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Interview with Teenage Casket Company
Rob Wylde
(Guitarist, Songwriter, Vocals)
Rob Lane
Rob Wylde
Rob Lane


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: March 8th, 2005

April 4th, 2005 Teenage Casket Company release their debut CD "Dial It Up" and had the chance to interview guitarist, singer, songwriter Rob Wylde and bassist Rob Lane.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us at Rockeyez.

Was Teenage Casket Co. the original name for the band?
Rob Wylde: The name that was Jamie's idea. There isn't any hidden meaning behind it (I don't think so anyway!), it's just a bizarre sounding name that everyone seems to remember.
Rob Lane: Jamie always wanted to be in a band with 'Casket Co.' in the title and I guess 'Teenage' has a cool, energy to it. People certainly recognize the name straight away.

Did you record anything prior to this upcoming release “Dial It Up” that made it to disc?
RW: Yeah, we put out a Limited Edition 3 track sampler last summer, which featured the tracks Down on Luck, Bad Girl, and Another Part of Me.” All of which made it onto the “Dial it Up” album. I think I'm right in saying that we're completely sold out of that disc. So if you own one, you'll be able to flog it on eBay in 10 years and make a ton of money!
RL: The sampler got us some good reviews in Fanzines and Magazines in the UK. The production wasn't really there but I think the energy of the band was pretty immediate.

Rob W - you are a founding member of TCC how did the band get together?
RW: Well my old band and Jamie's (Delerict - Vocals / Guitar) old band pretty much split up around the same time, and as we both had the same drive and vision we figured we should get something together. We both wrote a bunch of songs and brought in our bassist Rob Lane, who I knew from hanging out at all the same gigs, Rob in turn introduced us to our drummer Spike who he'd played with in a previous band. We all hooked up in Jan 2004, and the rest is history!

Tell us about your relationship with BND Music Company?
: We've basically just signed a Publishing Deal with BND. The company is owned by a guy who's recently left his secure job of 27 years to put all his efforts into us, talk about commitment! He'd been coming to see us live for ages and said from the first time he saw us, we were going to be huge. It's his job to get us on the right tours, get our music to the right people, and ultimately secure us a shit hot record deal!
RL: The Publishing Deal is more geared towards Rob and Jamie as they're the main songwriters but it's also really cool to have another party on board who have faith in what we do. The guys at BND are really passionate about music and only have a small roster of acts which means they can put much more effort into each of them rather than spreading themselves thin. I'd much rather be associated with a smaller company that cares about their acts than a big money grabbing organization that doesn't even know your name!

The CD is being released by TrashPit Records. I've really never heard of that Record Company. Tell us about TrashPit Records.
RW: TrashPit Magazine is a UK fanzine all geared around Glam, Melodic Hard Rock bands and is totally kick ass! We're going to be the first album released on their new Record Label.
RL: TrashPit has covered some really cool bands who we love such as Robin Black, Skid Row, Bowling For Soup and 40ft Ringo so to be part of that whole group of bands is awesome! Check out

How long did it take to record the new CD “Dial It Up”?
RW: We recorded the entire thing in 5 days, which is pretty good going I reckon! Most bands spend 5 days getting the drum sound right! Anyway, we made sure we were tight as fuck before we went in and the recording was easy. We just went in there, kicked ass and “Dial it Up” is the result. We're all really proud of the album.
RL: It was without a doubt the easiest recording session I've ever been involved with. Everything ran so smoothly and I think we've really managed to capture the energy of the band. Everyone nailed their parts and Rob and Jamie delivered big time with the vocals! I ought to really thank Paul (Yeadon) and Johnny (Carter) who produced and mixed the album too cause they were cool to work with, real easy going and had some good ideas for the songs. I can't wait for people to hear the tunes!

Tell us about your live show, how long is your set and so on?
RW: To totally appreciate Teenage Casket Co. you've got to see us live. Without sounding big headed there's no other band around that puts on a show like us! From the second we hit the stage, it's four guys going completely mental for an hour. Imagine Poison and Motley Crue meets The Ramones on speed - that's us!, If you don't believe it, come and see for yourself. As for the songs, we play the entire “Dial it Up” album plus a bunch of songs that'll no doubt make album number 2.
RL: We're a band that knows how important the live show is. So many bands seem to forget that you're up there to entertain - that's the most important thing. It's not just song - break - song - break. From the moment you get on that stage people are watching you so you need to be 'On' all the time - No excuse!! Even if it's 5 or 5000 people, we still give it 100%. I live by the rule that if there's only a dozen people in the crowd they deserve the same show... it's not their fault more people didn't turn up!

If you had a chance to play with one musician you admire who would that be?
RW: I'm a huge Danger Danger fan, so it'd be great to do something with Ted Poley, or better still write some songs with Bruno Ravel and Steve West - I love those guys!
RL: It would have to be Eddie Van Halen. He's all about the music, and one of the most gifted people on the planet. I'd love to just get in a room and jam out some stuff with him, not necessarily VAN HALEN tunes, just goof off and have fun like he sometimes does in his live solo, that would be a lot of fun. 

