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Interview with Rob Nasty
(Vocals, Bass - Loud ‘N’ Nasty)

Loud 'N' NastyLoud 'N' Nasty


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: April 1st, 2005

When did the band first start and did it, go by the same name?
I first got in contact with Chris when he joined as a guitar player for a Kiss-tribute band I had back then. Couple of years later I talked to Chris again and asked if he would help me record some songs I have been working on. We ended up making songs together and it resulted in 11 tracks. Some songs where recorded at the same time we wrote them. Those songs are on LOUD ’N’ NASTYs first promo together with the cover of “Piece of your action” by Motley Crue. Back then it was just me and Chris and we came up with the band name LOUD ’N’ NASTY during the recordings of that promo.

Your first release was 1999 right. Was there anything before that?
LOUD ’N’ NASTY did the first recording in 1998 but it was never released as a CD, only as a promotional CD-R. Those songs have never been released on CD.

Seems Sweden is going through a change and being in the forefront for “sleaze” & ‘80’s metal coming back? Why so?
I don’t know? It’s hard to say. I have been in to sleaze since the 80’s and LOUD ’N’ NASTY have always played that type of music without too many bands over here in the same genre. Remember back in 98 when I think we were one of few if not the only band over here playing sleaze or hair metal, which wasn’t too easy in a time ruled by power metal... But then things started to happen and we got bands like Crash Diet, Paradice and some others who joined the scene.
I think people over here like to have fun going to a show to see bands that care as much about their image as their music.

Were you in any bands before this and were there anything released?
I played in a Swedish punk band in the early 90’s. We did some recordings and released a few demos. I also played in some tribute bands like Kissi’n time, Bästards and Heavy Metal Riot.

When you first picked up the guitar what was your dream?
I just wanted to be a rock star playing arenas one day.

How was it playing with Adler’s Appetite?
We had lots of fun playing with Adler and his gang. Really cool guys that were easy to work with and we got great response from their audience…. Or was it Adler that had good respond on our audience? *Laughs*

When are you guys coming to the USA?
LOUD ’N’ NASTY had plans to go to tour USA in January this year but it was canceled at the last minute, but we hope to go there soon! Maybe as an opening act or we will do our own tour, in one way or another we will come -that’s for sure!

What was the first concert you ever attended?
My first Concert was Iron Maiden with Motley Crue as special guests in 1984 Gothenburg, Sweden.

L.N.N. are being compared to Early Motley Crue with a W.A.S.P. sound, how do you feel about that?
I like Crue and W.A.S.P. so I that’s cool with us! But we don’t think that much about it, we do the type of music we like and listen to and some refer to us like Crue and W.A.S.P., some to band’s like Ratt, Dokken and Quite Riot. So I think LOUD ’N’ NASTY got it well mixed. *Laughs*

Who came up with the L.N.N. logo with the skulls?
I did for the new release for “Too much ain’t enough” CD; we needed a new logo to fit better to the drumhead and to the ladies panties…

Tell us a band beside L.N.N. or Crash Diet to look out for?
There is a wave of new Swedish bands. I like bands like Crucified Barbara, Vains of Jenna, Gemini five to name a few!

Tell us about your live show + set list?
Well we try to make it fun and interesting for the audience! It’s hard to do something new nowadays but why not use the same kind of stuff that I liked when I was a kid?! It depends on what kind of place we are playing at and what we are allowed to use on stage, but we use pyrotechnics when we can and we got girls on stage of course! We also have some other surprises from time to time. Here’s an example of set list for one night opening for Adlers Apetite.

Play Dirty
Let the good times roll
Wanna Live….
We’re Gonna Rock

You signed with Perris Records in the US. Why did you decide to go with them?
I think Perris have supported the Glam/Sleaze scene even when the ships where down. It means a lot knowing that they are in to it because they like that type of music and not signing just course it’s a new trend that they can make some easy money on.

If you had a chance to go out in support of another major band, who would it be?
Well, to open for Crue would be fun instead of some strange acts that will support them on this tour?

Who was your favorite band when growing up?
Kiss was my first heroes and around the same time Kiss put away their make up, Crue took their place on my walls.

What CD’s are you currently listening to?
Theatre of pain” by Crue, Steevi Jaimz (Ex. Tiger Tails) and Pretty boy FLOYD have been in the CD for a while now.

What do you see in the future for L.N.N?
We hope to play as much as possible not only in Sweden but overseas as well! And I hope we will reach out to the big audiences and big arenas soon!

What was your wildest tour story?
Well it was on a hell of a ride when we played in Spain… The guy that was picking us up at the airport didn’t speak a word of English. Finally, after two hours of calling and searching at the airport, we find him… We still don’t know if he was high, drunk or just freaking out, but the trip to the hotel that SHOULD take about 20 minutes took over two hours!!! (Laughs) And whenever we asked him anything, he just shook his head and said No, no …. For a while we thought he might take us to a small dusty road and just kill us! (Laughs)

I am going to mention a few words. Tell us what comes to mind…
(My poster covered boy room walls back in the days)
Motley CRUE (We are ready to take over the throne (LOL)
Glam (Love it)
Internet (Fans and friends all over the world)
Touring (Can’t get enough at this moment)
80’s (Welcome back!)
Woman (Hmm…)
God (Bless the children of the beast)


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