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Interview with Jukka Nikunen
(Vocals - Deep Insight)

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 2007

Brian Rademacher: Hello Jukka and welcome to

Jukka Nikenen: Hi, just finishing up my dinner

Brian: It is only early morning here- what's for dinner?

Jukka: Spaghetti, basic stuff

Brian: When you first started out in music, what were some of the bands that influenced your direction?

Jukka: I think in the very beginning ANATHEMA was the biggest influence.

Brian: Tell us a little about the youth of Jukka. What kind of kid were you in school?

Jukka: I was quite normal. My friends might disagree though.

Brian: Did you play sports?

Jukka: I tried ice hockey for a little while and football, but I've never been that good in team sports. I'm better on my own!

Brian: Were you in the school chorus?

Jukka: We didn't have one at school, but I was in a famous Finnish boys choir Cantores minors for couple of years. Hated it!

Brian: Were you in any other bands before DEEP INSIGHT that put out material?

Jukka: Nope, just some garage projects with no recordings, thank god.

Brian: What was the name of your first garage band?


Brian: What was the first record you ever owned?

Jukka: Just a sec, I'll check the name of the album. QUEEN'S ' Greatest Hits 2'.

Brian: What was the first concert you attended?

Jukka: There were many concerts that I went to with my brother when I was a kid, but I don't remember any bands that played there. The first big one that I'll always remember is MICHAEL JACKSON in Helsinki.

Brian: The band formed in 2001, and was headed down an acoustic path& have you done any acoustic sets?

Jukka: yep, every now and then.

Brian: How hard is it for a new band to break into music abroad?

Jukka: Very hard. Maybe some bands do all the right things at the right time and get lucky. But usually it takes a lot of hard work.

Brian: On your second release 'Red Lights White Lines' the song 'Hurricane Season' went to # 1 in Finland. What feeling did you have when that happened?

Jukka: Surprised and ecstatic.

Brian: Did it open doors for you?

Jukka: Of course, first of all the radios started to play us more and things started to happen from there.

Brian: With the over-saturation of emo and alternative music sounding the same, what does DEEP INSIGHT do differently that will make it stand out?

Jukka: I don t have any idea. But I guess we're doing something right?!

Brian: Watching you videos for "New Day" and "One Minute Too Late" you guys are looking like you are having a lot of fun times. Is it that much fun being on tour?

Jukka: At best, it's much more fun then you could imagine from watching the 'OMTL' video. Of course it gets boring sometimes but everytime we get home we want to go right back on the road.

Brian: What are some of the things the band asks for on you rider?

Jukka: Red wine, beer, coke light, carrots, cucumbers and all sorts of greens, yogurt, bread, tea, coffee, the normal stuff. Nothing too fancy I guess. Plus water.

Brian: Tell me a little about your show at Freakstock 06.

Jukka: That was a crazy trip. First off we drove 400km off to the wrong city at night in a raging storm. Don't ask me how that happened; we're actually quite smart guys! When we finally got there everything was okay until 30 before going on stage these huge storm clouds sailed from the horizon to the top of the festival and unleashed hell and fire. We thought that everything was over and we'll go back home without the show. But for our luck the storm calm down in an hour and the promoter said that we can go onstage but on our own responsibility. We played the show and it was nice to see that all the people came back from their little hiding places. Unforgettable show!

Brian: Are all the members in the band Christians?

Jukka: Yes.

Brian: Do you say a prayer before going on stage?

Jukka: everytime.

Brian: Is there a lot of temptation being on tour?

Jukka: We'll I get to see those guys naked more than I'd like.

Brian: The new CD 'One Minute Too Late', I feel would get great reviews in the United States. Are there plans for the CD to be released in the US?

Jukka: That's nice to hear. We're coming to LA in the end of April for a showcase so anything can happen. We'd love to release the record there and tour as much as possible. It's always been our dream to tour over there.

Brian: You have two videos off the new CD. Are there plans for another video?

Jukka: We're talking about it at the moment with our label.

Brian: What are your feelings about MySpace and YouTube?

Jukka: I love YouTube. Great place to check out some old DOORS concert clips, etc. Love it! I also have a MySpace profile, but I don't use it that much anymore.

Brian: You guys would be a great addition on the Warped Tour for this year. Have you heard of this tour or have you contacted them to be included for this year?

Jukka: We know the tour. Would be great to play there!

Brian: So far, what is the most memorable moment being in DI?

Jukka: I can't put it in one moment. Maybe when I'm an old grandpa I can think about what was the best moment. I just love the lifestyle.

Brian: When you are on tour, what things do you miss most from home?

Jukka: Bed & sauna.

Brian: If Jukka had a large sum of money and could donate it to any cause, what would that cause be?

Jukka: There're so many people in the world that need food, water, shelter, medicine, clothes, schools, doctors, etc. I think I would try to get the money to those people.

Brian: What are some of the goals for the future?

Jukka: To get in shape, play good shows, to make great new songs and to take over the world little by little.

Brian: Last question, what are your feelings about the current state of the world?

Jukka: Everything will come crashing down on the fourth of July, and the world, as we know it will no longer exist. But for now everything's quite ok.

Brian: Jukka, myself and would like to thank you for taking time out to talk with us. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Jukka: Thanks for the interview. Take care of yourselves and hope to see you on the road someday soon!


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