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Interview with The Great Kat

Guitars, Violins, Vocal Screams, Composer of Genius

The Great Kat

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: April 2008


Brian Rademacher: Welcome Great Kat to

In our last interview a few years back you seemed to always talk in the third person. Do you have an alter ego that follows you that answers the questions?

The Great Kat: The Great Kat talks in the “third person”, because The Great Kat is GOD!!! The Great Kat is the WORLD FAMOUS neo-classical guitar shredder/Juilliard graduate- violin virtuoso-turned-guitar goddess/violin soloist at Carnegie Recital Hall/"Top 10 Fastest Shredders of all Time," (Guitar One Magazine) and "The 100 Wildest Guitar Heroes", who is SYSTEMATICALLY UPDATING CLASSICAL MASTERPIECES through SHRED GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Rademacher: You are in the works of finishing up a new shred CD/ DVD: can you tell us anything about that project?

The Great Kat: The Great Ka t has been recording and filming the upcoming New shred CD/DVD, featuring The Great Kat’s renowned shredding virtuosity on “The Flight of the Bumble-bee” (at 300 bpm!), Paganini’s “Caprice #24” for violin and guitar, “Bach’s “Brandenburg Concerto #3” for 6 guitars, 3 violins and chamber orchestra Stay tuned to the Kat’s website for the release date.

Brian Rademacher: You have a sample of your new upcoming video “ISLAMOFASCIST” on your official site. It has you cutting the throats of 4 victims dressed in black with hoods on. Don’t you think America has seen enough of that stuff already?

The Great Kat: No, it’s not enough! The Great Kat is going to add even more fuel to the The Great Katfire with this new “ISLAMOFASCISTS” music video from upcoming Great Kat DVD to wake up the world to realize that the most important issue is the war on terror and stopping the Islamic extremists from spreading their religious insanity to the modern world! That’s the whole point of art, to wake up the masses.

Brian Rademacher: : If Beethoven or Wagner saw The Great Kat play, what would you think would be going through their minds?

The Great Kat: Obviously Beethoven and Wagner would bow to The Great Kat, who is updating classical music. Here’s why: Beethoven was the first unrepressed classical genius, a revolutionary composer who did not care what everyone thought of him. He revolutionized classical music by creating vicious, raw powerful music. Wagner was the first outrageous theatrical composer who combined insane theatrical images and themes with complicated staging’s and slow, dragged-out music that forced the audience to be dominated by his ideas whether they liked it or not.

Brian Rademacher: You being a shred mistress and an innovator, what are your thoughts of Wendy O. Williams (RIP) when she was in the PLASMATICS?

The Great Kat: Wendy O. was a brilliant innovator and performer.

Brian Rademacher: When you are looking for a new guitar for your collection what do you look for?

The Great Kat: Fast fretboards, light action, lightweight guitars and something I can shred on at a speed of over 300 bpm.

Brian Rademacher: When you sit to write a song what is the process? Do you write the lyric first or the music? How does that work?

The Great Kat: The Great Kat composes “shred/classical” music, starting with guitar riffs, counterpoint, layers of harmonic guitar solos, fragmentations, pedal points, and more classical/metal composition techniques. Then the music is mixed with thematic lines which fit with only a few vocal lines –lyrics based on what is happening right now in the world, like The Great Kat songs “Torture Techniques”, “War”, “Terror” and “IslamoFascists”.

Brian Rademacher: I heard that at one point you want the greatJohn Macaluso, one of the best drummers in the business and who has played for Yngwie & STARBREAKER, to join The Great Kat and he turned you down? Do you have any thoughts on that?

The Great Kat: Who?

Brian Rademacher: Almost all the photos I see of The Great Kat are provocative; your boobs are almost out, tight photos of your crotch area. Do you think you would be as popular coming out dressed with The Great Kata ruffled shirt and jeans?

The Great Kat: Brian, I’ll explain to you the exact theory behind The Great Kat’s “provocative” image: The Great Kat is taking highly complex classical masterpieces of Beethoven, Bach, Paganini, Mozart, Vivaldi (music that is out of the intellectual reach of the average idiot) and bringing these masterpieces to them, by wearing provocative clothes, leather, vinyl, whips and chains, so as to distract the morons from the musical complexities of the genius composers, by targeting directly to their penises—which is where their brains are located!

Brian Rademacher: You are a very intelligent person and I am sure you know marketing selling points. If you weren’t in music, what other career would you have taken?

The Great Kat: The Great Kat is the new Beethoven of the 21st century and is on a single mission since birth to update dead classical music.

Brian Rademacher: Your videos and photos are always in the direction of something evil. Are you a Satanist? Or do you practice the occult?

The Great Kat: Satan worships The Great Kat. The Great Kat practices the worship of The Great KatThe Great Kat. Wake up!

Brian Rademacher: Have you ever been approached to do an x rated movie? Or photographed nude?

The Great Kat: DIE!

Brian Rademacher: If you had one fantasy come true what would that be?

The Great Kat: Every pea-brain idiot would get the hell out of my way!

Brian Rademacher: If you had a chance to donate a large sum of money to any cause what would that be?

The Great Kat: Any cause that would resurrect classical music and keep it alive!

Brian Rademacher: I am going to name a few guitarists out there; I would like to get your impressions on them Gus G, Jeff Loomis, Rusty Cooley, Alexi Laiho.

The Great Kat: The Great Katwould like to get your impressions of DaVinci, Beethoven, Van Gogh, Nietzsche. Don’t you get it yet? The Great Kat is talking about geniuses who are actually causing the advancement of civilization!

Brian Rademacher: What is your feeling about the world we live in at thisThe Great Kat time and what should be done to fix it?

The Great Kat: The world is now global and the internet has produced this global, online fast thinking society of speed freaks who want it fast and now!

Brian Rademacher: Can you tell us if you have any other projects you are working on?

The Great Kat: The Great Kat is completing another masterpiece CD and DVD with music that is faster, more brilliant, more complex, more shredding, more blistering and with more outrageous images and politically incorrect videos.

Brian Rademacher: I know this might piss you off but are your breasts real or implants?

The Great Kat: Everything about The Great Kat is, of course, real and great!

Brian Rademacher: Hey TGK it’s been fun and I hope you enjoyed yourself, would you like to say anything to the legions of Kat fans out there?

The Great Kat: GO TO THE GREAT KAT WEB SITE at Hotline: 631-549-7578 SHRED ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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