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Interview with Manny Cabo & Michael T.
Manny Cabo & Michael T.
Grand Life Suite

Manny Cabo & Michael T. w/ Brian

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: January 2009

Brian Rademacher: Hello Manny and Michael welcome to our RockEyez home and we thank you for personally coming over today. We contacted you from hearing some of your demos on MySpace and they were amazing.

Manny Cabo : Thank you, cool deal.

Brian Rademacher: So letís start with you Manny you were born in Newark, NJ?

Manny Cabo : Well I was born in Newark, but lived in Elizabeth all my life. Actually I stayed in Newark until I was about five years old; Iím Hispanic so a lot of my culture was in Newark.

Brian Rademacher: How about you Michael?

Michael T: I was born in Passaic, New Jersey and most of my life is a blur after that. Pretty much most of my life is in Kenilworth; my family is from Jersey City. Iím a Kenilworth boy.

Brian Rademacher: Manny you graduated from Seton Hall with honors?

Manny Cabo : Yeah, Iím also a professional photographer and I was pretty much the first one from Seton Hall to get a gallery there. I originally went to Florida and transferred up here. Baseball was my life; didnít go well, I tore my rotator cuff. I was going with the Atlanta Braves, they called me ďFlamesĒ, and my scholarship was lost. I was a pretty bright guy and finished my education at Seton Hall which was pretty cool, they treated me well there.

Brian Rademacher: So how did you start with photography?

Manny Cabo : My dad got me into it, he had an old Minolta, and he use to take it on all occasions and told me donít touch the camera and finally one day I took it and took a couple pictures. Before I left for college he gave me this whole camera system. So I started this whole thing at the age of seventeen and I havenít looked back. I started making money from it when I was in college shooting all the girls and it was cool. Then I started shooting events in college. I then managed 5th and Sunset Photography Studio, which is a popular studio. I learned a lot meeting famous people and learned a lot of technique. It was cool.

Brian Rademacher: Yeah for myself I started I guess around seventeen and I got covers of magazine, posters, and I worked for Metal Forces magazine as staff photographer yet I got an F in high school. Itís basically because the teacher wants you to do a certain project but in your eyes you see it a different way than him. So I went out and did what I wanted to shoot and by dManny and Michael Kiss the Missesoing that I obtained that F, everyone sees things differently, but that is what happens when you go against the political machine. They wanted me to go out and shoot texture, what the hell is texture. So I went out and took a photo of dried cement.

Bill DeMild: Brian did you have to work in a dark room?

Brian Rademacher: Yeah everything I did was printed in the schools dark room and all I did was print KISS pictures. (All laughing)

Michael T: You canít cage talent, especially art. Itís something that evolves, even when youíre cooking, you canít go by a cookbook. I love to cook.

Manny Cabo : And he cooks pretty damn good. I guess that filters over to our music too. I can pick up a song and I improve vocally and Michael does musically. That is why itís so hard to find other musicians to work with to finalize this brotherhood. We are not looking for the guys who are the most talented but guys that can interpret what we have to say.

Michael T: Even today when you listen to the radio a lot of it sounds the same. For me it has to have passion and I love to write music. Even if nothing else ever happened I would still write music. Even when I wake up in the morning itís something I want to do and thatís (just) write music. I work in a bank during the day and I will hear a song in my head and I have to run outside and my head will be bobbiní and people will be thinking Iím nuts but I got to get it down.

Manny Cabo : I carry a micro recorder and we would write a song but no vocals and I start humming the melody, so both Michael and myself are cut from the same cloth of thinking. Michael would call me up and say I just wrote this amazing song, I would say did you finish the previous one you were working on. Michael would say no we gotta do this one. Its an ongoing process with us, we always have new material we are working on.

Brian Rademacher: So Michael , Manny did photography, whatís your passion beside music?

