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Interview with
Kim Simon
(Lead Vocals - Supergroupies)

Kim Simon - Supergroupies

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: June 17th, 2005

Hello Kim and welcome to It is a great honor for us and for our readers to get to meet you. Do you have any opening statement before we get started?
Hello from Sweden! It's an honor for us to be featured on!

As a young man what was the first album you bought or was given to you?
The Rolling StonesTattoo You”. I remember it well, because it was no special occasion like my birthday or Christmas, my father just came home from work one day and gave me this cool record. I loved that album and still do.

What was the first concert you attended?
The Rolling Stones (“Urban Jungle” Tour 1990).

Did you collect anything as a child?
I was and still am a big fan of Kiss. I collected posters, pictures, books, articles and all of their albums on vinyl (American pressed with the original promotional material included).

What kind of kid were you in school?
I was a little rowdy in my younger years. I often came and went as I pleased, taking off in the middle of class whenever I had the chance. In my teens, my interest in rock & roll took over completely, I didn’t care much for anything else, and least of all school, but I managed to get good final grades.

Did you sing in school chorus or church?
In elementary school, music is a part of the basic obligatory schedule in Sweden. Nothing serious or pretentious, we just learn some music history, sing together and have fun.

Did you play any sports in school?
Same thing with sports as with music. Everybody has to attend once a week, girls and boys together. We play all sorts of sports, e.g. soccer, indoor bandy, basket ball and athletics. As a kid, I always played soccer on the lunch breaks. Like you play football in the States I guess. If you want to play sports in Sweden, organized like in the US, you do that on your free time by joining a team. Many kids do, I played soccer and tennis.

Were you a member of any clubs in school?
No. I don’t think there were any clubs to be a member of…

What song sticks in your mind that you used to listen to repeatedly as a young man?
KissRock Bottom

When you were growing up what singer did you admire?
Paul Stanley

What was the very first band that you were in?
I was the lead guitarist in a heavy metal band called 50/50. Two white and two black guys : )

What was the first band that you were in that released any material?
Supergroupies is that band.

How do you feel about the current music scene in Sweden?
Vibrant and productive. There are many great bands around... the Hellacopters, the Hives, the Cardigans

Do you feel Glam metal is making a comeback?
It’s making a comeback. There are many new, young bands around that look and sound like it. I don’t think it will become as big as it once was, but it’s kind of hot right now. Fashion has a tendency to reappear in many ways and today it’s the eighties that’s happening - the golden decade of Glam metal.

Supergroupies” is your debut CD. What are your expectations for the release?
I’m happy with how the album turned out, we’ve made a great video for the song “Bouncin’” and our record company, JVC Japan is very supportive. Naturally, my expectations are set pretty high for how it’s going to be received in Japan and Asia. If it becomes a success there, it’s just a question of time before the record companies in Europe and the US want to release the album in the rest of the world.

“Say Goodbye” is a song I really like. Can you tell me of any experiences while writing this song?
Basically, the song’s about lost love and the pain that comes with it. An experience I think most people can relate to.

What is the most exciting part of being in Supergroupies?
I love the process of songwriting. To hear a simple idea develops into a song to the final arrangement and then record it. That’s exciting to me, that’s my drive, to write good melodies, songs & arrangements. To go to new places and play live is also exciting.

What is your personal favorite track on the CD?
“Hot In Paris”

What is your favorite song to play live?
Probably “Say Goodbye”… It’s hard to do live, a challenge, it sounds different every time we play it.

How did the band happen to form?
It begun when I got the idea to form a pop band inspired by seventies glam rock. A band with songs that prioritize the vocal melodies along with a pronounced visual image. I started to write songs and record demos at home. Originally, I’m a guitarist so the idea was to find a singer, bassist and a drummer. However, it was so hard to find a singer; it seemed impossible at the time, so finally I gave up the search and decided to give it a try myself.

Micael (Grimm) has a similar story to tell; he started out as a bassist, but switched to drums for a couple of years and then back to bass when he was asked to join the band. (Before he joined Supergroupies he was the drummer in a Motley Crue tribute band). I met Micael through a mutual friend.

Micael and I knew of John (Linden) from hanging out at the same rock clubs. We had seen him play live in various rock bands many times and knew that he was a great drummer. When we asked him to join, the timing couldn’t be better - he hadn't played his drums for a long time and was really on the lookout for a band that played their own original material.

