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Interview with Lisbeth Hellman,
Dave Lepard's Mom

The Life Of Dave Lepard CRASHDÏET

Lisbeth Hellman

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: July 2008

Given name: David Roberto Hellman

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The following interview was a tough one to approach. We didn't want to infringe on the personal life of Dave Lepard's family but we felt it would not be harmful asking his mother for an interview about Dave's life. Below is a quote after contacting her that brought tears to my eyes, as I am a huge Dave Lepard & CRASHDÏET admirer.

Quote: OK! I’m on! I have been talking with my eldest daughter and she approves too. I have been reading the past interviews with Dave on your site ...and it makes me smile. My little boy! He was not cocky; he had a lot of empathy for poor people. When we were walking the streets and there was a poor homeless man who begged for money, he gave him all he had! He was so kind. But I suppose he learned a lot from me. At Christmas time, I invited all lonely friends... David and I lived alone together. His father and I were divorced. He was "mummys boy." I can tell you, one month before the death, David called me and said: “ok mum,
do you want that Mustang (Ford Mustang 65)? Well, I said, why? The money will come in the spring, he said. I said David you need your money for yourself. And he got angry at me: but, fuck, he always said he would buy me a Mustang! (Since Dave was 15 he always said that: "mum I will buy you the car you want, when I get to be a famous rockstar.) Dave passed and some months later the money came, and I didn’t want that bloody money, I wanted my son back... but after a year, I thought what the hell... I will buy that car, the blue Ford Mustang 65. So I did. I drove up to the cemetery, and revved the gas and the engine was VROOOOWWWING! I said to Dave here is our car. But it’s so sad. I hate the situation, as a mother you can never get free from it, every minute, hour, and day... I always see his face, his smile, feel the big hug he gave me. Oh, how I miss everything. Pity for me, his sister, the fans, the music, the world. He had so much to give. "That was from my inner-heart".

-- Mvh Lisbeth

Brian Rademacher: Hello Lisbeth and welcome to This is truly an honor to talk with you about your son Dave Lepard.

When Dave was growing up tell us one of his favorite gifts he got for Christmas?

Lisbeth Hellman : : I remember when he was 10 and we just moved out to the country (an old big villa) and Dave got his first electric guitar, wow, he was so happy! I think it was his best Christmas. He kept it all the time... Now I have it! I can tell you a story when he was 5... At the store he saw a plastic guitar, for kids you know, and he wanted it. It cost less than 10 dollars, but I was solo and studying, and didn’t have much money. Anyway, he was a clever boy. He went to all houses in our area, and asked for empty bottles... and then he took it to the store and got some money for the bottles. Every penny he saved and one day we went together to the store and he bought it, he was very happy then.

Brian Rademacher: When he stayed in his room do you recall any of the music that he played over and over again?

Lisbeth Hellman : He loved TWISTED SISTER "We're Not Gonna Take It"... and he sang: "tina tana taken,tina tana taken whenemaaaa"! And played his little guitar, and it was then he said to me: mummy, I’m gonna be a rockstar when I get "old"... he was so cute, always singing in his "swenglish".

Brian Rademacher: What was Dave like before he reached his teen years?

Lisbeth Hellman : Oh he was a lovely boy. He was my happiness, always smiling, singing, playing the guitar, driving his motocross, playing pingis (Ping-Pong), and football.

Brian Rademacher: What kind of kid was he in school?

Lisbeth Hellman : Ha ha ha... he was talking all the time. But the teachers told me, ok, he talks too much but he is always polite and a kind boy and all girls just loved him! One teacher said to me, he has a very good connection with his inner-feelings! He was competing in motocross and before that was football and pingis, he was good in sports.

Brian Rademacher: Did he watch any TV?

Lisbeth Hellman : Yes he loved films like Agent Mulder in the "X-Files" when he was younger, but he liked to look at films, science, action, and so on.

Brian Rademacher: What was his favorite snack to eat?

Lisbeth Hellman : He liked chips and candy.

Brian Rademacher: Before he started CRASHDÏET did he play in any other bands?

Lisbeth Hellman : He played in NAKED GUNS, LOS DIABOLOS and when he was 14 he had a band called WARPATH they made a CD that I paid for!! Ha-ha, the other parents didn’t spend their money for that CD... so I paid. I still have some records here.

Brian Rademacher: What is one of the things that sticks out in your mind that Dave would always tell you?

Lisbeth Hellman : He was very loving to me (concerning) he wanted me to be happy and feel good. He felt responsible for me.

Brian Rademacher: Did Dave ever mention his Dad since you were divorced?

Lisbeth Hellman : Of course, He was with his father two weekends a month. But when he got older, about 14 years old he didn’t go as often. But they had contact. In the teenage years the friends are more important than the parents!

Brian Rademacher: Did Dave ever mention to you that he would like to be a father himself one day?

Lisbeth Hellman : Yes. He was nice to his sister’s kids and he adored his little sister! Yes, he wanted to be a father. But his girlfriend didn’t (want children).

