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Interview with Randy Piper
Guitar - (Animal)

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: April 2007

Randy Piper's ANIMAL gets ready to assault Europe starting in May and reaching the Sweden Rock Festival on June 7th. Piper had a chance to call in to and tell us a little what's going on with ANIMAL.
Randy Piper: Hey Brian what's up Bro!

Brian Rademacher: Hey Randy I was just about to call you, but you beat me to it. I was talking with Chris Laney today and said I better call Piper before you head out on tour.

Randy Piper: Yeah man, we are hooked up with video now and get to talk as well as see each other on webcam, it unbelievable. You know how we worked on the last album with wave files, now we get to see each other play the notes and I see exactly what he is showing me and same the other way around, it's fucking wild dude. The other day we are talking and the promoter from Finland wanted to join in and it's wild. Here I am in the States, Chris in Sweden and the promoter in Finland and we are all in the same room talking and seeing each other, it's the fucking bomb. I just got this new Mac Power Book Pro with the cam built in. It's like fucking star trek.

Brian: So you're headed over to Sweden?

Randy Piper: Yeah we have some shows lined up over there, but we have to have a few weeks of rehearsals because this virtual cyberspace band I am in we have to get together first and rehearse. It's going to be wild since I have not even met the drummer or bass player yet (laughing). It's fucking wild.

Brian: How many songs you have ready for the next album?

Randy Piper: We have seven songs for the next album, its kick'n. Some titles are 'LUST', 'Who Is Next', 'Livin on the Edge', 'Dead by Gun', 'Heaven or Hell', 'Don't Wanna Die', and 'Slap In the Face'.

Brian: Did you do it again through wave files?

Randy Piper: Yeah man, we're just getting going, with this new technology it's fucking wild. Not just only doing it on wave files, we are actually rehearsing in person (laughing).

Brian: I saw that comic book cover that you have of the band on MySpace?

Randy Piper: Yeah I don't know who came up with that cover but man my abs are big, Damn I look good laughing I'm beefed up there. That s funny. WASP had one too from Japan.

Brian: So you have anything else going on?

Randy Piper: Well I just bought a house with a working studio in it. I have to have somewhere to hang all my albums, all the singles and colored vinyl's. Dude I have all kinds of collectibles like Tour shirts, bootleg shirts, posters from all over the world. I don't know what to do with it, my house in not big enough to fit all the stuff. Everything is going good; the weather is great I spend a lot of time in my Jacuzzi until 2am in the morning.

Brian: You know Sebastian Bach said the same thing; he has so much stuff he started his own ebay store and is selling a lot of the stuff he has because it got to be too much to handle, and he is signing the things to make them even more collectible.

Randy Piper: Yeah I was thinking of doing the same I have so much stuff plus I was thinking of buying this cool '67 GTO. Ever since Triple X came out the price skyrocketed.

Brian: So are you excited to go to Sweden?

Randy Piper: Yeah man, it's just I have a lot to do when I get there. We have to go over the songs, plus when I'm there we will be recording the new album plus rehearsing for our live shows.

Brian: Are you doing any shows in the States?

Randy Piper: I am not sure yet but who knows. I know the new album is pretty kick ass, I'm really pleased. This one has to be better then the last one.

Brian: Randy that last album kicked ass, I mean that song 'Salt' really pumps you up.

Randy Piper: Yeah that's my favorite song dude that is what I want this whole album to be like. I keep trying but it's hard in the states and radio doesn't help in the states. But if this one breaks the rest will be history.

Brian: I see a lot of people posting on sites; they can't wait to see you and they will be in the front row waiting.

Randy Piper: Yeah I saw that, we are going to kick ass. We get to play about forty-five minutes at the festival and when we hit the clubs we will be playing a little more. We also will be playing a few special WASP songs at the club shows. I can't tell you what songs because I want it to be a surprise for the fans, but my favorite song is 'Mean Man' and I wasn't even on it (laughing).

Brian: Will you be taking some guitars with you?

Randy Piper: Yeah I can't use somebody else's guitar, that's like wearing some one else's underwear. Yeah I saw this new mirrored Shecter Guitar I would like to get before I leave, but I guess we will see what happens.

Well Bro, it was good talking to you; maybe we will talk again at the end of the week. Let all the fans know that the ANIMAL has been unleashed and get ready for the mauling later dude.


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