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Dirty Penny / Vains of Jenna


Clifton New Jersey

October 31, 2009


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PHOTOS - Dirty Penny

PHOTOS - Vains Of Jenna

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Ahh, Halloween night and there’s no other place I’d rather be but to rockin’ out with my fellow RockEyez sidekick Mark Balogh seeing a killer live show. And that show was at Dingbatz in Clifton, New Jersey to witness Sweden’s VAINS OF JENNA and DIRTY PENNY of the good ole USA.

We witnessed fans dressed as a sexy Alice in Wonderland, Alice Cooper and even vampires; so there was going to be some sucking going on that night but not by these two bands!

VAINS and DIRTY PENNY are two of the premiere sleaze rock bands that are revitalizing that great sound of the 80’s and are currently making their rounds on their 2009 US tour right now, so be sure to check them out! It was a little surprising to see Sweden’s VAINS OF JENNA opening the show but I guess these bands compliment each other so well I assume they trade off on headline slots nightly?

VAINS is such a killer band with their new release “The Art Of Telling Lies”. I had already seen them a few years back opening for CRADLE OF FILTH here in NJ but I wasn’t sure how they had grown. Well I can tell you these guys are explosive! Lizzy DeVine is truly an icon standing front and center belting out their best tunes. “Get It On”, “Mind Pollution”, “Refugee”, and many others but VAINS took the house down during “Enemy Is Me”. You have to give props to Stevie Rachelle (their manager) for bringing VAINS to the US to tour.

DIRTY PENNY… Well what can you say? RockEyez attended the 2009 Rocklahoma festival and we really wanted to see DIRTY PENNY’s set as they played one of the side stages. All I can tell you is that we couldn’t get near or even inside that stage area. These guys are the undiscovered heroes bringing back sleaze in the US. We don’t have many bands in this style compared to the European market and our one great hope is truly DIRTY PENNY. These guys are amazing… fast-paced, in your face songs and kicking ass all over the stage. Now I know why we couldn’t get near that stage at Rocklahoma and with their new release “Young & Restless” they’re a step closer to stardom.

All photos by Mark Balogh & Brian Rademacher

Special thanks to Stevie Rachelle, Lizzy DeVine, Jonny and the girl (we didn’t catch here name) at the front door at Dingbatz for helping us out upon our arrival.

SETLIST Dirty Penny:
  • Midnight ride
  • Push comes to shove
  • Take a bite
  • LCD (new song)
  • Black & blue
  • Rock
  • On my sleeve (new song)
  • Vendetta
  • One track mind (Johnny thunders cover)
  • Hate me too (new song)
  • Stand on my Own (new song)
  • Runnin wild
  • Scream & Shout
  • You shook me (AC/DC cover w/Vains of Jenna)

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