Brian Rademacher: When he started CRASHDÏET in 2000, who were the members?

Lisbeth Hellman : It was "Tobbe, Krille, and Gurra". I have no contact with them. I just met them a few times when I was driving David to his playing.

Brian Rademacher: Were there other names he was thinking of using for the band instead of CRASHDÏET?

Lisbeth Hellman : No! Not as I can remember. But probably, he was always brainstorming....

Brian Rademacher: The band only stayed together for a short time, maybe two years and Dave decided that the band would break up, do you know why?

Lisbeth Hellman : Yes. They broke up because someone in the band used drugs and David hated that! And when he kicked this guy out, the other two said goodbye too. They were old mates and grew up together... but David was not sad.

Brian Rademacher: Years later Dave decided to reform CRASHDÏET, what new member first joined and what were his feelings towards the new members Martin, Peter and Eric?

Lisbeth Hellman : First it was Peter and Martin. Don’t know in what order. Later on Eric wanted to get in, Ha-ha David didn't want him, he was so metal... but Eric was "hard" (stubborn) he wanted in. So he cut his beard and kept his body in a better shape, he was big. But David liked Eric. So he accepted!

Brian Rademacher: Tell us what Dave was like as a person?

Lisbeth Hellman : He was a kind person. Gentle and generous, he would give his last penny to poor homeless people. He always wanted to make a difference for people, but when it was music he wanted everything too be perfect. He never said that will be ok! Which was a little bit wrong, he would make it right. And he always made his bed. It would be clean, straight, and nice. He loved to cook. He was a good chef...

Brian Rademacher: When CRASHDÏET got signed to Universal, tell us what Dave’s feelings were?

Lisbeth Hellman : It was his biggest dream to get signed! But I know that things go very fast. I have heard that he was a little bit scared, but as I told you this was his dream since he was 5 years old.

Brian Rademacher: Was Dave disappointed with anything?

Lisbeth Hellman : With Universal, Yes! They didn't get any money... the manager told him that they gave the boys the opportunity to play, and pay their dues and so on. David was hungry; he had to pay the rent, and other bills! So he got money from the social "government" but David lived in Uppsala, which is 70 km (about 45 miles) from Stockholm, and the train and bus is not free! (The other boys lived in Stockholm) so it was hard for him. He had to "fight" to get some money all the time. I used to bring food and stuff to him. I helped him to buy instruments and so on.

Brian Rademacher: Did he ever mention the fans?

Lisbeth Hellman : He loved his fans. He answered every mail he got from all over the world. When he told me, I couldn't believe it. But I suppose it gave him some stress! There is just 24 hours in a day... but he was generous.

Brian Rademacher: What were Dave’s feelings about getting famous?

Lisbeth Hellman : In the beginning, he liked it. He told me that youngsters came to him and asked him: oh, are you a rock star? And he just laughed and signed some autographs... but there were a lot of people who didn't like his way of dressing!!! Ever since he was 13 years old he liked to dress as he felt. ?(I have always been the same, now and then) you see, he wore his clothes all the time... leopard tights, leather jacket, boots and so on, not just on the scene! He was David the rockstar!

Brian Rademacher: Would he ever say things he wanted to accomplish?

Lisbeth Hellman : He just wanted to write the best music, the best lyrics.

Brian Rademacher: : Is it true at any time that Dave wanted to leave the second line-up of CRASHDÏET?

Lisbeth Hellman : No, never heard about that! But later the boys said that they wanted to split! He couldn't understand why he couldn't be at the meeting with Anders Johansson and the boys! A.J told him: you don't have to be here! I will talk to the boys myself. Then David called a lot of his best friends, including his eldest sister and said: CRASH is split! This was a secret. He was so disappointed! I have all his mails.... I don't understand how things got this way. It’s so sad. They couldn't split CRASH??? It was David’s band! And they went behind his back! Amazing! I can imagine how angry and disappointed he got.

Brian Rademacher: Did he ever mention Chris Laney to you and his feelings toward him?

Lisbeth Hellman : Chris, or Uffe as we say, is a very nice person. David loved him. He was Dave’s mentor! He gave all respect to Chris!

Brian Rademacher: After the release of “Rest in Sleaze”, did Dave start working on new material?

Lisbeth Hellman : Yes. In December, he finished "Laura Meffesser". All songs are in Swedish. He is a fabulous boy, his lyrics and the way he used his voice. It was his and Peter’s project, as I understand. It was a happy time in their lives...Peter told me that he just wanted to go on with Laura M...

Brian Rademacher: Do you have material of Dave’s that was never released?

Lisbeth Hellman : Yes, I have everything! He made demos and I have them. His last was Laura Meffesser. I also have 3 nice songs: “Hell No”, “Those Eyez”, and “Tomorrow”.... and a lot more. My first thoughts were I should ask Chris (Uffe) to record them, and he said yes...but you see I don’t listen to any music anymore! And I can’t really listen to David. It hurts so much. But maybe at a later time, I don’t know.

