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Hardcore Superstar


Stockholm, Sweden

October 10, 2009

Paola Axelle De Zotti


HARDCORE SUPERSTAR played in Stockholm on October 10th, after a very successful gig in their hometown of Gothenburg (audience: 2,500 people) the previous night. They were supported by two other Swedish acts: DIA PSALMA and H.E.A.T About 1,000 people attended the concert at Arenan in Stockholm.


The first band on stage was DIA PSALMA. They released their fifth studio album "Re Voltere" earlier this year. Musically, one could describe them as a punk rock band, singing in Swedish. Live, the four guys are pretty energetic and their performance that evening was good.

The audience cheered up H.E.A.T as soon as they hit the stage. Formed in 2007, this melodic rock band was the opening act to TOTO and Alice Cooper the same year. They released their eponymous debut album in 2008. It was the third time I saw them live, and as always, they pulled it off brilliantly. The six member team played perfectly, and frontman Kenny Leckremo's singing was impressive. They had fun on stage and shared it with the audience without limits. The young musicians are energetic, smiling, restless; professional... this explains their growing popularity. No doubt you will hear about H.E.A.T in the coming years.

Formed in 1997, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR has carved out an unfailing reputation as a live act. They released their seventh album "Beg For It" this summer and have several tours (in Japan and Europe above all) under their belts. That night, they were in remarkably good shape. They offered a very enthusiastic audience a powerful and intensive show, full of musical talent, energy and fun. The guys turned on the heat from the very beginning and kept working hard for 90 minute nonstop, playing and singing very well. Guitarist Vic Zino was particularly boisterous. He was running around, whirling, falling to the floor before bouncing back up again... The lights featured extreme contrast effects, but suited the music. There's usually not much left of their old material in their shows, but for this one, they granted their fans "Shame". They also added the ballad "Standin' On The Verge". The megahits "Wild Boys" and "We Don´t Celebrate Sundays" were probably the climax of the set. As tradition has it, the last song turned into a party, with other bands joining the four stars on stage. All the people I met after the show agreed: they had a blast. Definitely, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR have fire in their bellies.

  1. Beg For It
  2. Into Debauchery
  3. Medicate Me
  4. Silence For The Peacefully
  5. She's Offbeat
  6. Shades Of Grey
  7. Nervous Breakdown
  8. My Good Reputation
  9. Kick On The Upperclass
  10. Blood On Me
  11. Shame
  12. Standin' On The Verge
  13. No Resistance
  14. Need No Company
  15. Bag On Your Head
  16. Wild Boys
  17. Dreamin' In A Casket
  18. We Don't Celebrate Sundays
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