Michael T: I do a little drawing and painting. I started playing drums when I was two years old, started classical piano at the age of four. Music goes on down to both my parents. My father played on the Ed Sullivan Show, he toured the world, played with Ray Charles, heís an amazing musician and my mom is an amazing vocalist. I am not just saying this because theyíre my parents but they are good. My mom was on American Bandstand, she did some recording and toured. My aunt recorded for Motown and wrote a few songs for Smokey Robinson so itís in the blood. When I was a kid I hated it, had to go to lessons every Saturday and practice every day. You really donít understand it, but when you come of age you sit down, just imagine I wouldnít be here talking to you if it werenít for them. As weíre watching Football on TV Manny mentions

Manny Cabo : Just for the record I am a proud (Oakland) Raiders fan and Michael is a (Philadelphia) Eagles fan. But for the record Michael is the most talented musician I worked with without a doubt. I deal with a lot of big musicians and played a lot of big shows, I toured with 3 DOORS DOWN and STAIND but you know what, it does come down to the passion and Michael said, 'does your passion evoke more passion from your audience?' We just donít write songs to get on the radio, we enjoy what we write and if they get to that destination, so be it. Everyoneís goal is to get radio play, we are our biggest critic and we will tear up a lyric or chorus a million times until we get it right.

Michael T: If you look at a song, its music in general, music is art. Whether youíre painting a picture, drawing a picture or whatever, it comes from the heart especially (with) music. Look at the world, there will always be music. It helped people get through the great depression, it helped people get through so many things and when you write a song you usually write it about something that happened in your life. You loved someone, you lost someone or something inspirational happened. If you keep that type of track and you put it out there people will relate. We as people hear a song and we say I know what he was feeling, and I know that feeling myself. I gotta listen to that song again because it makes me feel better.

Brian Rademacher: A few weeks ago we covered Al Green . The guy is in his sixties and still selling out shows. Some of the musicians that have that bad ego/attitude can learn so much from him. The guy pours his heart out, has great energy and after every tune he steps to the mic and says he loves you. The guys does not stand on the stage for the full show, he goes in the audience and gives the girls roses.

Manny Cabo : Thatís a classic artist. Thatís nice and classy.

Michael T: You have to be granted that gift from God. Itís a slap in the face if you donít realize talent like that because it can be taken away from you in an instant.

Manny Cabo : People donít understand, without the fans we are nothing. People like that, especially the primadonnas and ego trips, you gotta say Ďdude you wouldnít be here if it wasnít for those fans buying your albumsí. People have to appreciate those fans that look upon you and got you where you are today, you have a gift. Some people are ignorant to that and itís sad, you have these amazing musicians that havenít made it because (A) they are not at the right place at the right time or (B) they just donít believe in themselves. With Michael and myself we have a strong faith and we will keep plugging away. We will take the little exposure. Letís that RockEyez some would say, is this a major radio station and start analyzing it. With Michael and me I think weíre blessed just to be hanging out with you guys today. So itís pretty cool and thank you for having us. Iím very thankful for every little reception we get, thank you.

Brian Rademacher: Michael, I saw you in another band before GRAND LIFE SUITE are you still in that other band?

Michael T: No Iím not with them anymore.

Bill DeMild: When you guys have a lyric in your head and you start to write it or hum it out and another part comes in but doesnít fit that song do you kind of incorporated it, or do you put that to another song?

Manny Cabo : Iím taking this one (laughing)? Situations like this come along all the time. I was just over Michaelís house for five hours trying to write this new song. We come up with the song then Michael comes up with this amazing riff. So we liked the riff but we will hold it for another song, but we want to use it. There are couple songs we completed but still want to add different things to, so yes we do that. You know, we have some great tunes that we want to get on iTunes but we keep molding them and Michael will always come up with great tunes especially since he has ADD and so do I

Michael T: I donít have ADD! (laughing) But when youíre writing something you canít force it, it wonít come out right. It has to come naturally. It kills Manny when I come up with something he likes and we canít finish and itís not because I have ADD, which I donít! We feed off each other and the wayManny writes I just leave him alone and I know he will come up with something. Thatís the relationship we have, I love him and trust him.

Brian Rademacher: Since Manny does the vocals what instruments do you play?

Michael T: I play the drums, guitar, and piano.

Stephanie Rademacher: One of the reasons why I donít write a lot of reviews on our site is because the passion just isnít there, I donít feel it; no soul.

Manny Cabo : Iím a rocker at heart but many donít know my musical influences are Brian McKnight, Marvin Gaye , Stevie Wonder and THE BEATLES . I also sing Salsa. We both are mature enough to understand you have toManny, Brianna & Michael expand your talents and be versatile and open to different genres of music. Being passionate and Hispanic, I have that side to me of passion. Michael Ďs Italian.

Michael T: Make sure you include my goombaís!

