Rock Eyez
Palidades, The Divine Threshold, A Thousand Times Goodnight, The Gift Of Ghosts, In Other Words
Clifton,NJ USA
February 12, 2012




On February 12, Dingbatz was the home to a lineup of bands that still have my head rocking and my ears ringing. The line-up included THE DIVINE THRESHOLD, A THOUSAND TIMES GOODNIGHT, THE GIFT OF GHOSTS and IN OTHER WORDS with the Headliner being PALISADES. I went originally for PALISADES, but I'm honestly glad they went last so I didn't miss out on the great bands before them.

THE DIVINE THRESHOLD by classification is not usually music that I'm into. But, from the jumping, singing along and moshing that went on during their set; I can tell that their followers are extremely dedicated. THE DIVINE THRESHOLD has a brilliant stage presence and keeps you entranced until the final note of the last song.

The Divine Threshold

A THOUSAND TIMES GOODNIGHT, was the next band up and they also had a great stage presence. They rocked the stage and shook the walls. Their fans were cheering them on and getting into the music which fueled the band even more. The give and take from the fans to the band and vice versa were as much a part of the show as the beat of the music.

A Thousand Times Goodnight

THE GIFT OF GHOSTS was the next band to grace the stage and they definitely graced it. Their music was something that made me want to move and rock along with them. They even had the audience sing back to them in “I, The Architect." Overall THE GIFT OF GHOST was a great band and a great middle for the show.

The Gift Of Ghosts

IN OTHER WORDS, was up next and the entire band was a perfect fit. I think by then it had hit me that these bands all had something very important in common… their love of music. IN OTHER WORDS did not disappoint their fans and in turn did not disappoint me. They brought the crowd to its pinnacle point and got them ready to bring out the final band.

In Other Words

The Headlining Band, PALISADES had a little technical difficulty but luckily their front man likes to play Simon Says. When the kinks were worked out they brought the music and they brought the climax of the show. They showed you that they loved the music they were making and as long as they could, they would be doing what they loved.



So, this was my first trip to Dingbatz and I know I will be going back again. The tightknit community that it is, you don't need security for the mosh pits because they respect the space and each other. The bands aren't prima donnas, they mosh and support each other and walk in through the front door with the fans. Each band and their followers were like a family and the group on a whole was a community. They supported and took care of each other and made the concert more enjoyable for everyone. I personally cannot wait to see one or all of these bands again. I urge you to listen to their music and if you like them, go out and see them perform. I can promise, if you’re anything like me you won't regret it.


Palisades Line-Up:

  • Louis Miceli - Vocals
  • Matt Marshall - Guitar
  • Xavier Adames - Guitar/Vocals
  • Earl Halasan - Guitar/Programming
  • Brandon Reese - Bass
  • Aaron Rosa Drums


In Other Words Line-UP:

The Gift Of Ghosts Line-Up:

The Divine Threshold Line-Up:

A Thousand Times Goodnight Line-Up: