
(Vocals - Doomfoxx)

Doomfoxx - Stuart McKie


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: December 21st, 2005

The raw emotion that is let loose by lead vocalist Stuart McKie sets the music world on a spiral that is spinning out of control. Stuart has the raw talent that is sorely missing in today’s music – he can be likened to AC/DC, Aerosmith, and many others. Rockeyez has the pleasure of conducting the following interview with Stuart.

Hello Stuart and welcome to Rockeyez!
Hi Brian, hurry this up mate; I’m hung over as fuck!

At what age did you first start singing?
My mum & her sisters made me sing Rod Stewart songs on the kitchen table; she was 15 when I was born, so I’d be about 4 then.

Was there any one singer that you really wanted to be like or sound like?
Tom Waite.

Can you give us some history on yourself, the first garage band you were in taking us up to Doomfoxx?
Circle, Flame Boa, and finally Doomfoxx

What was the first record you bought and first concert you attended?
Blondie / Parallel Lines & Duran Duran

Tell us what kid you were growing up?
When I turned 21 my dad thanked me!  LOL! But even though the police would sometimes come to the house, luckily I have never been formally charged.

How were your high school days?

Who formed Doomfoxx?
Jack Daniels, Cuervo Gold and a little guy from South America whose name escapes me. LOL!

How did you hook up with Mick Cocks’ original guitarist for Rose Tattoo?
We met him in tequila bar and plied him with alcohol and women until he said yes.

Tell us what it was like at the first practice session together with Doomfoxx?
A fucking awakening!

What are some of the other names you were thinking of naming the band?
No other contenders.

How long did the band play together before releasing the new Debut CD Doomfoxx?
About 12 months.

What is the high point being in Doomfoxx so far?
Playing in front of 40,000 people at WACKEN in Germany this year - it was just awesome.

You signed with Blast Records. What song do you think made their decision to sign the band?
“Piece Of Me” I believe.

The music that Doomfoxx plays is high-energy pounding music. You have the vibe of a band that has been missing in the music industry today. There really has not been a band since Guns ‘n’ Roses that has a great trademark sound until Doomfoxx. How do you feel about the music industry today?
Thank you for the praise.   Rock ‘n’ roll will never die.

Your debut CD just was released. How is the response so far?
We set up a hotcakes stand next to the CD stand and the CDs are selling faster than the hotcakes; and the reviews have been amazing.

Can you tell us of any special moments recording the CD?
Our producer was in tears during the recording of the vocal of “My Beautiful Friends” – it made me feel very proud.

Were there any songs that were left off the CD?
A couple, the competition was fierce and we were very focused.

Did you have any special guest performers?

What track was recorded first and recorded last?
“Piece Of Me” first and “Look Mama No Hands” last.

Do you have songs written yet for your next CD?
Yes, “Harder and Tougher and Sexier.”

How does it feel to be compared as the resurrection of Bon Scott?
That’s very humbling.

What is your favorite track to perform live?
“Look Ma No Hands.”

How long is your live set?
1 hour 15 mins.

What song is your encore?
We don’t do encores.

What song makes the audience go crazy when they hear it?
It depends on the audience but “Piece Of Me” always gives everyone’s rattle a shake.

Tell us your feelings toward each member of the band.
Dave Thomas - Lowlife
Mick Cocks - Lowlife
Archi Read - Apprentice Lowlife
Jase Burec - Low Life

Tell us about the showcase you did for Billboard Magazine?
It was fabulous playing in New York and it was an honor to play for Billboard.

What was the feeling playing the Wacken Open Air show?
Fucking amazing, like a dream; like a Salvador Dali rock ‘n’ roll evening.

Do you have any wild stories to tell us about that show?
The next morning at 8am in the backstage compound, we were the only band left standing and we broke the record drinking 16 bottles of bourbon in one sitting.

Not only do you have great music you have a fantastic logo. Who came up with your logo?
An Australian tattoo artist and a good mate of ours, Loz Vegas.

If you had one dream come true what would that be?
To die face down in a vagina shaped swimming pool, wearing a Chinese silk dressing gown after a lovely evening with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

What is your feeling about downloading music?
It’s like a working man after working hard all week and then going to office to find someone has stolen his pay slip.

It seems like everyone has a Myspace site. How do you feel about Myspace?
What space? No seriously, it’s a great place to network and also get your profile up.

Doomfoxx played with Uli Jon Roth and The Quireboys this year. What would be the dream band you would like to open for?
The Stooges.

Will Doomfoxx play any US shows coming in 2006?
Hopefully, we are working on coming back to the US. We’d love to tour.

Tell us what the future plans for Doomfoxx will be?
World domination!

Stuart, it was truly exciting to ask these questions to an upcoming superstar. Would you like to say anything in conclusion to our interview?
Does anyone have Gwen Stefani’s phone number? And thank you for the interview. © 2005 All rights reserved. The contents of this site may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of
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