Manny Cabo : I would take someone who doesnít have the best talent but can feel it then someone who has all the talent and canít feel it because eventually it comes out.

Michael T: Even when you listen to Z100 (FM) all you hear them do is push the same song over and over again, itís sickening after awhile. Radio stations are starving for new acts. They play the hell outta songs until you like it, and then eventually you hate it. Did you see the movie Clearwater? That movie is great as it shows you where music evolved from. People back then bought the record and listened and felt the song, today itís a lot more about marketing a face and a show then a sound. Thereís no formula.

Brian Rademacher: Can you give me any info on the song ĎTime Aloneí thatís on your MySpace site? What a great tune. That is the song that turned me onto you guys?

Manny Cabo : We did an acoustic version; I wrote that song five years ago in Rahway at a place where I worked called Traffic Safety and then Michael prettied up the hell out of it.

Stephanie Rademacher: So how did you guys meet?

Michael T: Mutual friends, some guys Manny grew up with that I met through a rehearsal studio in Kenilworth. Their names are PJ Ray and Shaun. PJ asked me to join his classic rock project and Manny was the drummer in the band and everything clicked and that was it.

Brian Rademacher: What can you bring to the table that is different?

Manny Cabo : I can tell you this, I donít sound like any other singer. I know we have an original sound; we have an eclectic background of music and that we bring a strong writing ability. We have commercial appeal and when you hear our songs you can hear a lot of different influences. Itís not just rock, we appreciate good songs and not just limited to rock. You have to be able to kick it with good R & B, Salsa, Jazz and incorporate that with your music. I think we bring that we writer from the heart and not have others write the music for us. You have the record labels nowadays mold your image, write your music and market you instead of being a real band or artist. They own you and we donít want to be like that, we want to come from the heart and make it.

Michael T: He says it all right there. I studied classical to gospel; I listen to salsa or any type of Latin, Middle Eastern and country.

Manny Cabo : I heard a lot of people say I listen to all genres of music except country and I donít understand that. I embrace country because they sing from the heart and you have some amazing artists and musicians in the genre. They have that amazing twang. When I saw Garth Brooks at that Central Park show, I said that cat has it. He really got me into it, that guy is an entertainer, great front man and can sing. I take pride in my singing and I sing better live then in the studio because I need that feedback from the crowd; the energy they give me, I want to give it back. I have that same thing Steven Tyler has, in the studio I have to hold the microphone or I canít sing. I have to have that feel to it.

Brian Rademacher: Thatís even with our site; I started that really way back when I was younger. It all came about when I started photography. ďRockĒ because I loved rock music and the ďeyesĒ was me shooting photos. So it came to pass as RockEyez but we cover it all not just one genre. I feel by branching out we would get more respect and itís funny because we went to one artist that turned us down for an interview because they said we were too heavy, but now we get tons of offers because they say we are so versatile.

Manny Cabo : Thatís cool man, not bad for a guy who flunked photography!

Brian Rademacher: Our site gets some flack sometimes, we just covered Al Green , I also did a review of NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, and my staff even gave me shit. But the fans of NEW KIDS loved it because; Iím a metal head but can appreciate good music.

Manny Cabo : GRAND LIFE SUITE supports that; diversity is always a good thing. Manny CaboI love all music and love even Jerry Vale and big bands with big orchestras. If there werenít horns and things like that where would SANTANA be? Santana shreds!

Stephanie Rademacher: I love all music my parents brought to me, back to the sixties and seventies, I love Elvis who was a country boy, and nowadays you get five guys that look good and sing high. The stuff that comes out of the radio these days is too generic and manmade.

Manny Cabo : But there is one thing I really like is a musician that looks the part and are polished, I mean to go out there in a flannel is disrespectful to the audience. Even at my job people say somethingís going on with Manny; he got the tattoos and the nail polish. You gotta look the part. I look the part; I walk, eat, and sleep as a Rockstar. I take pride in who I am. I mean does a record company want to put the money into bands that look drugged out? I have respect in my band and myself. That is why many of the past bands I was in, they just didnít care about their appearance.

Michael T: Just look at a lot of these bands out now most of their fan base are children. Sometimes you have more clout then the president when youíre standing in front of thousands of fans and if youíre not being presentable, I mean I donít want kids saying oh god here comes Michael letís run! You donít want these kidsí parents seeing a CD cover that has a drugged out guy on it with perverted things going on.

