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Triptykon and 1349

El Ray Theater

Los Angeles, CA


Triptykon and 1349
1349 Triptykon Triptykon

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Into the misty night we strode and it was threatening a mild downpour. Pay no mind to god and his fallible tricks on mankind. For we were here to indulge in the offerings of demons Pazuzu and Kali nonetheless. Trust me, I saw them in attendance.

First to throw a curve ball in Jesus’ court was maestro Thomas Gabriel Warrior's newest venture in artisan offerings-TRIPTYKON. A survivalist mentality makes the group just what it is, an exercise in grievous morbidity designed to crumble infrastructures and human mental states all in one fell swoop. And that is precisely the reason I shall follow this stalwart of a human into the very abyss of hell. He never wavers, is never hindered and upholds the code of honor of a true artist.

Inciting proceedings with what has now become tradition TRIPTYKON trudged slavishly into the doom infested swamp that is “Procreation Of The Wicked " which contains a riff so alchemical it renders useless an apt description. The next composition eludes me but I vaguely recall it being the excellent opening track off "Eparistera Daimones" called " Goetia " quite the thrash laden mantra, inspired heavily by the tenure that was 1985's "To Mega Therion” - a ravishing , purgatorial descent into the realms of H.R. Giger inspired occultism. Under the influence of hallucinogens I was swept away to never land until the battered conclusion.

Standard ominous black metal intro aside Norway's 1349 let loose on the rather lackluster Los Angeles crowd like a maniacal butcher left to his own devices. No mercy was expressed as “Atomic Chapel” ripped into the aghast masses like a torpedo attack gone awry, decimating all of those not equipped for sensory ambush. Being a fellow drummer Frost was a highlight for me. His dexterity seemed otherworldly, almost as if ancient deities were commandeering his flailing limbs for their own manipulative pleasure .Ending on a crag like note (intended I assume) 1349 stormed the battlefield, plowing through enemies and leaving victorious .Battered corpses strewn about, triumph was theirs and theirs alone.

Band Line UP : Triptykon
  • Thomas Gabriel Warrior-Vocals, Guitar
  • Santura- Vocals, Guitar
  • Slajh- Bass
  • Lonhard- Percussion

Band Line UP : 1349
  • Archaon- Guitars
  • Frost- Drums
  • Ravn- Vocals
  • Seidemann- Bass


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