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Interview with Juha Bandit
(Guitars - Vanity Ink)

Juha Bandit - Vanity Ink


Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: May 10th, 2005


Juha, first off we would like to thank you for taking the time to talk to our readers.     Tell us about how the band first started?
Me, Make and Sam played in a band called Weirdorama, which was divided into rockguys and metalguys. The three of us were the rockers who wanted to play anything but jumpmetalcrap. That’s why we decided to form a Joan Jett tribute band as a side project. It was meant to be a therapy band on the side. As it turns out, once we started writing we forgot about the Joan Jett covers. In a couple of hours we found ourselves writing material of own. One after another we left Weirdorama. My longtime friend Miki came along as he moved to Helsinki from Turku. We asked Annabella to join the band since we knew she was amazing because she had rehearsed at the same ratpit earlier.    

Was VANITY INK the original name for the band?  
Well, we found out that that it’s actually easier to learn how to play than to find a cool name for your band! We wrote a list of stupid suggestions and VANITY INK was the killer winner. So to answer your question, yes, it is the original name.    

In the beginning, your lead vocalist was Annabella. Why did Annabella leave the band?
Annabella was too busy with her former band Blueintheface, which she just wasn’t ready to leave at the time.    

New Vocalist Stiina came in and she recorded your first official CD called “Roadkills” (which is a killer CD!) Then Stiina decided to leave the band. Why?
Stiina did not leave the band. She got kicked out. Annabella had left Blueintheface and was now ready to give VANITY INK her full effort.    

Annabella came back to the band in 2005. How do you think fans who heard the CD take to the change in vocal styles?  
Let me tell you that everyone who has seen Annabella perform on stage and has heard her scream knows we made the right decision!    

The “Roadkills” CD has five great songs. Can fans still get that CD?  
Of course! You will find the ordering instructions from our website

What do you consider your musical style?
Rock n´roll!    

How come VANITY INK did not go with a major label? The CD “Roadkills” has stardom written all over it!  
Thank you very much. Please tell that to the major labels!    

Tell us about the music scene in Finland where you live?  
There has always been a lot of amazing underground streetrockbands in Finland and they say Helsinki is the capital of Rock. Anyway, metal is what rules and sells over here. Luckily some Finnish bands have made it through abroad and hopefully opened doors for other bands.    

Can you tell us what other underground bands you recommend our readers check out?
Sure - Hundred Million Martians, Kerho, Private Line, Bad Machine, Stereo Junks…    

You are going to record a new CD in July 2005 and it should be released later this year. Do you have a title for the CD yet?  
We are so excited to go to the studio that we can hardly wait. We will record some demos in May and sit down to plan the covers, but I am sorry, we ain't got a title to reveal to you yet.

Tell us what can fans expect from the new VANITY INK CD?  
It’s gonna rock! It will be tighter and more solid than "Roadkills!" And the vocal parts will knock you down!    

If I went to a VANITY INK show what can I expect?  
Prepare yourself for a wild rock n´roll show with motion, sweat, blood, collisions, loud guitars, flying basses and landings on shattered glass!    

Will VANITY INK tour and will they play the US?  
Hopefully one day.    

Tell us about your wildest tour story?  
The tale of VANITY INK has just begun and I could already write a book of incidents. But I know the wildest things are still ahead of us.    

If you have a chance to go out in support of a major act who would that be?  
It would have been great to support one of the dinosaurs like Guns n Roses or Mötley Crue from fifteen years ago. But today…opening or headlining can be whoever, wherever, whenever - I don’t care.    

Who do you admire as a guitarist?  
and Brian Setzer.    

I am going to mention a few words. Tell us what comes to mind.  

Finland - Home. Safe and Cold.  

Recording - Having fun with the best of friends. Playing, eating, sleeping, shitting together all as one.  

God - Don’t believe in god but I do believe in love.  

Money - Rather broke and happy than rich and fucked up.  

Touring - Let’s go!  

Sex - Another round?  

Government - The angry days of Cory Clarke. Salutations from the Ghetto Nation! I am shocked about the news of Mark Evans…  

The Eighties - Have you ever realized tens of classic glamstreetsleaze albums have been released 1989?  

Favorite - “Sixpacks & Rock n´Roll!”

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