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Snug Harbor Music Hall

Staten Island,NY

June 4, 2011


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People Who where in attendance.

Danny Farrow Anniello LORDS OF MERCY

Bob Bishop Fish

Cheryl Rovendro Total Volume Magazine

Hughie Walmar CASHMIER


Kat Gentile

Noreen Gallagher Scarangella

Marcella Makebish Total Volume Magazine

Mare Tropea KATHOUSE

Sarah Dunlap KATHOUSE

Donnie Tranchina Rock Show Magazine

Vince Albano CASHMIER

Wayne Herrschaft Head Lamp Digital

Ernie Ayala

A.V New World Movies

CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS FROM THE SHOW Carnival Of Souls/Rahway/Symptom 7/Joyous Noise


This was a day many fans been waiting for. CARNIVALS OF SOULS last performance was back in October 2005 and many missed the spectacular show that raises heads. Some of the obstacles were mainly due to the record business and the greed that bounded them. It had nothing to do with personal it was all about the green back the rights of control by big business. Well it took awhile but the fans, YES the fans demanded COS to come back and magic happened. A schedule show was to take place on June 4, 2011 and RockEyez was also welcomed back to be a part sponsor of the show.


The place Snug Harbor Music Hall a magnificent historical building built in

1892, it is the second oldest music hall in the northeast, younger than Carnegie Hall. This building is said to be haunted but that didn’t stop David Bowie performing their and do you think that would stop the SOULS, I think not but before the show I talked with Bassist Gene Barlotta Hunter and he swore he heard strange noises in the basement.


Anyway getting back to the show we did get to catch RAHWAY’s set which was very impressive and merchandise was going pretty well. So I would say they gained some fans, also saw some of SYMPTOM 7 and JOYOUS NOISE both bands had their following there so I’m sure you will be hearing more from those bands.


With the hall holding around 700 or 800 people I would say the hall was quite full. Selling between 300-400 advance tickets and many tickets sold at the door the crowd was ready for CARNIVAL OF SOULS. The band hit the stage around 10:45 with chants of COS. Their intro brings back memories of greats like ANGEL and KISS and brought back chills that have been missing in a great live show for a long time. It stumps the shit out of me why COS haven’t been signed to a major label yet, but that can change soon.

The stage filled with smoke and music is sent through the hall as the skull props on stage glowing with lights as CARNIVAL OF SOULS hit the stage. You can’t deny these guys didn’t put one hundred and ten percent into giving the fans what they wanted. This full blown stage show from an unsigned band is unheard of these days. This is full throttle rock at its best and the music is phenomenal. So it’s not all about the show it’s a mixture of show, musicianship and talent. Songs like “Grey”, “We All Fall Down”, “Break Free”, “Walk Away”, “See All Evil” and a band that never does cover songs decide to surprise the fans by their encore IRON MAIDEN’s “Flight Of Icarus” which was Amazing.


The duel guitars of RobThe Machine DeForge and Irons really made a big impact on the sound quality and new drummer Ron Lipnicki (OVERKILL) kicked ass. Vocalist Dee also adorned a new face image, kinda in the image of a skeletonized Phantom Of The Opera. Bassist Gene Hunter brought the thunder like you never heard and what can you say about the main man Lee Cancela Outstanding.  COS played about sixty minutes and really electrified the crowd. I am told there is new material in the works so I guess time will tell. If you missed this show it’s your loss because you missed the demons from hell bring back the homage of ecstasy in a live show. Flood these boys with more requests for more shows and hopefully they will coming to your town.


Special thanks to CARNIVAL OF SOULS for letting RockEyez into their house. Bill DeMild his wife Donna , daughter Breanne and son Michael and a very special thanks to my good friend Pedro Lopes and most of all my lovely wife Stephanie.

Carnival Of Souls Line Up:
  • Gene Hunter: Bass
  • Dee Hunter: Vocals
  • Lee Cancela: Vocals
  • Rob DeForge: Guitar
  • Steve Irons: Guitar
  • Ron Lipnicki: Drums
Joyous Noise Line Up::

  • Mike Campbell - Drums/Vocals
  • Vinny Campisi - Lead Vocals
  • Jeanette Jones-Bass
  • Pat Raftery - Guitars
  • Michael Zaloom-Guitars/Vocals

Rahway Line Up:
  • Steve Visconti: Vocals

  • David Cardenas: Guitars

  • Steve Cardenas: Drums

  • Bobby Paffrath: Bass

symptom 7 Line Up :
  • Geoff Unger: Guitar, Lead Vocals

  • Eddy Joe McCabe: Bass, Vocals

  • Dan Nice: Drums, Vocals

  • Ronnie "The Heat" Grazioli: Guitar/Vocals
  • Tommy "Knockout" Kinnear: Bass/Vocals
  • George "The Tank" Bulger: Drums/Vocals


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