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Interview with
Tin Star
(Lead Vocals / Guitar - Gemini Five)

Tin Star - Gemini Five

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: June 21st, 2005

Rock Eyez has known the front man Tin Star for some time now and the man is not just your ordinary star. Tin Star has the charisma to make an impact on today's music scene. With his rough and raw stage presence, the man is also down to earth and is respectful. This is not easy to find in the music community these days because usually everyone is out for themselves. With Gemini five’s new release, “Babylon Rockets,” fans will have a chance to hear some explosive, catchy tunes and hopefully get to see their great live show. Gemini five will be a band to be reckoned with for years to come.

Hello Tin Star it is a pleasure to be granted this interview. Do you have anything to say before we start?
The pleasure is on my side. Feels good to read such a nice introduction about myself.

Let’s get started with your younger years, What was the first album you ever bought?
”Destroyer” by KISS. I got Kiss "Dressed to Kill" for Christmas a long time ago along with The Sweet´s “Greatest Hits”. After that I was hooked on rock & roll.

What was the first concert you attended?
My dad took me to a Sweet concert in Stockholm in ´78, I was begging him for months to let me see the band and it paid off. Unfortunately he refused to take me to the Kiss “Unmasked” tour 2 years later.

Did you collect anything as a child?
Yes, Kiss records and posters. I still keep collecting Kiss stuff. I have a small Kiss museum in my living room with dolls, books, posters etc....

What song sticks in your head still today from when you were growing up?
"Ballroom Blitz" with The Sweet, it always reminds me of good old times as a youngster.

What kind of kid were you in school?
I’m sorry to say a bully. I can’t recall that I was but I’ve heard stories that sometimes aren’t that flattering. But I got nicer when I got a little bit older in high school.

Did you play any sports in school?
I played hockey and soccer. I’m still quite a good soccer player.

What is the CD you have in your player right now?
"Devils" by The 69 Eyes.

What bands in the past did you liked?
Kiss, Sweet, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, and David Bowie.

Besides Gemini FIVE what other new band(s) would you recommend fans to check out?
The 69 Eyes, HIM, Hardcore Superstar.

Did you take guitar lessons to learn guitar?
My father taught me some chords and then I took some lessons when I was like 7 years old. I practiced to the first Bon Jovi album when I got my first electric guitar. It was a great way to learn ´bout how to write songs.

What is your favorite guitar you own?
A black Gibson Les Paul Classic (Custom made).

What was the first garage band you were in?
In the 7th grade we had a band called Unicorn. We played mostly cover songs.

Do you remember the first song you wrote and what was it?
I think it was called “Hunter,” that was inspired by DOKKEN. Back then I just borrowed parts from favorite songs and put them together to my own.

Were you in any other bands that recorded and released material?
Yeah! I’ve put out 3 albums with Jekyll & Hyde and an EP with Plaster.

Was Gemini FIVE the original name for the band?
We had some suggestions for a band name. We thought about calling the band Babylon Rockets before Rod joined Gemini Five.

How did the band form?
The year was 2001. Pete and I left our current band Plaster to form an old school LA. hard rock band. We heard Rod was back from the USA (he was deported) and I told him to come to Stockholm and do an audition. Snoopy was a local drunk at my bar. We asked him if he was interested in joining a cool new band in the same vein as MOTLEY CRUË and Skid Row. Everything happened very fast and we got a record deal a half year later.

Where was the very first show ever played for GEMINI FIVE?
A rock club in Stockholm called The Rabbit Fighter in 2001. I actually got it on video. I can say we’ve made some progress since then. Ha-ha-ha

Listening to “Babylon Rockets” it really gives those youthful great times of the 80’s. Was that the intention of Gemini FIVE?
We grew up with those entire 80´s band and that’s the bands we love. We had this idea to be a band that we would have loved when we grew up ourselves. We try to mix all the things we love into the music both old and new stuff.

My favorite track on the new CD is “TwentyFourSeven.” The song really sounds like your having a blast. Can you tell us about the recording of this song?
We started out to record all drum tracks and then went on with the bass and guitars. I can’t recall anything special with the recording of 24/7 but we love the song and it’s always included in the live set.

You do a cover of “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).” Why did you pick this song to cover?
It was an idea we had just before we went into the recording process. It’s a cool song and we thought it would fit the band. I can honestly say that we’re quite bored with playing it live but it always get people to go why not!

