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Interview with Samuel Raggy & Diz
(Vocals (Samuel) / Guitars (Diz)

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: February 2007

Brian Rademacher: Hello Samuel and Welcome to

Samuel: Hello, and thank you.

Brian Rademacher: who came up with that cover for your debut full-length CD the 'Essence of Disposal' with the pig head?

Samuel: I saw some paintings by Nomi Kitinprami and was immediately interested. There were some wild ideas and she was clearly talented in technique also. We contacted her and she showed us more of her work, including the pig-head painting. The colors and everything just clicked: we want to use that! It was great that she had already made that painting, it saved time and we had already decided to give the artist complete freedom. That'll bring some more complexity for the album.

Brian Rademacher: Were there any interesting experiences recording the CD?

Samuel: What comes to my mind is that there was a certain Finnish hip-hop star hanging out in the studio while we were recording the album. We started working at 10 in the morning, and he just slept to three o'clock every single day even though we made a terrible noise around him! It was hilarious.
Diz: : How did he do it? And every night, if there were some beers left from our sessions, they were gone by the morning. Maybe that's his secret.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: Before you started in CVP were you in any other bands that recorded material? And who were they?

Samuel: No, just some groups playing for fun. This has been THE band for me and Diz for more than seven years now.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: You also released some demos in CVP. Can fans get those?

Diz: We only have a few of our old demos left, I think we'll keep them and wait for a couple of decades before selling them in eBay for a huge profit!.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: Tell us a little about the youth of Samuel Raggy?

Samuel: I grew up in a small town, and got into a lot of trouble because of my... habits and items of interest. Music and art in many other forms filled my days, and my conservative dad most likely wouldn't even talk to me today if he was alive. I went through a short hippie-phase before losing the little what was left of my faith in mankind.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: Do you remember your first sexual experience?

Samuel: I'm not sure if it's the first, but I remember when my cousin taped me some movie and apparently didn't remember to stop recording after the film and a certain porno-flick came as a 'bonus'! I remember being stunned in front of something like that.
Diz: It was hard to get real porn at that age without internet and stuff.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: What was the worst thing you did as a youth that your parents were not happy about?

Samuel: I never punched anyone, didn't steal anything or destroyed any public possession. I wasn't that kind of a little punk. Probably the worst was getting caught doing drugs.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: Did you experiment with make-up and image at a young age?

Samuel: Yes. I was fascinated about horror movies, so my first make-up was more of a zombie-style than girlish playing with mascara and such.
Diz: That came a little later and even more later I realized how well skirts suit me.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: When you did and if you did, did you have thought of your sexual preferences?

Samuel: It has always being clear to me that I'm straight.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: Are you Gay? Samuel: No. just a regular transvestite with a slight interest in necrophilia.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: Now is everything an image or is that the true Raggy as seen on the video as in real life?

Samuel: It s all me. But to be honest, I'm too damn lazy to put make-up on every day, and I don't ALWAYS wear skirts, often though.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: I was searching on the web for information on the band and found this video. When I watch the video it doesn't seem like the same band as the band in 'Passive Attack' video. Do you know of this video and your thoughts?

Samuel: Some old gig at a small place called Jee Jee. It doesn't exist anymore. I didn t know about this clip, it's cool but the sound is terrible. We don't sound THAT bad.
Diz: As you can see, I don t have a skirt on in every gig either. Hopefully that proves that it's not some stupid image-thing.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: I love the video for 'Passive Attack.' It shows the energy in the band and the great stage presence. Do you feel that people will think you have anything to offer, having been compared to MARILYN MANSON or WEDNESDAY 13?

Samuel: Our music is so different from MARILYN MANSON and MURDERDOLLS that I don't care if our appearance reminds people of them. It's just so easy to draw lines to those bands if you re having long black hair and somewhat gothic-style clothes. We prefer TOOL, SKINNY PUPPY and NIN. And yes, MARILYN MANSON's 'Antichrist Superstar' is a brilliant album, but after that he hasn't done anything that comes even close. And I don't like MURDERDOLLS at all. I think we have found our own way of making music, and we'll develop it much further. We are not going to make the same album twice.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: You really kick some ass as a great frontman by looking at the video. Is that same energy portrayed on stage live?

Samuel: You can bet your sweet ass!
Diz: Everyone asks where do I get that energy, but to me it's the only and most natural way to perform, to the max.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: Maria is hot! Does she have a separate dressing room at your live shows?

Samuel: No, she's like one of the guys. As a matter of fact, me and Atheos for example are much more girlish in a way. Maria could beat us all up.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: Are you working on new material for a follow up CD?

Samuel: Yes we are, the working title for the second album is 'Snowmelt Water Resurrects the Day'. It's going to be more melodic, much much darker and hopeful at the same time. No screws are left loose.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: What is Gaga Goodies?

Samuel: What do you mean? It's the name of our record company. Actually it's Poko Rekords but they release everything 'international' under the title of Gaga Goodies.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: What is it like being nominated for the Finnish Metal Awards (FMA)?

Samuel: It was a nice surprise, and even if we don't win it's a great ad.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: Will you plan on coming to the US for a tour?

Samuel: We'd love to come, but I don't think it's time for that yet. We haven't toured outside Finland at all, and usually it's Europe and Japan first for Finnish bands. But our influences mostly come from the U.S. and I think we make pretty American music ourselves too so maybe we'll get there before Europe and Japan. That would really be something!

Brian Rademacher: Brian: If you come to the US what are some of the things you would like to see and do here?

Samuel: I'm looking forward just to drive across America. I love being on the road!

Brian Rademacher: Brian: What are some of the things you do in your spare time?

Samuel: Listen to a LOT of different music. Go and grab a pint or two of fine imported ales with a few friends at some of the great pubs around the neighborhood. Play with my cats and dog, they're my children.
Diz: Play videogames, I specifically prefer games by Nintendo. Watch movies, quite regular stuff.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: If you have a dream that could come true what would that be?

Samuel: To live off The Cyan Velvet Project. I guess I'm just few steps away from a dream come true.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: If you had a large sum of money, what cause would you donate to?

Samuel: Definitely to nature conservation, alternate energy sources. Anything that helps the planet instead of the people.

Brian Rademacher: Brian: Samuel and Diz, It has been fun. I hope some of the questions I asked, you had fun with. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?

Samuel: I really did have fun with the questions! Now go and make America fall in love with us.


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