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Interview with Dushan Petrossi
(Guitars - Iron Mask)

Dushan Petrossi - Iron Mask


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: April 8th, 2005

Dushan, what was the first band you were in and did you record anything?
My first band was Metalmorfosis, recorded 2 albums 10 years ago. Kind of Iron Maiden stuff.

When you received your first guitar what was your dream?
Trying to play what was in my head. Practicing, learning, improve my technique, play fast, clean and melodic solos. Later I added a lot of classical stuff in my playing thanks to Handel, Bach, and last but not least Yngwie.

Did you collect anything as a young boy?
Yes, I was a fan of all Stan Lee comics, “Spider man”, “Strange” etc; I also have an old classical and folk guitars collection, then electric guitars.

What was the first concert you attended?
I think Iron Maiden or Queensryche, I don t remember…

Was guitar the first instrument you tried?
Yes, accoustic guitars first, and a few years later the electric one; but I also learned drums and bass guitar.

Did you ever sing lead vocals at all?
Yes, I always sing on the demos, which is very helpful for the lead singer when he needs to learn the right melody of a song; I also did record backing vocals for a few of my albums in the past ;but now I really prefer to let Oliver Hartmann and Goetz Mohr handle this work, these guys are outstanding.

Tell me what happens on the first full day of recording the new CD in the studio?
Nothing special, like always, same schedule, drums and bass recoding then all the rest. We‘re always happy entering the studio for a new album, very exciting, but also very stressful sometimes.

If you had a chance to go out on tour with any band today who would that be?
Any famous ‘good’ band is ok with me. Lets say Iron MAIDEN (I would love to see the “Somewhere in Time” line-up and songs reunion gig) or Rainbow with Dio.

What CD do you currently have in your CD player?
I just bough the Japanese version of the new Yngwie album, very good new album, even if sometimes I hear this or that from older songs. But after all these years, it must be hard for him to compose something he never did, I sometimes feel the same when I compose my stuff and I only released 4 albums.

What is your most memorable moment as an artist?
Signing a contract with a good label.

Do you plan on touring in the USA?
We hope so, we'll see if the figures are good enough, there’s a chance to come, and I’d love it ‘cause I’m getting lot of e-mails from American fans.

Do you get tired of hearing the Yngwie comparison?
Yes and no. I’m starting to get really tired with this, but its normal ,we look a bit the same and we play in the same style, you know I was born with that head and I can t change it anymore, I had my long hair for 12 years and people always told me from the very beginning, "Hey! You look and play like him!" even before I knew him, I was so curious so I bought an album of his and was hooked; he then became one of my biggest influence. But my real fans tell me our music is different in a way, mine sounds more aggressive.

If you had a chance to play duel guitars with another guitarist who would that be?
Duel? I don t think like that; lets say making music together, probably Michael Romeo which I really love. For my songs I prefer to do ‘duels’ with Richard Andersson on the keys.(“Time Requiem,” “Majestic” ) this guy is for me the best keyboard player in the world.

Can you tell us another rising guitarist besides yourself to be on the look out for?
I don’t really listen to new guitar players, I don’t know them but I’m sure there are new good guys around. I like Gary Moore, Yngwie, Schenker, Michael Romeo, Al Di Meola, and Jeff Waters.

How do they treat you at Lion Music?
Very well, Lasse is a very nice and a professional person, I was eternally grateful to him when he signed IM; I was totally blocked with the legal issues of MK, thank God we won the case and released “Magic Kingdom”Metallic Tragedy” last year on LMP; now I’ve got 2 bands signed on 2 different labels.

What guitars do you currently own and your favorite to play?
I own Fenders, ESP and Lag guitars; my favorite is my Fenders, best for the soloing.

Do you have a signature plectrum/guitar pick?

I know every song has a special place in your heart. But what song is your favorite to play?
“Alexander the Great”, “Holy War”, “High in the Sky”, “Crystal Tears”, “Time”, “Iced Wind of the North.” I like them all, I also like “Flying Pyramids,” “Master of Madness,” “The Iron Mask,” “Metallic Tragedy” but these one are on the last “Magic Kingdom Album.

Did you ever think of doing an unplugged acoustic CD?
No, not really… I don’t like unplugged CDs. But I’m now working on a full symphonic instrumental album, only me on the guitars, the orchestra and the big choirs it’s called “Trinity/An electric guitar Symphony,” hope to release it soon; after that; the next “Magic Kingdom” album which is already 75% composed and then a new “Iron Mask” album in 2006-7, we’ll see…

When you go out on tour what do you ask for in the dressing room (your rider)?
Nothing I'm not a star, I'm happy when we got a fridge full of beers or a bottle Jack Daniels and bit of food, that’s it.

Tell us the wildest thing that happened on tour?
Once the strings of Vassili our bass player; just mixed with the strings of my guitar (I don t cut it tight on my guitar’s head) so we were still playing and trying to undo these knots, people liked the show ‘cause first all started when we were on our knees on the ground and they thought it was part of the show, was kind of funny ‘Hey! What are they doing, still playing with one hand on the guitar and another on the instrument top’, switching very fast, a very ‘Charlie Chaplin’ scene.

What can fans expect from a live show and set list you play?
Great energy, catchy songs with very good musicians and a good show, maybe we'll tangle up our strings again ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

What can we expect in the future from Dushan Petrossi?
See previous questions=)).

I am going to mention a few words. Tell us what comes to mind.

Every musician needs a master, an influence or a teacher, even if I learned everything alone, it’s always faster with a teacher.

Our daily work

Always take a lawyer before signing something.


Fender Stratocaster

Worse thing on earth, especially when innocent people and children are dying (see “Crystal Tears” lyrics), the same goes for terrorism, or fanatics, these guys don’t deserve to live on earth.

Read the lyrics of “The Invisible Empire.”

You need ego when you re an artist but not too much, just the right dose, and respecting and listening to other opinions than ours is extremely important.

My first passion

Very important, blood of life

Dushan, I would like to thank you for answering our questions. My favorite track on the new CD is "High in the Sky" and I wish you the best in the future.
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