The three of us began to rehearse and we even did shows as a trio. By then we had almost given up the thought of finding a second guitarist. We had already auditioned like 12-15 guys and no one had what we were looking for. We had several ads out in different musician’s magazines for a long time that's how Andre (Daniel)found us.

Was Supergroupies the original name for the band?
Yes. There were many names in circulation, within the band, but Supergroupies was the only one all of us liked.

Tell me your feelings about each member of the band?
Micael Grimm (Bass) -
Intense & passionate.

John Linden (Drums) - Generous & extravagant.

Andre Daniel (Guitar) - Emotional & versatile.

How long did it take to record the record?
Four weeks.

Can you tell us of any experiences during the recording of the CD?
Micael’s amplifier caught fire! It wasn’t like our lives were at stake or anything, but it was a wild scene - flames were literally coming out of the head. It was some sort of manufacturing defect, the amp wasn’t built right from the beginning and we were running it pretty hard, leaving it on forever.

What are the plans for Supergroupies for the rest of the year?
In July, John and I will go to Japan to promote the album and sometime this autumn the whole band will fly over to play live. And we're working hard to get the album released in the US and Europe - keep your fingers crossed!!

Do you think you'll be coming to the United States?
Chances are slim that we’ll come before the album is released there on an American label. Having American management helps and they’re working around the clock to make it happen!

Tell me what a typical day for you is like?
I usually sleep my days away. I’m up all night watching movies, playing TV-games, working on new ideas for songs or doing other band related things like update the website, send mails and so on.

What do you typically ask for on your rider (what you ask for in your dressing room)?
Moet et Chandon's Dom Perignon Champagne, Red Bull sodas, Perrier mineral water, a turkey salad and some sandwiches.

What is the most memorable moment being in Supergroupies?
So far it’s probably the very first Supergroupies show. Not only because it was the first time the band performed live, but that we were so lucky and had a great time. The organizer of a rock festival in Sweden liked our demo so much that he wanted us on the bill though we were a completely unknown band. We didn’t expect anything to happen, then the response from the crowd was incredible! They were dancing and shouting for more. It blew our minds!

If I were coming to see a Supergroupies live performance. What should I expect?
A whole lotta love! Sweet pop, raw power and rock & roll - all wrapped up in a shiny glamorous package!

Tell us your feelings about Sweden?
I love Sweden. If I would ever move someplace else, permanently, it would be because of the bad weather. It’s cold and rainy at least six months a year…

Are you married?

If you were co-headlining a US tour, what band would you like to go out with?
The Donnas … or Sahara Hotnights… or Jet… or Turbonegro or the Hives

If you had three wished what would they be?
If I told you, they wouldn’t come true…

I'm going to mention a few different bands. Tell us your thoughts on them?
The ultimate and only super heroes of rock & roll!! When I think of how they looked, sounded and performed around ’76, I get weak… Can a rock band get more exciting? I don’t think so. Huge influence and the reason I wanted to get into the world of rock & roll.

New York Dolls
The original glam and sleaze rock band. Pumps, lipstick, and crazy hairdos. I love their logotype with the lipstick at the end of the text and the imprint of lips. “ Babylon” is a hot number.

David Bowie
Fantastic songwriter and artist. He’s so good at making all the different parts of an album go well together. The music, lyrics, the covers and pictures always match and form a whole.

Don’t know about them.

Pretty Boy Floyd
Heard of them, but don’t remember how they sound. Cool band name though…

What lesser-known bands from Sweden would you tell people to check out?
The Ark. They have released three albums and the first one is definitely worth checking out if you like Glam rock/pop.

I am going to mention some words. Tell us what comes to mind.
Image -

Ego - Greed

Fans - Togetherness

War - Death

God - Life

Women - Love

Contract - Worry

Dislike - Uninspired

A day off - Freedom

Wild - Sex

Kim, Rock Eyez thanks you for taking the time to talk with us and to help us get more familiar with yourself and the band. Would you like to say anything in conclusion to our interview?
That I’m really looking forward to go to the United States to play and share what Supergroupies are all about; love, friendship and having a good time!! Check out our debut album, it's dedicated to you!


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