Brian Rademacher: When Dave was missing for a period, did you have any thoughts?

Lisbeth Hellman : NO! Never. We talked the week before it happened. We should have met for some lunch that week. But he had called my eldest daughter, it may have been on a Monday, and he said, CRASH is split! And after that she didn’t hear anything. That was not unusual anyway, we didn’t talk everyday to each other and when he was working or when he was in his creative period, he didn’t want to be disturbed. But Felicia called me on Wednesday and asked me if I heard from David, I said no. Then she said she will go to his home, and she did. She was calling in his postbox, but he didn’t answer... but she heard the music... so she thought he didn’t want to talk to her... But she called his best girlfriend, Johanna, she had the extra-key to his house, and when she came back to Uppsala the night between Tuesday and Friday, she unlocked the door and saw him hanging in the door. That’s why we say it’s Jan. 20 but the doctor said he had been dead for more days. We, in our privacy, think it’s the 13th of January. But we don’t really know. That’s it.

Brian Rademacher: Dave entered the heavens on January 20th, 2006, how was the response from the fans?

Lisbeth Hellman : The fans were so beautiful; they mailed and gave us so much support. They send things, photos, made video movies about David, one Japanese guy sent me a CD, he had gotten material from the net, and made a special CD for me, all David’s material, unsigned too.3 records!! Youngster about 13-15 years old said to me: Lisbeth if you need to talk, I’ll be here!!! So cute! They are still lovely the first year... I was mailing all hours of the day to Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, France, Germany, Deutschland, Norwegian, name it.

Brian Rademacher: How comforting were the other members of CRASHDÏET?

Lisbeth Hellman : Well, they tried. But they have their own grief and shock I suppose. But I invited them to my home, and we went to the cemetery, had a summer party, with all David’s friends. They played music, we ate and drank, I needed to have them around me, they were my substitute for David. But they are young. Their lives must go on.... it’s only Peter London nowadays, who keeps contact. But Martin’s parents are very nice. They have visited me and also some mail contact. I think it’s difficult for "parents" to handle a thing like that. They knew David, and somewhere in their mind they get so scared, it could have been their son!

Brian Rademacher: When you think of Dave what comes to mind that makes you happy?

Lisbeth Hellman : Oh... when we met in the city, how he walked close to me, with his arms out, and shouted: Mamma and his smile and then he gave me a big hug, and old ladies were looking , I was so proud of my big, tall, beautiful son. Once when he was 15, he came home from school, and sat down at the piano, and just played the "Theme From the Piano", you know the movie? And he had never played that before!!! And I was sitting outside in the sun, and the window was open, and the music came, first slowly and he was trying, and then he got it, and it was pouring/streaming out ... it was so lovely I cried! He was so talented. One day he took my father’s accordion (see the photo) and after a little bit of searching, he found out how to play. When he was 3 years old at the beach, he learned how to write in the sand he was a funny little boy, he was my sunshine.

Brian Rademacher: Did you actually start the Rest in Sleaze Festival?

Lisbeth Hellman : Yes I did. I felt that I had to do something. The first RIS I got some help from EMA and Kattah (David’s girlfriend for 7 years) but I took care of the foundation, I knew how hard it was for David without any money and how he burned for his music, I thought that more young rockers needed some money, for food, instruments, making a demo and so on. So the second big RIS 600 people came, was all mine. It was an enormously big job, I was totally exhausted after, but it was good for me to do it by myself. all the bands, posters in Stockholm (got help from Peter’s sister Mia, and brother in law Micke). A big thanks to them! And we made the memory T-shirts, pins, and tried for the lowest price. All six bands played for free. That’s the only way RIS keeps going on. The money from the tickets, go for the rental of sound/lighting and the locale. but the money that is left goes to a scholarship for young and upcoming bands.

Brian Rademacher: How successful has that been?

Lisbeth Hellman : Wow! Very successful, bands are mailing me already that are willing to play at the next RIS! They send me demos and are begging to play. Others said to me: I hope there will be a RIS next year too... there must be a next RIS! ha ha ha... of course there will be another RIS!! As long as the rocking fans need it I will keep on going! I’m a big "mama"! I love "my children".

Brian Rademacher: If fans can have one memory of Dave what would you hope for?

Lisbeth Hellman : I want them to remember him as the beautiful guy he was, his smart songs/lyrics, and his genius guitar playing and his generosity...

Brian Rademacher: In ending if you can say anything to Dave right now in Heaven what would that be?

Lisbeth Hellman : Oh you stupid boy! Children are not supposed to go before their parents! I wish you could come back to me. I miss you so much. We all miss you. My life is empty without you.

On a venture to the Hard Rock Café in Stockholm Lisbeth talked with the manager. After their meeting she went home and made a special collection of David’s records, boots, the leopard material for display where it sits next to EUROPE's Joey Tempest' trousers. Check out It's David’s site too. (They call me the Lepardmum!) Just Announced RIS 2009 January 24th at "Nalen" in Stockholm, Sweden.


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