Brian Rademacher: I just saw Joe Lynn Turner in concert and that guy is pure class; never going out there onstage without being presentable and giving a show. My buddy Ray West of SPREAD EAGLE, I just saw him recently and he came on stage wearing make-up and putting on one of his best shows as a solo artist. I called him the next day and told him keep it up with the make-up, the fans loved it. I heard many in the audience saying the same thing.

Brian Rademacher: So Manny what have you been doing for the past couple years since your last band?

Manny Cabo : I took about two years off because I was so frustrated. Two years ago I was the lead singer for OUR BLACK FRIDAY and I left for creative differences but we remain good friends. Michael was in that same band. Michael stayed and kept going with the band but you canít deny when chemistry is there between Michael and myself.

Michael T: Scotty of OUR BLACK FRIDAY is a phenomenal songwriter but somethingís donít work out; things get too technical. When youíre dealing with music and egos things donít mesh right. I was playing drums and bringing songs to the table and it has nothing tMichael To do with Scotty, but other people wanted to change the songs around. When you write a song that comes from your inner self. If I brought a song I would want it the way I played it and wrote it, thatís where maturity comes in. Play it properly. That is where it became a little dicey and not with Scotty necessarily but just too many cooks in the kitchen. I mean if youíre the drummer in a band youíre not going to tell the guitarists how to play his guitar. It just became uncomfortable!

Brian Rademacher: So how did you come up with the name GRAND LIFE SUITE ?

Manny Cabo : I was working with a couple of friends of mine, Justin and Eric, and we were trying to form something together and wanted to come up with a name. I work in the fashion industry I love fancy cars and I love Manhattan and I came up with Grand Life, and I always wanted a penthouse. I love that life with a view of New York City. So I thought Suite, everyone can classify a suite as a nice place. We have that dream of being a worldwide success and I feel that could happen. I came up with GRAND LIFE SUITE . I love fashion; I rather go shopping then watch Monday Night Football, no offense. I mean Iím not a man's man, I know nothing about tools but Iím straight as an arrow.

Stephanie Rademacher: You guys look pretty clean cut

Manny Cabo : Yeah, we are as clean as they come. I donít do drugs; I really donít drink maybe some wine at dinner. You have to be smart in this industry.

Brian Rademacher: How many songs do you have ready to go?

Manny Cabo : We have six songs ready to go, but we have enough songs for a full album. Itís just a matter of selecting what we want and the strongest songs we have. We have twenty or more songs that need some fine-tuning. I am never giving up my dreams of being a Rockstar.

Stephanie Rademacher: I go to this festival every year called Revelation Generation and no matter what the music comes from the heart. There was this one person named Mandisa that was on American Idol but was voted off and she was the best artists there. They have all different genres playing but the music is all Christian-based and it comes from the heart. These days the bands come from Green the mighty buck.

Manny Cabo : We have some great Christian music that has passion. Thereís nothing wrong with making money but if thatís the only thing you base it on you shouldnít be in the music business. Iíll rock out to a bartender as much as I would rock out to twenty thousand people, I just love to sing and if I make millions Iím not going to complain, bring it on. I would like to be rich but for me it would open more opportunities for me to help children learn about music and if they have a talent, to use it. Educate them and they will be the next generation to move forward in keeping the dream.

Michael T: I use to teach music and the kids all they want is to learn this chord and that chord or they say can you teach me how to play that lick. No one wants to learn theory. Like now you have Rock Band or Guitar Hero and itís a fix. I studied classical piano from a phenomenal teacher who passed. I learned music theory, I learned the proper way to read music. Itís starting to come back now, but in the past it wasnít.

Brian Rademacher: What does image mean to you?

Manny Cabo : Image means everything to me, Iím sorry. I always make sure when I leave my house Iím presentable and well groomed. When Iím on stage I want to look good and play the part. I want to be a positive influence on people. I take that seriously on or off stage.

Brian Rademacher: Michael , now with OUR BLACK FRIDAY , the band was good really good but no image and it kind of turned me off. Even though the band was good, you had T-shirts, not clean-shaven and just had no image. As a photographer and fan I want to see a show. I mean the new singer if you go to their MySpace he is there with some girls behind him and he holding a beer bottle. Then you think thatís not a rock star, thatís just some guy drinking and trying to make a buck. Iím not saying that makes them good or bad, itís just am I going to pay my hard earned money to see someone who looks like they just got out of work themselves and didnít have time to get stage presentable to give me a show.

Manny Cabo : I saw STAIND and I wanted to slit my wrists. The singer came out with a long black jacket and just mumbled, thatís cool for Ozzy that is in his Sixties, but dude not for you, gets some emotion. SEVENDUST is my favorite band of all time. Thatís a band! They have the look, they have the stage presence, the show and the music.

Brian Rademacher: Thatís like my buddy Robert from the band UNTIL DESTINY, he has John Macaluso from Yngwie Malmsteenís band on drums. Robert is awesome but canít seem to hold down musicians. They went though some line-up changes but if you are looking for the next guitar god and a stage presence that kicks ass look at Robert Katrikh of UNTIL DESTINY. I was at a show seeing another band and someone in the audience says to me, you should take your camera out because wait until you see this guitar player. I said Ďyeah rightí. After 30 seconds into the first song I was right in front of the stage shooting away! After the show we became friends and he invited us to see their next show at BB Kings in New York City. The last show Robert jumped right off the stage onto a table where people where drinking to his solo. He started on Classical piano like you Michael.

Brian Rademacher: So what do you think of image thatís over the edge like MARILYN MANSON?

Manny Cabo : I like image and some people are over the edge and dark, I mean they consider me dark because all I wear is black but I give a positive vibe. Some people do take it to the extreme but you have to consider there are children out there watching and thatís where I draw the line. I donít like an offensive image, but Iím not going to knock you for it, if thatís what you want to do thatís fine, itís just not me.

Brian Rademacher: If you can back any cause what would that be?

Manny Cabo : I would definitely back up childrenís causes and animals causes. Make-a-Wish Foundation is big for me. Anything to do with kids because thatís our future and I also love animals. I am a big supporter for women; breast cancer, etc. Since Iím a photographer one of the best things is the female body and god put the most beautiful thing on this earth and thatís a women.

Brian Rademacher: Do you have any feelings about having a new President?

Manny Cabo : Iím happy he won. Personally I didnít vote because thatís my right not to vote and Iím not ashamed of that. I would vote for the people who wrote their speeches. I feel all governments are corrupted and the president is just the face of the government. I am so happy he did win because there is a sense of maturity in this country with racism and thereís still a significant amount, sadly enough. Itís like voting for the lesser of two evils. I just wanted someone who was good for me. I donít care what color you are I just wanted something good for this country and I feel Obama was a better choice. Weíll see what happens.

Michael T: I really donít think it matters who got in. In this country all we think of Ďoh this is our saving graceí and it really all depends on our congress. They run the country the way they want to run it and throw in a few bones for us here and there. They have so many skeletons in their closet; itís like one big cemetery! I canít stand artists when they back a particular candidate. I could care less about what your politics are, youíre a rock star just sing. Like Bruce Springsteen, I want to hear a song about him hanging out at high school or like the DIXIE CHICKS and Pink doing a song about Iraq. Come on who are you? Youíre an artist just stick to that.

Brian Rademacher: Like when I saw U2, Bono opens his jacket and on the inside is an American flag, then he goes to the UK and there is a British flag. So what it comes down to is inside the jacket there should just be a picture of money! How do we really know what his objective is, we donít know him personally. I mean the people go nuts, but whatís it all about?

Manny Cabo : Heís a smart marketer and so is Madonna. Iím happy for Britney Spears, everyone falls on hard times and she is picking herself up.

Michael T: Sheís a disgrace, sheís the highest paid stripper and she canít sing! Everything she records is modulated and tweaked and tuned, thatís not her singing. She goes out wearing this little thing and you have the other young girls doing the same thing. A disgrace! God forbid one day I have kids I will be pulling the hair out of my head. Iím telling them theyíre not leaving the house until theyíre twenty! You remember the Cher concert; sheís not young and she came out doing a show with her ass hanging out! Whatís that grandma? (laughing)

Brian Rademacher: Manny when did you start working hard as a photographer?

Manny Cabo : I started taking pictures of landscapes and sporting events, developing my eye. I started focusing on girls and my sister was a model and I photographed her and her friends. Basically I focused on models and marketing myself toward modeling agencies and started a portfolio. I respect women.

Brian Rademacher: Manny, so you were in movies?

