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Interview with MISS CRAZY's
Markus Allen Christopher (Vocals / Guitars)
Kim Racer (Bass)

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: December 2006

First let’s start with 2006 Cruefest; tell us a little about that show since you lost a member right before that show?
Kim: It turned out great: great crowd, great venue. I would have to say it was one of my favorite shows because it was one of our first bigger shows. We played about twenty-five minutes with some famous people in the audience.
Markus: It was pretty much packed, almost sold out by 7 O’clock.

Do you feel by re-mastering the MISS CRAZY debut release that you lost some of the raw sound?
Markus: Do we think that? We didn’t change any of the mix; all we did was have it re-mastered. We extended the intro and added a little bottom end to it.

You added three new songs to the re-mastered MISS CRAZY debut: “Nothing,” “My Way” and “Tattooed Freak.” Were these songs first recorded for the original release?
Kim: “My Way” was the only song recorded back then. “Nothing” and “Tattooed Freak” we did later on.

It seems like these three tracks have a bit heavier guitar, especially “Tattooed Freak.”
Kim: I guess so (laughing).
Markus: Yeah man, I just went for it. That was something I was into doing, that’s why they were bonus tracks. It was a little different sound we wanted to go with.

Former MISS CRAZY guitarist B.B Michaels left the band, and joined TRIXIE. I guess you are still friends, since you did a guest spot on the latest TRIXIE CD (and so did Manfred Swann). Plus, you used the same producer, Ronnie Borchert. Will you be doing more with TRIXIE?
Markus: I will do it anytime if he asks me to sing on something. That was a great day. I had a good time, and I wouldn’t mind if MISS CRAZY came in and did something with them.

What songs did you sing on with TRIXIE?
Markus: I did background on a couple different songs, but I did vocals on a song called “Looking for Love.”

Kim, do you have any guest spots coming up?
Kim: Yes, I do. I am in the process of recording Ronnie Borchert’s solo album. His sister Nicole let me do some songs on her new album.

What have fans thought about an inter-gender rock band that wasn't a Goth or operatic style band like EVANESCENCE?
Kim: It has been pretty positive. I haven’t heard anything negative from the crowds.
Markus: The crowds are pretty big: even after the shows, it’s like Kim is a big figure in the band. She seems to almost take the lead role, because once they hear the name “MISS CRAZY,” right away they identify with her as MISS CRAZY.

Kim, we hear all the time about the groupie-style action when it comes to women trying to meet the guys in the band. Have you had any experiences with male groupies?
Kim: Yeah, actually there was this guy in Oklahoma. The club was in the middle of nowhere. We pulled up to the back of the venue, and there was a small group of people there. We started loading in our stuff: I was by myself with some of the gear and started walking into the club, and all of a sudden this guy comes out of nowhere… he looked so shocked, and he had this brown mullet that came down to about the middle of his back. It was like this over the top mullet. He stepped forward and looked at me and said, “I love you,” and then he reached up and pulled off the mullet wig and laughed. It was awesome! I couldn’t believe I saw that.
Markus: I signed some nice tits. This one girl had really nice boobs, I think they were fake but they were nice.

I can appreciate that.
(Markus and Kim laughing)

Do you think that the internet has helped bands like yourselves gain more exposure, since it has been hard to get your style of rock in the mainstream media again?
Kim: Oh sure, it helps getting bands out. Everyone is not watching MTV, but they do have a computer and on an individual level they can check out almost any band.

Certainly sites like MySpace have helped even more, since you can reach a lot more people. Even online webzines like Rockeyez, or internet radio stations like Stickman Radio have helped as well.
Markus: MySpace is huge for us: we have 72,000 on our site, and we also utilize internet radio like Stickman Radio and others, as well as some FM stations also. There are a lot of kids that don’t know about 80’s rock but know of MISS CRAZY.

You ever think you'll pull a KISS move with an “Unmasked” tour?
Kim: Maybe like fifty years from now. We’ll think of it.
Markus: Maybe ten or fifteen years from now.

What are your goals as a band and individually for 2007?
Kim: Just rock!
Markus: Getting this conglomeration off the ground and letting everyone know about our fan club and CD. We are not in it for the money, yet the money is good. It’s not a priority for us, we just wanna rock. We want to bring the show to everyone we can. There are so many towns we have not hit yet. On this next tour we will be going to places we haven’t hit yet. There is so much to cover yet, and we have so much merchandise to offer and it just helps support the tour costs for us.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?
Kim: Maybe, but I can’t say (laughing).

