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Interview with Simon Cruz


"Simon Cruz" new CRASHDÏET release in January, song titles listed

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: August 2009

Brian Rademacher: Hey Simon, it’s Brian from how’s everything going today?

Simon Cruz: Good man! Sorry for the delay, we’re in the midst of writing and all that’s spinning in my head right now, just having a hard time for other things. Sorry dude, hope you hear me!

Brian Rademacher: Well congratulations as the new singer for CRASHDÏET. To tell you the truth I am not terribly disappointed in the departure of H. Olliver Twisted. "The Unattractive Revolution" was a good release but nothing compared to what I heard with the new track "Caught in Despair" now that’s the CRASHDÏET sound of old, I’m excited not only as a CRASHDÏET fan but also a music fan. Did Martin write that?

Simon Cruz: Well thank you. I am really fucking exited! "Caught in Despair" was a compilation of all of us, we took an song that Martin, Peter and a couple of friends wrote this winter and changed the chorus and added some new lyrics and melody, we really did everything together all 4 of us.

Brian Rademacher: So how many tracks right now are you singing on, I know the CRASH boys write a lot?

Simon Cruz: Well I think it’s about nearly 25 finished songs and a couple of more ideas, but there’s gonna be plenty more!

Brian Rademacher: Can you give us any hints on some song titles?

Simon Cruz: We mainly have some working titles; I think I could give you a few. Something like.. "Cornerstone Trippin", "Bound to Fall", "Parasite", "Native Nature", "The Cult", and "Sick Mind".

Brian Rademacher: When can we expect a new CRASHDÏET CD, because all you’re doing is teasing everyone with "Caught In Despair"?

Simon Cruz: Ha ha, well it’s all for the good of the release.. No date fixed but we're aiming for January.

Brian Rademacher: Listening to the new track "Caught in Despair" you sound like a mixture of Vince Neil a lot, are you a fan of MÖTLEY CRÜE?

Simon Cruz: Yes! I’m a big fan of MÖTLEY but not so much Vince as a singer. I like him as a frontman with his looks and moves but I prefer singers like Axl, Sebastian Bach and Steven Tyler.

Brian Rademacher: Was it a hard decision to leave JAILBAIT?

Simon Cruz: Yeah man, these things are always tough, but we were kinda sliding in different directions and there were a lot of fights going on within the band mostly concerning the songwriting, who should do what and different opinions about the parts and so on, we were just holding each other back instead of releasing our creativity together. I realized this wouldn’t work so I started to look in other directions. At first they were kind of pissed off but they have calmed down and we're still good friends, we still go out n get shitfaced together! And they seem to have got there shit together now so maybe they realize it was the best thing for all of us. But at the time It was kinda nasty! And the fact that I lived in our rehearsal place didn’t make it easier, an old brick tower as a part of a closed down factory in an industrial area, I kind of liked it there but I felt I had to move out real quick as I had come to a decision with CRASHDÏET. So I moved into Eric's old school room at his mum's place, that was kinda rough but it was in a way an improvement as I didn't have to piss into a juice packets.

Brian Rademacher: I want to know your dedication values are toward CRASHDÏET?

Simon Cruz: This is for life man.. So the fans better like me, ha ha! I have never met a more focused gang, we're gonna take the world bit by bit!

Brian Rademacher: Ya know Martin been promising me for years now that CRASHDÏET will come to the US and play shows and I know things change but will CRASHDÏET play in America soon?

Simon Cruz: America's what I'm hoping for dude, that’s where we all wanna have the big break! So definitely, can’t say when but that’s right in our aim!

Brian Rademacher: What is your role in CRASHDÏET, we know vocals do you play any instruments, will you contribute in writing lyrics or music?

Simon Cruz: I play guitar, but haven’t been playing guitar in the bands that I've been in for a long time, but it's definitely something we're gonna make use of. I write, recently I've been writing mainly lyrics and melodies but I also write music, been writing songs since I had my first band at 16.

Brian Rademacher: How have the fans taken to you as the new frontman of CRASHDÏET?

Simon Cruz: Well they have just heard the song and seen me on pics, our first gig will be at the Sweden rock boat, so that’s when it will be determined I guess. But I have had good remarks on my singing so that’s encouraging!

Brian Rademacher: How it go down on you ending up being the new singer, did you audition, did they just ask you? What songs did they ask you to sing first?

Simon Cruz: I was actually asked out for an audition last time around after Dave passed away but I was busy with my other band at that time and I felt things were happening for us so I decided to not reply to their e-mail. This time around things were different, and I was very curious to see what kinda gang these fuckers where so I decided to give em a buzz. Yeah I did audition, as always they start out with "Riot in Everyone" and It felt good and they seemed to like it so we kept meeting up for a couple of months trying out songs, drinkin n writing together before we decided anything, everyone wanted to be sure this time.

