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Interview with Harrison Wargo

The Morning Light ďSound Of LoveĒ
Harrison Wargo
Piano, Vocals ,The Morning Light

Harrison Wargo

Interviewed by Sara Rademacher
Date: June 2008

Harrison Wargo : Hello Sara this is Harrison from THE MORNING LIGHT nice to meet you.

Sara Rademacher: How ya doing today?

Harrison Wargo : Good on our way to our next show, doing alright.

Sara Rademacher: I realize you arenít much older than I am, but how were you growing up?

Harrison Wargo : I was a good kid, really liked music and happy. I did alright in elementary school, when I hit middle school I started caring more about music.

Sara Rademacher: Who or what covered your walls as you grew up?

Harrison Wargo : Wall paper and space things.

Sara Rademacher: So you were into space?

Harrison Wargo : Yeah when I was younger I was into it, I had like posters of planets and stars and things like that.

Sara Rademacher: Did your parents always encourage you to pursue music?

Harrison Wargo : They have always been very supportive, when I was younger and talking about not going to college and pursuing music, they were a little hesitant about me not getting a college education. After awhile of touring and pursuing music seriously when I started to tour at the end of ninth grade theyíve been complete supportive. They always gave me great advice and have always been helpful and there for me.

Sara Rademacher: ďThe Sound of LoveĒ is an amazing album. What inspired the title?

Harrison Wargo : Thank you, because one of the titles has the word Sound and another has the title Love and it just came to me. It sounded right. Itís what the whole EP is about.

Sara Rademacher: Youíve done over 150 gigs. How does it feel to be so far away from your family for so long?

Harrison Wargo : Itís terrible, I hate it. I really enjoy be around my family and being home. Itís hard not having the security and comfort of home. At times itís extremely fun to go on tour. We get to meet some cool people. But I hate being away from home and my family and thatís important to me.

Sara Rademacher: What was the best birthday present youíve ever gotten?

Harrison Wargo : Tough question, probably well I just turned eighteen and my sister gave me a bunch of books that I really have enjoyed so far. My parents would usually get me a new instrument for my birthday, which are usually my favorite.

Sara Rademacher: How do you feel touring with bands like ALL TIME LOW, THE CAB, and JUST SURRENDER? Do you get along?

Harrison Wargo : Yeah weíre good friends and like hanging out, always a fun time. Thatís one of the aspects of touring which I like quite a lot is hanging out and chilling.

Sara Rademacher: Tell me about DESPERADO, ďSafe BetĒ really hit home with me. What was going through your mind as you performed it?

Harrison Wargo : I just hope we play it good and it sounds well to the people who are listening and I hope I donít mess it up. (Laughing) That's pretty much every song.

Sara Rademacher: ďThe SoundsĒ is a really unique song. I like how it contains components from the other songs while having its own uniqueness at the same time. Who thought of it?

Harrison Wargo : Thank you very much; Iím so glad you like it, thatís really cool of you. All the songs were actually recorded before we had a band. I wrote the song.

Sara Rademacher: If you could tour with any band who would it be? Why?

Harrison Wargo : Thatís a pretty, oh man, thatís a tough question. There would probably be a few. If it was a past band it would be THE BEATLES and if it was current it would be RADIOHEAD thatís another band I really love, or WEEZER. All those bands are huge influences of ours.

Sara Rademacher: Since THE BEATLES are your biggest influence, what is your favorite song?

Harrison Wargo : Thatís impossible to say; in all honestly I could never narrow it down to one. I couldnít even narrow it down to one album, too many to name.

Sara Rademacher: What is the most outrageous thing a fan has ever done in order to meet you?

Harrison Wargo : Just travel a long distant to come to our show, thatís pretty crazy. I know I would never drive four hours to see a band I like perform.

Sara Rademacher: When your on tour, do you pay for own food or do you have a rider? If so what is on your rider?

Harrison Wargo : We donít have a rider because we didnít have a booking agent, but we have one now. We pay for our own food. A lot of times the venue will supply food like pizza or sandwiches.

Sara Rademacher: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three things, what would you bring?

Harrison Wargo : Tons of paper and pens, a guitar and my iPod with all my music on it that would be sufficient.

Sara Rademacher: Do you plan on making ďSounds of LoveĒ EP a full-length album?

Harrison Wargo : It will be left as an EP. The only song we rerecorded is ďCloudsĒ for our upcoming full-length thatís coming out in August.

Sara Rademacher: You were in band called TRANSITION, you left because the Christian music scene wasnít your thing and they wouldnít let you write any music. Which songs did you write on the EP?

Harrison Wargo : Pretty much all of them, a couple of the songs we wrote together me, Bobby and Matt.

Sara Rademacher: How do you feel working on the same label as THE PLAIN WHITE TíS and SUGARCULT?

Harrison Wargo : I write songs because I like creating them, doesnít matter what label Iím on.

Sara Rademacher: When you met the president of Fearless Records, and first talked what did you talk about?

Harrison Wargo : We talked about the band and their label and what they were doing, sort of things we can do for each other. A general subject of us teaming up together and signing plus a lot of possibilities, we did do a lot of explaining what weíre all about.

Sara Rademacher: Harrison thanks for taking time out to talk with us, is there anything you would like to say in closing?

Harrison Wargo : Just thanks for calling me, our new album comes out August 5th and we're really excited about it.

Brian Rademacher: Hey Harrison, I just wanted to thank you for giving my daughter her first interview.

Harrison Wargo : Itís not a big deal, thank you for the interview she did a really great job, very great job. Have a great day.


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