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Interview with Torsten Reichert
Bass (Vanden Plas)

Torsten Reichert

Interviewed by Brian Rademacher

Date: February 17th, 2005


Thanks for taking this time to talk with out readers.
When you first started playing what was your dream?

I only want to play music loud and on stage - so nearly the same reasons then today.

As a child, how has music changed your life?
The first time I saw a band playing live on stage changed my life. From that time on, I was totally into music - no matter what kind or style. Music has so many different sides - it can make you sad or happy or everything in-between. I'm one of those people who always listen to music everywhere - walking around with my ipod.

Growing up in Germany  how was the music scene compared to that in the US?  
In Germany , it's difficult to be a professional musician. There are a lot of people playing music but the scene is not very professional also being a pro is not a job the Germans respect. But the music scene is smaller so there is a better chance for new smaller bands to distribute their CDs.

Since many in America have not seen your show. Can you tell us about your stage show?
I think there is a lot of action and movement not like any other Prog-bands. Ha-ha. Everybody in the band has its own kind of style and personality - not everybody likes it because for example not everybody wears black jeans and a black t-shirt or something like that. Every band-member has its very own personality and that is the interesting thing in our music and of course on stage.

Going back to your first release in Vanden Plas called Color Temple  in 1995. How has the band changed musically in 2005?
I think we developed our own style - because of the experiences, we had. Everybody in the band started to work as professional musicians in a lot of different kinds of music and situations. We played together with orchestras in theaters or as studio-musicians for different 
projects - also we worked on some solo projects...All that has influenced the music of Vanden Plas.
If you had a chance to play side by side with a musician you never played with who would that be?
- Chuck Schuldiner.... Death was great.
The name of the new release is called 'Christ 0' ('Christ Zero'). A 
concept CD, can you tell us anything about the release?
Next month the recordings will start -  yes - a concept CD with a story line.

We see you're starting the Tour in 2005 in Belgium . Will you be bringing 
the show to the USA ?

Maybe with our new album - we have some contacts and requests.
The members of Vanden Plas are working on other projects. Does this 
affect the future of the band?

It will have some affect - but only to the music of Vanden Plas.
What do you see in the future for Vanden Plas?
The new CD - a new tour and we are still planning a live-DVD. Vanden Plas is still growing so things can only get better.

Can you tell us your wildest tour story?
No - nobody will believe it.

I am going to mention a few things. Tell us what comes to mind

Where are they?
Vanden Plas
Part of my life.

Bass guitar
The other part of my life.

It is good to live in Germany - because nobody is more sensible about these things than the Germans with all their history.

No interest

I love it - to be on the road as long as possible.

Always a challenge

Life gets more and more dangerous - everywhere. I'm a fan - the last weeks I listen again to all his stuff.
if you want to know something - ask Google.
In ending do you want to say anything to our readers and your fans
Stay "open-minded" - listen to every kind of music.

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