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Interview with Lance King
(Lead Vocals - Pyramaze)

Lance King - Pyramaze


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: April 1st, 2005

Lance, Brian from RockEyez.
How ya doin’ man?

You at work right now?
Actually not, I had a late night last night I have my first cup of coffee in hand.

When growing up what was your favorite band during your high school days?
Kansas, STYX, RUSH and I like Boston.

In school, did you sing in the choir?
I did sing in the choir one year.

First concert you attended?
Nazareth and Head East. I’m Old (laugh)

Did you play any sports in school?
Nope, I didn’t. My parents were anti-competitive which is kind of silly, since I loved sports. I would have been good.

Did you collect anything during your high school days?
(Laughing) Knives…

Well, I was a backwoods boy and my parents bought some property up in the Canadian Rockies. We lived out in the woods and I made believe I was a pirate.

Let’s go into your music career… Did you record in different countries? And is there any difference in the recording.
I recorded in many countries. But there are no differences - except space. Here we have more space.

What was the first band you were in?
The News. I was about seventeen years-old and that became Freelance. We played the national circuit and that became GEMINI (laugh)

Did GEMINI put anything out?
Yeah, a couple albums… In 86’ to 93’ - I was with GEMINI with Rob Kruger. We released two albums - our self titled and “Out for Blood.” Then I started my own thing with Kings Machine and put out “A State of Mind” in 95’.We also had one in the can but never released it. Then I joined BALANCE of POWER; I was there for six years.

After that there was Dream BALLADS, which was a compilation that came out on Lion Music. There was a bunch of different tracks on it which one of them I did with Rolf Munkes, a German guitar player from Empire.

In 2002, I recorded with Defyance and that was about the time I left Balance of Power, and shortly after that 2003 I recorded with Mattsson. Then in 2003, I did five tracks on “Beyond Inspiration” an Uli John Roth Tribute album.

Then you went on to Empire to record “Hypnotica.”
No, I did that before the Defyance album. I recorded that a week before the "Perfect Balance" album.

The PYRAMAZE album came out last year right?

How was the recording on that?
Took me about a month to do the vocals on it… I was writing as I went.

You’re working on something new?
Yeah, I'm working on a Avian album with Dave Ellefson of Megadeth on bass, guitar player Roger Moore - who was on the first GEMINI album, and Jonah Weingarten - the keyboard player for PYRAMAZE. It’s an interesting album - it has a lot of elements on it. It's got some classic European metal guitar, it's got some classic hard rock elements, and Jonah brings these keyboards in from another world. Kind of hard to tell where they're from.

Are you working on a new PYRAMAZE album too?
Yeah! We start recording that next month.

When is the expected date of release?
Late summer, but I think it is already scheduled.

Where are you recording?
We're recording the vocals in my studio. And the guys are actually recording the music tracks in Denmark.

You’re the owner of Nightmare Records. How did you form the company?
It was a combination of different things. After I left GEMINI, I was promoting the band. It’s funny how things hit after. We had a review happen in Metal Edge. After I left the band I got calls from European distribution companies. They wanted to get the CD’s. I started selling a lot of stuff overseas with the GEMINI album. Then I started pondering as I built these distribution relationships - Well, I can help my buddies out and get their stuff out there. Then I thought - I could get my fingers in other pies. The more people you know the better off you are in the music business. It was kind of a way to get to know more people in the business and get the thing rolling. I assumed it would help my career and that is why I did it. It has really helped me to know a lot of different people. It allowed me have communication with all kinds of great musicians… great distributors and great media contacts, such as yourself, and it puts me in a different position.

What was the first band you signed?
GEMINI actually, I created the name Nightmare out of a song that was well written for the first album. I was proud of the lyric and it was crafted well. Nightmare was born out of a fictional situation for our first independent album, which didn’t have a label, and it all grew from there.

If a band wanted to get signed to Nightmare what do they have to do?
Basically it all boils down to the music. If I like the music - it's that simple. It’s a personal thing.

Say a Death Metal band came to you and wanted to get signed would you sign them?
Probably not, I would say you would be better off with Century Media or another label that would be more into that niche. My niche is more melodic progressive power metal vein. But with a name like Nightmare Records we do get a lot of brutal bands, and it's kind of the wrong name for the company but it is what it is.(laugh)

When you are on tour, Do you have a rider?
No, not really. I am not a kind of picky person. I take what is offered and maybe one time I asked for a dressing room with lights, enough power for the gear, and maybe some pop. I wasn’t asking for a shit load of booze or anything (laughing)... we were pretty tame.

Why do you think so many people want you singing for their band?
There are probably a couple reasons. One because my voice... Seems a lot of people like it. Second because I am easy to track down.

I was thinking not just your voice. Because I was thinking, let’s get Lance King because he owns a record company.
True that would be a good business decision (laugh).

How many songs have you written for the new PYRAMAZE album and what is it’s title?
Yeah, it’s a secret.

I knew you would say that.
(Laugh) Yep.

You know Lance, I must have known you for almost a year. When I was writing for another website and only knew you as Lance from Nightmare records. When I started my own site and got your last package with the CD’s you said I can get interviews with any of the bands on your label. I liked Pyramaze which I gave a 9/10 rating. I said I have to contact Lance at Nightmare Records to have him set up an interview with Lance King never knowing you were Lance King the singer for PYRAMAZE until I started my research.
Well, I think that is the case with a lot of people. Because I play that down and I really don’t use that.

What else is in the future for Lance King?
Well I have a few albums coming out; one is in the can already with a Brazilian band called Shining Star. I actually did that a couple years ago. The Brazilian record company kind of was holding things up. It’s a great album and it will see the light of day this year.

Will you tour at all?
Yeah that is remains to be seen. I want to do the festival circuit.

With all that you have going on how do you have time for your family?
Very good question, (laugh) I make it work. That's what is nice about having your own business - each day is different. Like after this interview - I have to go to my son’s school because he is doing a wax museum presentation as Thomas Jefferson. But I am always behind; it is a very unnerving feeling. There are always orders, commotion, and always having a list. There’s always something to do. I just got back from vacation and I am putting in 9am to 3am, but I am always doing something family oriented with the kids .You consider that work sometimes (laughing).

Yeah I know. I have three kids myself.
Brian, I just want to say I am glad you like the PYRAMAZE album. You gave us a fantastic 9 out of 10. Great! Thanks a lot bud and thanks for the interview.


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