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Jaded Past & Pharoah

The Mexicali Live

Teaneck, NJ

February 5, 2011

With winter and plenty of snow hitting the East coast thereís only one way to heat things up and thatís to see the live show of PHAROAH (along with JADED PAST opening). With ice still covering some roads and people slipping on their asses, Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ was the hot spot. And JADED PAST front man George ďRageĒ Becker basically welcomed me at the door of the venue with a shot of some clear liquor that left a burning sensation and it made the night even warmer!

JADED PAST hit the Mexicali Live stage around 9:45pm playing their 45-minute set to a fair crowd of concert goers. This was the debut show for JADED PAST, a new project of Beckerís, who also fronts the bands WICKED SIN and 10 MINUTE LINCON here in NJ. I enjoyed the band and loved the new songs, some of which are on their new CD. Guitarists Davey Cardenas (of RAHWAY) played some tasty riffs and the band raddled off some great tunes but what really set me in a tailspin was when Rage picked up the acoustic and hit the crowd with ďOne Step CloserĒ. You really donít get the essences of how good a band is until they can change musically at the drop of a dime. If you have a chance, check these guys out and pick up the new disc available at and iTunes.

After JADED PASTís set it was then moment the fans had been waiting for, it was the second coming of PHAROAH. Many remember the name from back in the day and didnít have the chance to see these boys live (I donít Know why but it happened) and here was now a chance to revisit the past in the modern day. Not much has changed because these guys bring the full package with their live show; chicks (w/ BIG TITTIES!), smoke machines, backdrops, toys guns and other props, full-on makeup, a flashy presence and most of all great tunes! I really canít remember of a show recently that puts on a production like PHAROAH and thatís one reason to support these guys. The Jersey music scene is stagnant and people want to see a show and PHAROAH delivers that! For a band like PHAROAH to have such dedication to their music and the funds that is put into this band these guys are amazing. I can only applaud these boys for bringing a true stage show back to the fans. I know there are many great bands still to come out of Jersey but no band has the dedication and glow that PHAROAH does. This show also brought three friends back together after maybe 20 years apart. Bill DeMild, Nick Clement (Pharoahís manger) and I had a chance to rekindle our friendship which was long overdue and that all has to do with the boys in PHAROAH.

PHAROAH really needs to be seen on a larger stage like maybe Starland Ballroom in Sayreville. Their show is filled with enjoyment and attractions. Just think of seeing KISS, BOWIE and NEW YORK DOLLS back in the day. PHAROAH is bringing the goods of past memories that just arenít seen anymore. They also have a full line of merchandise to sell, so I just have one thing to sayÖ if you wanna see a show, a really good live show, then you can see and experience that with PHAROAH. Donít let these boys die and fade away againÖ SUPPORT THEM! I would love to say come see them with a money back guarantee but I think Karl and Richard would kick my ass along with Mr. Clement right behind them!

So come out and see their next show, you will not be disappointed and you may become a fan!

Jaded Past Line Up:
  • George "Rage" Becker: Vocals / Guitar
  • Markie Mayor: Bass / Vocals
  • Davey Cardenas: Lead Guitars
  • David Rucci: Drums
Jaded Past Set List Up:
  • Alone In The City
  • Save A Piece
  • Liviní On The Edge
  • Lonely Heart
  • Roxy Roller
  • One Step Closer
  • Sweet Melissa
  • Sin City

Pharaoh Line Up:
  • Karl Dekira: Lead Vocals/Guitar
  • Rikk Fabio: Guitar/Vocals
  • Dennis Lords: Bass/Vocals
  • Nelson Pop: Drums
  • Scott Archer: Keyboards/Vocals
Pharoah Set List Up:
  • Gonna Get U
  • Kinetic
  • Walkaway
  • I Am The Walrus
  • Dark October
  • She Cat
  • Frown
  • Cold Society
  • Letís Make Love
  • Terrorist
  • Red Flag
  • Touch Me
  • Fall In Love
  • Enemy
  • Rehab
  • Hard Too Hold

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