Brian Rademacher: Tell us a little about Simon Cruz first as a child growing up, First concert you saw, first record or cassette, CD you owned. How were you in school things like that?

Simon Cruz: I don’t like so much to talk about my childhood.

Brian Rademacher: What goes through you mind when entering the CRAHDIET camp as the new singer, do you have thoughts of Dave Lepard, do you think how can I win over fans, what?

Simon Cruz: I think Dave was a fantastic frontman and a good looking bastard (meant in a good way). He and CRASHDÏET inspired a whole generation. I just wanna keep bringing the message of rock n roll to the people and keep this rock n roll hell ride rumblin!

Brian Rademacher: When you met the guys what was your impression of each member starting with Martin, then Eric and Peter?

Simon Cruz: Martin is really laid back, an open and generous personality, but he's got this kinda craze in his eyes that kinda scared me at first, like he's hiding a dark secret.. As I got to know him and as I moved in to his apartment (after Eric's mum's) I know he's a real standup guy and you kinda realize more and more his creative mastermind. Eric's a crazy party animal, he's always got something up his sleeve and when you're around him you're just a second away from laughter! Real creative and plays guitar just as good as he plays drums. Peter got a mind of his own. He's got depth like I have seen in few people. Being around him you feel like you're just scratchin’ on the surface and you just want more! He's such an sweet and gentle person It almost intimidates you. His creativity goes far beyond music, he's got a real eye for fashion and he can spot beauty in the smallest thing.

Brian Rademacher: How long have you been in the band now and do you have any live dates coming up?

Simon Cruz: Maybe I can steal a bootlegockholm from that show somewhere… I've been in since this winter and we're gonna have the opening gig at 8:th of October that’s all that’s booked for now!

Brian Rademacher: What was your impression of Dave and Ollie? Truthfully!!!

Simon Cruz: I didn’t get to know Dave before he passed away and I feel very unfortunate! I love his music I have listened a lot to his lyrics and I am really inspired, he really had an unique way of expressing himself, kind of poetic mixed with raw down in the gutter style slang. It seemed he had a lot of passion for life and he stood up and screamed it out at the things he thought was wrong. I have a huge amount of respect for that guy! I wasn't very impressed when I heard Olli, to me he sounded dark toned and kind of like if he had a veil on top of his vocal chords, I didn't feel he meant what he sang. I saw him though with CRASH at klubben and I liked him on stage, I thought he did a really good job, all the things he said, It was a good show it was great to look at!

Brian Rademacher: You went from an unsigned band in JAILBAIT to a major label with CRASHDÏET in Universal, did that attraction you in any way to CRASHDÏET?

Simon Cruz: I don't know, I mean here in Stockholm we kinda saw them just like another band amongst us except they had landed a good record deal, according to us we were all heading for that same destiny and it was just a matter of time before we'd make it, of course you'd believe that because you have to have that strong belief in yourself. We also had a couple of record companies that where interested in us but we thought their deals sucked so we were kind of out lookin’ for the right one, but in the end we were just fighting and not writing songs so I realized it would not work anyhow. And at that point the position in CRASH was free and I was curious about them and I knew they had asked for me before so I called them up. And when we tried out the most important thing for me was that the writing worked out between us. For me the most euphoric feeling you can have is when you have written a song that you love and you'll be high on it for days. Music is the best drug! And I have had a blast writing with these guys and I think I have developed a lot in my writing. Even if writings all we did, I think I'd still be with those guys. It sound kinda korny but it’s true! And I'm not really into this fame thing, people get famous everyday for stupid kind of reasons, I don’t feel like hangin’ around those wankers.

Brian Rademacher: What did your family think of the decision?

Simon Cruz: They were really supportive although they had already got to know my other band, but they knew things hadn't really been workin’ out.

Brian Rademacher: Did the band give you any restrictions on the do’s and don’ts?

Simon Cruz: Not really, not yet at least, maybe they got a list for me on the do's n don’ts of a gig later this fall!

Brian Rademacher: Let’s see what did you think of the first two CRAHDIET releases "Rest In Sleaze" and "The Unattractive Revolution"?

Simon Cruz: I think "Rest in sleaze" is a complete album; I can listen to it over and over and not get tired of it, I think that’s because it’s real! I have a hard time to make a judgment about "Unattractive Revolution" cause I feel the vocal's ruin the whole shit. But definitely there are some good riffs and songs.

Brian Rademacher: Well Simon once again congratulation and I’m really hoping for big things from CRASHDÏET in the future with you as the new frontman. The new song is phenomenal "Caught In Despair". Would you like to say anything to the fans of America and the world?

Simon Cruz: Thanks man! Me too!! Hey you lot, just fuckin live and don’t let anyone tell you what to do, ride your dreams to reality and don’t let nuthin’ hold you back. We will see you soon world!


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