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Interview with Martin Sweet


Martin Sweet

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: June 2008

This interview was conducted before Ollie Twist was dismissed

Brian Rademacher: Hey Martin, How’s it going today?

Martin Sweet : Hey man! Long time! I’m a bit jetlagged after coming home from Brazil. We’ve had e few weeks’ vacation over there and also one very cool gig (sold out). We just love that place.

Brian Rademacher: In our last interview in November of last year you mentioned that CRASHDÏET will come to the USA this year. Will that still come true?

Martin Sweet : I’m always optimistic about touring the states and we WILL go there. CrashdietIf nothing unexpected happens we will go there before the end of the year.

Brian Rademacher: Watching some of the new live footage of CRASHDÏET seems you always have a big crowd, what would you say is an average attendance for a CRASHDÏET show?

Martin Sweet : Probably around 600-700 people.

Brian Rademacher: With the new addition to the band has Universal been treating the band any different?

Martin Sweet : They’ve treated us just as well as before. Or they at least try to treat us as good despite the collapsing record industry.

Brian Rademacher: You recently worked with Tin Star of GEMINI FIVE with their new CD, were any of those tunes songs that CRASHDÏET wrote but never recorded?

Martin Sweet : Yeah, actually we took a CRASHDÏET song called “why” and made it into two G5 songs “Sex, drugs and anarchy” and “Scream 4 me”. There is also a song on there called “Stay With Me” that I wrote during the “Unattractive” demo sessions.

Brian Rademacher: Are you working on other projects that you can tell us about?

Martin Sweet : I write songs all the time and lately I’ve been trying to c/o write with different Swedish songwriters.crashdiet You know just to kinda try new things. I’ve always been positive about c/o writing. For example “XTC Overdrive” and “Bound to be enslaved” were c/o written with two of my best friends.

Brian Rademacher: Last year you release a special limited edition package DVD called CRASHDÏET Rest In Sleaze tour 2005 with an autographed poster and sticker. Are they all sold out or can people still buy them?

Martin Sweet : They’re sold out, but of course we saved a few for our future CRASHDÏET museum *laughs*

Brian Rademacher: There were only 1,000 made right?

Martin Sweet : Right!

Brian Rademacher: Do you plan on doing something like that again?

Martin Sweet : Yes, we have quite a lot of material from 2007 to present time so we’ll probably start working on a new DVD soon.

Brian Rademacher: With this new tour do you also have new signature guitar picks?

Martin Sweet : We made some personal picks this time for me and Peter. But it took like 5 gigs and we’d thrown all of them to the audience haha! So we have to make new ones.

Brian Rademacher: Does Eric have his name on his sticks also?

Martin Sweet : Not yet. Any sponsors out there?? *blink*

Brian Rademacher: Have you started working on the next CD? If so can you tell us anything about it?

Martin Sweet : Yes, we’ve already written a few songs for the next album and we’re hoping for an early 2009 release. But in a perfect world I would like to have it out this year already.

Brian Rademacher: Will you be working with Chris Laney the next time around?

Martin Sweet : We haven’t discussed who to work with yet, but we have thought a lot a bout involving ourselves more in the producing and mixing coz we’re pretty experienced by now.

Brian Rademacher: You had Mick Mars as a special guest on The Unattractive Revolution, If you had other special guests on the next release who are some of the musicians you would like appearing?

Martin Sweet : If Mick doesn’t call me again, we will probably have some other good friends on the album. Can’t tell you yet ;)

Brian Rademacher: Who are some of the other upcoming bands in sleaze, not including SISTER,Maetin Sweet CRAZY LIXX and others that people heard of?

Martin Sweet : New bands that I’ve heard are INNOCENT ROSIE, BLACKRAIN, PRETTY WILD etc they are pretty cool bands.

Brian Rademacher: On a typical day what do you do from the time you wake up until you go to bed?

Martin Sweet : Time passes so fast these days, I hardly manage to do anything some days… But I write a lot every day and try to manage all the websites and MySpace at the same time.. Takes a shitload of time to do the MySpace stuff cos it’s still a fukkin primitive site, but its getting better. It’s a great tool.

Brian Rademacher: Now I know CRASHDÏET is huge over in Europe and other countries but in the United States basically CRASHDÏET is unheard of, what can CRASHDÏET do to change that?

Martin Sweet : Release an album there for starters and maybe buy hairspray to all the rednecks ;) It´s a big country and it needs a big masterplan.

Brian Rademacher: The fans that are in the US that never got to see CRASHDÏET or get any of the memorabilia and you know there are a lot of fans looking for CRASHDÏET collectibles, like we see club posters of you playing in different clubs and shows, stickers and all kinds of stuff but the fans can never get them, how come you don’t offer them for sale on the CRASHDÏET website?

Martin Sweet : Coz we’ve had quite a few fuckups with our merchandising in the past and we just started to manage it all by our selves, so it’s all gonna get a lot better from now on. We’re gonna add all kind of cool stuff, signed stuff.

Brian Rademacher: A lot of bands sell autographed photos and limited edition guitar picks, sticks and personal items and the band gets great respect from that because some people justMartin Sweet can’t make it to the show or meet you guys. I will give you one example at this link which is from LIZZY BORDEN’s official site Would CRASHDÏET ever consider that?

Martin Sweet : Lizzy rules man! Yeah that’s the right way to do it! And yes we will consider it.

Brian Rademacher: Have you added any new guitars to your collection?

Martin Sweet : Yes, I’ve started using ESP guitars. Right now, I’m playing the ESP eclipse model. A very good live guitar!

Brian Rademacher: With the popularity of the band and you in a relationship, I see pictures all over the net with you with HOT looking chicks, how hard is the temptation staying faithful?

Martin Sweet : I’m actually single at the moment.

Brian Rademacher: What is the goal for the band at this point?

Martin Sweet : Right now we’re completing some gigs here in Sweden and then we’re gonna focus on the next album. We also have to get our asses back in shape!

Brian Rademacher: Let’s get into a few off beat questions? What is your favorite!

Martin Sweet : Crashdiet

  • Favorite cereal: Kalas Puffar
  • Coffee or Tea: I drink both, even though I get sick from the Caffeine *laughs*
  • Hamburger or Hot dog: Hamburger
  • Coke or Pepsi: Not that big of a soda fan
  • Boxers or Briefs: Briefs keep your nuts in place, right?
  • Hot tub or swimming pool: Hot tub
  • Car or Motorcycle: I don’t have a driver’s license
  • Ice Cream or Italian Ice: Ice Cream
  • Brian Rademacher: In conclusion I would like to thank Martin for the third time doing an interview with us at Martin has always been gracious to us and a good friend.
    Martin would you like to say anything in conclusion?

    Martin Sweet : Thanx for having me, always a pleasure!
    We are doing our best to get our asses over seas so you can watch our asses too!
    Keep yer ass in shape!


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