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Lizzy Borden

The Dingbatz

Clifton, NJ.

May 21, 2010

This was definitely a great night for some blood, gore and metal music! Before Mark and I set out for the night we stopped over to hang out with Lizzy at his hotel for a short interview and some photos which was something very special. The man himself is down to earth (until he hits the stage of course!) and a true professional of his trade. With the longevity of LIZZY BORDEN you would think he is bored with the road but to the contrary he is as hungry as ever for blood. He did mention being on the road is not the easiest thing to do with lack of sleep sometimes and being hard to keep a regular diet but the hunger for world domination is always in his sights. Just check out his 2010 tour schedule… Spain, Japan, Wacken Festival (Germany), the Rock N’ American Festival in Oklahoma and the list just goes on. Not many can put a show together ala the likes of Alice Cooper on a lower budget but Lizzy is truly amazing in a live setting.

After our stay with Lizzy (thanks Stany) we headed over to Dingbatz at about 11pm. Lizzy didn’t hit the stage until 1:15 and the house was packed. The musicianship of the band headed up with guitarists Dario Lorina and Chris Sander is a spectacle you have to see (and when they do their dual solos its pure heaven). They were both amazing and bassist Marten Andersson has to be among the elite as he truly brings the thunder and non-stop energy and time-keeper Joey Scott behind the kit makes LIZZY BORDEN one heluva live band.

And on this night, just because they played a smaller venue doesn’t mean they didn’t perform their full show like they will at major festivals like Wacken and Rock N America. Women with US flag bikinis, skulls, the axe and the dripping blood were all on display and it sent the fans into a true frenzy. Songs like “There Will Be Blood Tonight”, “Master of Disguise”, “American Metal”, “We Got The Power”, (my personal favorite track) “Me Against The World” and the song “Voyuer”, which Lizzy rarely plays were all in his set this night. He even ended the night with a tribute to the late great Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P) with the RAINBOW classic “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

One last note; during one song Lizzy‘s stagehand came out with a skull filled with blood and as Lizzy anointed the crowd by smearing blood on their faces, I got it. But Mark pulled back until I pushed him forward and pointed out to Lizzy to get him. Mark ended up with both cheeks smeared with blood and boy was he pissed at me! Mark is usually a calm guy and likes to be in the shadows (and does a great job) but he let me have it on the ride home!

If you’re looking to be entertained and enjoy a great show then definitely catch LIZZY BORDEN on their 2010 tour. Lizzy mentioned to us he is working on a new release for next year and also might be working with Udo and LORDI on some new music so there is plenty to look forward in the Lizzy camp!

SETLIST Lizzy Borden:
  • Intro
  • Abnormal
  • Give ‘em the axe
  • Voyeur
  • Live forever
  • Tomorrow never comes
  • Under your skin
  • Master of disguise
  • Come out at night
  • Blood Tonight
  • Me against the world
  • American meta
  • We got the power
  • Crawlin’
  • Notorious
  • Red Rum
  • Long Live Rock N Roll
Lizzy Borden Line Up:
  • Joey Scott Harges
  • Marten Andersson
  • Chris Sanders
  • Dario Lorino

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