So, we know what happened with Michaels and Swann, and what happened to D.T. and Jarret, why all the changes?
Markus: Jarret had a band before MISS CRAZY (DIAMOND LANE), and he knew them since he was a kid. Those guys- basically the bass player-pressured him and made him kind of choose. It was a childhood friendship kind of thing. We had a lot to do and he just wasn’t quite up to it. We still like him; it’s just that he is set in his ways where he wants to live. There’s no compromise with that, nothing will keep us from touring and playing for the fans.

Give me a little background on the two new members, Major Tom and Sketch.
Kim: Major Tom is from southern California. He’s an excellent guitarist, and his name really is Tom. Sketch is our new drummer from Georgia. He’s a great drummer and we look forward to touring with him.

How difficult is it in the music world to make a name for yourself?
Kim: It’s pretty hard, but you really have to want it.
Markus: You have to do something that not everyone else is doing. That’s why we went with our gut feeling on how we wanted to play this kind of music. We want to be like DEF LEPPARD, who plays in arenas and sold millions and millions of records, and still to this day is being played on the radio. We want to bring that back and it’s working, spreading the word. A lot of the bands from the 80’s, the smaller bands, are like “Hey, cool band,” but they don’t want to help us. They don’t want to bring us on tour with them. Some say, “Right on, you guys are great, I wish the best for you.” It’s not like they are pounding down our door to open for them.

Have you heard any word from KISS about your band?

Markus: I know Gene Simmons is aware of us, but he is very consumed with himself and the things that he does. He has a TV show, kids, I probably figure somewhere along the line he will approach us.

Tell me a little about the official MISS CRAZY fan club.
Markus: You can get your gold package, your platinum package and your bronze package. Realistically the platinum packages are selling, you get some autographed photos, autographed CD, poster, newsletter, naked pictures of Kim.
Kim: Hey!

I gotta get that package. I know it’s sold out right…
Markus: Sorry about that: that’s my personal package. No! You get all that other stuff for a year and it just helps us stay on tour. We have a lot of different things, like a Kim Racer clock, 8 x 10’s, endorsement posters, guitar picks, a couple of signed items like straps and drumheads, things we know fans would like to have.
Kim: The clock is on actually vinyl with hands, not LCD. They’re called Rock Clocks.

The debut CD was released in 2005. When should we have a new MISS CRAZY CD?
Actually it didn’t come out in 2005; it just says that on there. It came out in January in 2006.

Are you working on new material?
Markus: We put out the new re-release with new artwork, because we did cut a couple new tracks on there. Since it’s the new version and it’s just hitting everywhere now and picking up, it seems so new to everybody. By the time we hit the whole US and come back in a six month period we will most likely head to the studio and cut new stuff.

Tell us a little about the video shoot for “My Way?”
Markus: We had a fan that basically came out and shot it. It’s a special thing; it’s not the highest quality video because we don’t have that kind of money yet. But it’s cool enough to where people get to see us play and hear the song and get a look at us.

How exciting is it to be in MISS CRAZY, and how do you get out of a venue without fans waiting by the backstage door?
Kim: We don’t take the makeup off when we’re at the venue.
Markus: We don’t take it off until we are away from the venue.

After the show, do you hang out with fans?
Kim: Yeah we do, we just keep the make-up on.

You sound disappointed.
Kim: No, not at all, I am just happy you don’t have the alter ego where fans can’t reach you.

Tell us a little about your show since we have yet to see you on the East Coast?
Markus: We will be there and Rockeyez and Stickman will be there with us. I figure we will hit Wisconsin, Minnesota in June and in July or August we will be in New York and New Jersey. I can’t wait to have a good time with everyone.

So what are the plans until then?
Markus: We are going to keep touring and promoting the band and our website. We own the album, and we collect 100% of everything that MISS CRAZY is. We put it out ourselves and we’re selling enough copies where it’s actually working better for us.

Have other record companies been in touch with you?
Markus: A few, but it hasn’t been quite the deal we were looking for, it kind of more benefited the label. We can pretty much cover everywhere with CD Baby, Napster, I-tunes… it’s everywhere. There are so many avenues to sell it ourselves, as opposed to having a label taking all the money.

Kim and Markus, it’s been great talking to you once again. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?
Kim: We want to say thank you to all our friends and fans. I am just grateful to be part of this.
Markus: MISS CRAZY fans are passionate; it’s almost like when you were a kid looking up to a star. I remember when I saw my older brothers with their KISS posters in their room. It was like a super hero kind of thing. I just want to say we really appreciate Rockeyez and we’ll see you on tour buddy!.


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