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Otep / Destrophy / Blackguard / Sister Sin / One Eyed Doll/With Daggers Drawn


Clifton, NJ

June 12, 2011

CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS FROM THE SHOW Otep / Destrophy / Blackguard / Sister Sin / One Eyed Doll/With Daggers Drawn


Let me start off by saying why a concert bill like this was being held in such a small venue. Nothing against Dingbatz, as a great little club, but this show could have easily been at a much bigger club. Now I’m not complaining because I was happy to see bands of this quality in such an intimate setting.


The RockEyez staff of Mark Balogh, Herb Newman and I attended this particular Sunday matinee show. With the doors to the venue opening at 2:00pm we ended up getting to Dingbatz a little bit late and missed WITH DAGGERS DRAWN (apologies to the band) but as we pulled up to the club we met Liv and the rest of SISTER SIN and Ari from DESTROPHY was also outside by the tour bus. I finally got the chance to meet them all after our recent phone interviews. It was good start to the day by getting a chance to connect with artists you’ve worked with and are a fan of. Thanks to Victory Records, Ari and Liv for taking care of us and now I was primed to see these bands live.


First band we saw was ONE- EYED DOLL, a Texas-based band with only two members (with a third member MIA!). You had Kimberly Freeman (guitar/vocals) and Junior (drums) and that was it but they somehow made it work! This band was a sight to see; just check our photos from the show and you will see what I mean! They were very entertaining and put on a unique show (including slapping of one audience members repeatedly in the face; what a woman that Kimberly is!)

One-Eyed Doll


SISTER SIN was next up and this phenomenal Swedish hard rock band with the sexy female front woman Liv certainly brought their “A” game. This is what straight ahead rock is about; great power, good songs and an entertaining live act. The band played all their well-known songs such as “On Parole”. Catch these guys if you have a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

Sister Sin


BLACKGUARD was up next and what a surprise they were; amazing energy, quality musicianship and all out excitement in one package. A band I really wasn’t going to see or really cared to see just blew my ass away. I really enjoyed seeing a thrashy Death Metals band like BLACKGUARD up close and personal. I was so glad they didn’t start moshing because we would have be in deep trouble trying to take pictures but what a set… I loved these guys!




DESTROPHY hit the stage next and what can I say about a band which we recently reviewed their CDCry Havoc” and got 5 Stars? . Ari has a great voice but to be honest the sound quality wasn’t the best on this particular day. I’m sure the sound man is good but it didn’t show for DESTROPHY’s set. I need to clarify I wasn’t disappointed with the band at all just the sound wasn’t up to par.



Last up was headliner OTEP (with DESTROPHY as here backing band). People were waiting since noon time just to get to see her. I heard fans saying they drove 2 hours for the show. Now that’s a following. OTEP put on one heck of a show. To me she looks like a hard-edged PINK but just takes it to another level. I don’t know much about her and her music but she uses props such as masks and doll heads on her microphone stand and a riser center stage to stand high above the crowd. Really a site to see and the fans adored her. It was exciting to see such rockers go out and give their fans what they wanted and in return there hands we up all night and jumping all over the place. It was all about fans loving their idol and being dedicated to the music.




I have to thank the people at Victory Records once again for accommodating our site-Chelsea, Haley and Jessica. Victory did an excellent job with this tour bill. I hope many will get out to see this tour and get exposed to the variety of music that are on Victory Records label.



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