Manny Cabo : Yeah I worked for Cinema Sky Productions. I did two ďBĒ movie rolls. One was called ďMoe and DoyleĒ and the other was 'Idiots Are Us'. I had an agent and getting a lot of calls. I was on the Queen Latifah show twice as an extra and when they asked if anyone in the audience could sing I said I do and her father saw me and said you can sing and I was on the show the next two nights.

Brian Rademacher: How did you end up touring with STAIND and 3 DOORS DOWN ?

Manny Cabo : We just kept plugging away. I tried to get into clubs and called Starland Ballroom and became friendly with Concerts East (promoter). I could never get a show as Manny Cabo so I would call up with a British accent and say my name was Nigel Wood. I got shows left and right! Now is the time for GRAND LIFE SUITE and I made some great contacts like Robyn Lane at the WRAT and others but we have to find the right musicians now.

Brian Rademacher: You guys recently played Dexterís for a benefit, what do you think about that venue?

Manny Cabo : Thatís a great place, one of a kind. The sound guy there is awesome I love him, Todd. You know I donít like primadonnas that ask for more sound or some reverb, not once did I ever ask Todd for anything. He knows his job. He would ask me what do you need, I would say thatís your job just make me sound good and I tell you what, I would sound better than some of the headline acts! Why? Because I never gave him a hard time, I want to give him a shout out. The better you treat someone the better they treat you.

Brian Rademacher: Do you like small venues compared to large ones?

Manny Cabo : Michael and myself are cut from the same cloth and we are grateful to get any shows. Small or big it doesnít matter. No matter what, itís the way you market it and we are here to market all the shows we do. Michael and myself have full support of our families and my wife. We have a brotherhood and are pretty blessed. We need to find three other guys to complete the circle.

Brian Rademacher: What do you guys do for a day job now?

Manny Cabo : Iím a certified trainer for Apple Computers and I have my photography studio in Boonton, NJ.

Michael T: I work for Citibank.

Brian Rademacher: So what are your hopes?

Manny Cabo : To stay alive and take this project to the next level, tour worldwide and influence kids to pick up an instrument. We have to get the name GRAND LIFE SUITE out there and marketing is the best thing. This person knows that person who knows kids in high schoolÖ same with us coming here today. Once you got in touch with us there was no doubt in my mind we wanted to do this, you have to get out there and be positive end though at times itís hard. You have to hit the computer with MySpace and thatís where the kids are and you can post bulletins, and itís a lot of work. I like hanging with people how are better than myself so I have a goal to achieve a better sense.

Michael T: Thatís why he hangs with me! (laughing)

Brian Rademacher: How do you guys feel about having children?

Manny Cabo : I love my daughter. I love her more than life itself. Iíll tell you what, all this is more for her then myself because I have a different incentive and more fuel. I feel I want her to say thatís my dad and he was pretty talented. I want the legacy to keep going.

Michael T: I want to keep on going with the gift that was given to me. I want to have fun doing what I do full time.

Brian Rademacher: Do you ever get discouraged?

Manny Cabo : All the time, but Iím past that stage. Thereís an element of anxiousness and Iím very patient, the only thing that drives me nuts when my daughter keeps saying I canít. I say you can and just try. But like going back to my answer I play the same to a bartender as I would play to twenty thousand people. How do I know that bartender is not the brother of the AOR guy at Capitol Records? When I sing Iím in my own little world and I give it my all.

Brian Rademacher: Tell me about your tattoos Manny?

Manny Cabo : I have 10 of them and they symbolize a period in my life. The cross symbolizes faith which I got that one in Chinatown, the flames, I love fire and it shows passion. The other one was an idea given to me by a fan; itís a demonic image because she called me her little devil, a Nikon camera and a beautiful women and the image has my face on it. Another is a portrait of Christ and the really good ones shows Christ suffering and at any low point in my life I look at that one and say to myself I feel pretty damn good because all the suffering he had to go through. My nickname is Rockstar so that one is for me and thatís it man.

Michael T: I got one it means God in Japanese. I did Judo most of my life so I mixed them together and got God in Japanese.

Brian Rademacher: Well Manny and Michael it was great having you over today and we wish you the best.

Manny Cabo : It was a great fun time and a pleasure for us to come and visit

Michael T: Same here, we really thank you for letting us visit and God Bless.

Look for a GRAND LIFE SUITE Autograph give-away coming shortly!


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