Rock Eyez
Wildstreet / Diemonds / Hollywood Dirt
The Phoenix Lounge
Harrisburg, South Dakota, USA;
June 16, 2011



New York City’s very own big hair sleaze/party rockers WILDSTREET turned the sleepy Sioux Falls, South Dakota metropolitan city of Harrisburg into Party Central USA on 6.16.11. WILDSTREET, in the midst of its current tour of the central and eastern half of the U.S (which has included a stop at the infamous Rocklahoma festival), left not one ounce of energy in it’s’ tour van as it brought its high quality big rock anthems to life this night this night. WILDSTREET ’s live rock show (and I mean show) brings back fond memories for this reviewer of the great 80’s arena spectacles with a total visual extravaganza included in the ticket price with a special bonus the entire tour in the form of fellow big hair hard rockers DIEMONDS out of Toronto, Canada serving as opener. This makes for a special night of rock fun to be remembered by all those in attendance at all the cities/venues fortunate enough to host the package deal!




The show got started approximately nearly an hour later than the original 9:00 PM advertised time this night due travel difficulties experienced by both bands as they navigated north from the previous night’s show in Kansas City, MO. What is typically a six hour drive up I-29 became closer to 7.5 due to the extreme recent flooding on the Missouri River along and across the interstate in both the Omaha, NE and Sioux City, IA areas forcing all northbound and southbound traffic through extensive detours across the great Iowa plains.


  • Rumors circulated around the club upon the bands arrival of the tour vans heading north of Sioux City making up time on the interstate in speeds exceeding 80-85 miles per hour (keep in mind they are pulling trailers) to make up for lost time all the while fireworks being shot out of van window between the playful groups although those speculation haven’t been confirmed by local authorities! How rock-n-roll is that?




The fireworks would only continue later in the club in the form of heavy riffs and killer hooks as the night progressed!


HOLLYWOOD DIRT, a new glam/sleaze rock act based out of the Sioux Falls, SD metropolitan area did a commendable job in kicking off the show festivities in support with a 30 minute set consisting of mostly original tunes in the 80’s big hair variety. The young band poses strong potential and with a little time could develop into a household name. One noticeable observation was the number of younger female fans and local contingent in attendance to show their support for the band.  The loyal following for the new band is encouraging.




Next up was DIEMONDS to hit the stage and they put on a high energy rock performance with a dose of punk thrown in as advertised!  As the set began it was clear that front woman Priya possesses a stage presence that takes no prisoners and commends attention! Her supporting cast of fellow Canadian rockers CC, Suicide, Cuzo, and Al provided a heavy groove that pleased all in attendance as they worked through their 45-minute set weighted heavily on tunes from their latest offering The Bad Pack” released earlier this year. The set was highlighted with band’s first single “Highway” off the debut “In the Rough” as well as set closer “Youth Gone Wild” made famous by SKID ROW.


Right at midnight what the crowd had been waiting for! WILDSTREET took the stage cocked and ready and they were fully armed with huge choruses, smoking guitar solos, and over the top melodies that would make the likes of DEF LEPPARD, MOTLEY CRUE, AEROSMITH, and even DAVID BOWIE proud! Simply put, they killed it for an hour with non-stop in your face rock-n-roll that whipped the crowd into a frenzy as they sang at the top of their lungs along with the band to hit songs such as “Soldier of Love”, “Hard of You”, “Can’t Stop The Rock” , current video/single “Poison Kiss” as well as several other popular numbers from both EPs before a cover of CHEAP TRICK’s “Surrender” wrapped up an evening of non-stop rock fun!

  • A special thank you needs to go out to The Phoenix Lounge for booking great touring acts such as these and for helping to keep the live original music scene alive as well as the killer sound provided by Mr. Tom Odea as usual! Sometimes we forget the obvious J

Band Line Up Wildstreet :

  • Eric Jayk (Vocals /Guitar)
  • Aaron Joos (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Jonny Prynce (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Ali Hassan (Bass / Vocals)
  • Brian Beck (Drums)


Set List (Wildstreet):

  1. Shake It
  2. Soldier of Love
  3. Hard on You
  4. Hot Lixx
  5. The Fist of Fury
  6. Open Up Your Eyes
  7. Midnight Gypsy (instrumental)
  8. Cocked & Ready
  9. Can’t Stop the Rock
  10. Poison Kiss
  11. Surrender (Cheap Trick Cover)

diemonds Band line-up:

  • Priya (Vocals)
  • C.C. (Guitars)
  • Al (Guitars)
  • Cuzo(Bass)
  • Sincade (Drums)



Set List (Diemonds):

  1. Loud N’ Nasty
  2. Lil Miss
  3. Get the F**k Outta Here
  4. The Bad Pack
  5. Highway
  6. Trick or Treat
  7. Livin’ Tonight
  8. Take On the Night
  9. Mystery
  10. Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row Cover)


  • Jordan Stamp: Lead Vocals, Guitars
  • Tad Haddican: Guitar
  • John Cordell: Bass
  • Ben Hogarth: Drums 

 Set List (Hollywood Dirt):

  1. Just Another Party
  2. Sleaze Train
  3. Born To Rock
  4. Every Rose Has its Thorn (Poison Cover)
  5. Strippers
  6. Rock-N-Roll All Nite (KISS Cover)