Your new CD sounds more of a Glam Pop release. Is that your favorite style of music?
RW: Too fuckin right! I grew up on bands like Poison, Motley Crue, RATT and Warrant so I think some of that's got to come out in the music we do. Having said that I like to think we do an updated version of those bands, especially considering Jamie is a full on punk rock guy. I think the term; 'Glam Punk Power Pop' sums us up really well. It's cocky, good time, melodic party rock for a new generation!
RL: We all kind of come from different musical backgrounds - Jamie's the Punk, Mike (Hollinshead - Drums) loves his Progressive stuff and eighties pop and Rob and I are real 'Rockheads!' but we all love high-energy rock with big choruses. I think that's what 'Glam Pop' is all about so if people hear that in TCC then it's cool with me!

Will you be bringing your show to the USA?
RW: Yeah, we're going to be coming over to the States in July to tour with a really cool US band called The Erotics In fact they're coming to the UK to tour with us in May and that should be a blast! I can't wait to come to the bastards produced all the best bands!!
RL: To come to the US for me would be a dream come true. I've grown up with all your bands and your music has shaped my life more than you can imagine. Like I said earlier, even if we play to a dozen people I'm gonna be in heaven!

What will TCC be doing after the new CD?
RW: Well the album's out April 4th and then we hit the road. We have the UK tour with The Erotics in May and also have a ton of dates with the likes of TrashLight Vision (Acey from The Murderdolls) and Vain happening too. Our aim is to play everywhere and shove our band in as many people's faces as possible. We plan on world domination, look out here we come!!
RL: We're gonna be real busy from the moment the CD is released. We want to play with as many bands as possible. I think that's one of the strength's in this band. We can go from playing with a band like TrashLight Vision who appeal to all the young Goth rock glam kids and then go support a hard Punk band or someone like Mitch Malloy and Vain who are now considered Old School rock but the fans still 'Get It'. I think this band has such a wide appeal to anyone who likes good time rock music.

If you had a chance to be on a major tour as support what band would it be?
RW: I think to get on the Motley tour would be absolutely perfect for us. Our music does, and will belong in arenas. Failing that I reckon we'd settle for an arena tour opening for Bon Jovi, we'd probably kick their ass though!
RL: Tough one! Just to be out on the road with any major band would be cool. If I had to choose I'd probably go for either Van Halen or the Goo Goo Dolls.

What CD do you currently have in your player?
RW: A UK band called The GA GA's –“Tonight the Midway Shines” I'm also listening to Demolition 23,  Gemini 5 and Hardcore Superstar.
RL: The new Robin Black album “Instant Classic” is just that and something really special which deserves to see them go through the roof - I'm really digging the new Explosion album “Black Tape” I've also just managed to track down the first Bulletboys album on CD so that's doing the rounds too!

I'm going to name a few words. Tell us what comes to mind.

: My entire life!
RL: What music should be all about...? Great Tunes, Great Image and Great FUN!!

RW: Has and always will fuckin` suck!
RL: Never been a good breeding ground for Hard Rock but there's always something new happening. Unfortunately what's popular is often dictated by what's 'Cool' rather than what's 'Good'!

RW: The perfect way to promote your band and get your music out there
RL: Once the idea of all the Free Porn wears off it's a scarily important tool for any band out there! Email has opened up the whole world to everyone and made it a much smaller place.

RW: Try not to think about it. We live in a pretty screwed up world right now!
RL: Getting deep now! Something these days normally caused by rich men in suits who don't really don't realize how bad it is.

RW: What rock n roll is all about - fuck Kurt Cobain!
RL: See GLAM above!

RW: I don't think you could actually print that story!
RL: Ask me again in May after the Erotics Tour!

RW: It's amazing seeing your songs come to life in the studio. I reckon its kinda like giving birth?!
RL: Something I never really enjoy ‘cause I actually hear how much I suck!

RW: We loooooove you!!!!
RL: The end all and be all of this business and the most important thing to any band! Forget the money, fame or the big record deal, the fans are what make it happen and will stick by you if you're true to them and yourself. I am and always will be a music fan myself so I ought to know!

RW: Some day soon, we will be!
RL: Would be nice!

In conclusion, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of Rockeyez and your fans?
RW: First up I'd just like to say a huge thanks for showing interest in the band. Visit our website where you can find Tour Dates, Interviews, Photos, Merchandise, Free song downloads and just about everything else. Get in touch, buy the album, and see you on the road. Thanks again!
RL: Thanks so much for the support you've given TCC so far, it's so much appreciated. Fanzines and Webzines are where it all begins these days and they're run by Music Fans so it's always genuine. We can't wait to get 'Dial It Up' out there and see what people think. Everyone is in need of some good time Rock and Roll and we're gonna do our very best to give it to them! Check out our official website or sign up to our new MySpace site at we'd love to hear from everyone out there!


RobWylde and RobLane Photos by Antony John
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