Are you going to tell us your real name?
What name????????????

Tell us what a live Gemini five show will be like?
A great rock & roll show with loads of attitude. We go 100% all the way and leave no one disappointed. As I said before we want Gemini Five to be a band we would have gone berserk to when we were kids.

The band has been compared as a Skid Row punch with Butch Walker crunch and pop, do you feel that is a good comparison?
Skid Row’s fair if you mean the good old days. Butch WALKER???? I’m not sure dude!

The front CD cover is great, who came up with the concept?
Thanx!! We had this idea to do a cover that was kinda larger than life. We had the Kiss ”Destroyer" cover in mind and a good friend of ours draws and paints The first draft was with us holding big guns but the record company rejected it. Too bad!!!

Can you tell us what the Japanese woman is saying on track four “Myself Esteem”?
It’s the chorus of the song in Japanese. She recorded it in LA and sent it over to us.

Was there any songs that your wrote for the new CD that did not make it? And what were there titles?
We had like 15 songs from the start. “Cherry Kool-aid” ended up as a bonus track for Japan. “Hammer Away” and “Rock & Roll Inc” got rejected at the last minute.

How do you come up with writing your songs?
I get inspired by great bands and music. I can’t say I steal songs but I often get inspiration to make my own. We try my ideas in rehearsals and then everybody put their special touch to the song. I write the lyrics last. The contents aren’t that important but I love cool song titles.

What is your favorite song on the new CD?
Babylon Rockets,” it was the first one I wrote for Gemini Five and that song set the standard for the band.

What is your favorite song to play live?
Babylon Rockets,” Right now we’re doing some new songs live and I really love a new song called "Black Anthem".

Can you tell us your feeling about each member of Gemini five?
“Hot” Rod Teilmann - A true rock star. He played with Beautiful CREATURES in LA before he got deported and sent back to Sweden. Lucky for Gemini Five. He makes all the artwork for the band and he’s great!

Snoopy - He’s young and he’s crazy. You never know what he’s up to. He goes with the flow and is a brilliant guitar player.

Slim Pete - He is my best friend since forever. He’s always in rehearsals beating the shit out of the drums. His favorite drummer is John Bonham and it shines through when we play live. He keeps track of the rest of the band while we’re on tour. Thanx Pete!!!!

What musician do you admire and never played with before would you like to accompany?
I’m not that much into admiring musicians. I’d love to play with Paul Stanley and Marilyn Manson. I played bass with Bruce Kulick on his tour in Sweden last year. It was awesome.

Can you tell us the wildest thing that happened to you on stage?
There have been a couple of funny things over the years. We played a trick on Rod when we played in Holland. We smeared Rod´s mic with black grease and he ended up with a black moustache looking like Adolph Hitler. He didn’t notice for the whole show and we laughed our lungs out. Sometimes we end up too drunk on stage and just go wild and trip into the drum set and I’m sorry to say that a motherfucker threw a glass of beer in my face during our last show in Germany.

What does the rider for Gemini five have on it?
50 beers, 1 bottle of Vodka, 2 bottles of red wine, clean towels and some fruit and sweets.

What can we see for the future for Gemini five?
Hard work! We have to take the band to a higher level this year. The new album "Black Anthem" is a step in the right direction. And off course tour a lot. We wanna be big in the States and do a tour.

I am going to mention a few words. Tell us your impression on each word

Ego - I’m full of it. It can be a good thing.

Relaxing - Have no time for that.

Fans - Unbelievable, great to have.

Recording - I love it almost as much as playing live.

Contract - Sometimes sucks. Record companies can really take away the fun in music.

Live Show - Better than sex.

Family - It’s great to have somebody who loves you.

Woman - I’ve got the best in the world.

Touring - All fun when you’re on stage. Traveling is boring. It’s just hurry up and wait.

Dislike - War and injustice. Child abusers.

Cartoons - I love The Simpson’s and Kid Notorious.

Honor - Honesty and empathy.

Tin Star, Rock Eyez would like to thank you for the interview. Would you like to say anything in conclusion?
Thanks for a great interview. We’ll soon be back with the new album so you’ll have loads of Gemini Five songs to enjoy and make love to.

Hope to see ya´ on tour in a near future. Best regards... Tin Star

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