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Nasty Habit, Wicked, Wildstreet, The Last Vegas, Crashdiet,

The Studio at Webster Hall

New York City, NY

August 24, 2012


Click below to see more photos from the show. photos' Crashdiet, The Last  Vegas, Wildstreet, Wicked (The Studio NYC) August 24, 2012 photoset photos' Crashdiet, The Last Vegas, Wildstreet, Wicked (The Studio NYC) August 24, 2012 photoset

Sleaze Metal Takes Over New York City!

Back when we first started our site a band that really lit a fire under my ass was a Swedish group by the name of CRASHDIET. In fact, when you would visit the RockEyez homepage it would welcome you with their song "Riot in Everyone", as it was a song that just blew me away at the time. My countless e-mails to the band's website were always answered personally by a band member and I did two interviews with Dave Lepard to start things off. I wanted this band to become known in America and I would do anything just to give the guys some press. After the passing of Mr. Lepard I kept in close contact with Dave's mother Liz Hellman and I did two emotional interviews with her as we talked of Dave Lepard's life and the music he created as well as her memories of her son. Through the years I have interviewed all the members of CRASHDIET multiple times and one thing I would always ask was when would they be coming to America and the answer was always "next year" or "soon". The problem was it never happened.


Well finally God must have heard my prayers because CRASHDIET invaded New York City on August 24, 2012 (on a bill with New York's own WILDSTREET as well as THE LAST VEGAS plus two other bands) and it was an all-out Sleaze metal fest in New York City!


The show was at The Studio at Webster Hall and it was a pretty early night for a Friday as things kicked off around the 6pm hour. The line to enter was fairly long so we missed most of the first two bands NASTY HABIT and WICKED (sorry guys) but we did hear a bit from the street while on line. The security at the door did a really thorough job as you entered the venue so that also added to the entry wait. While on line we met up with Michael, CRASHDIET's road manager and once inside the club we had a chance to hang out backstage with the band. I have to tell you one thing and that is the band were so appreciative of the work we have done with them at RockEyez in our attempt to bring the band a new legion of fans. After some chatting and pictures with the guys we were able to catch WILDSTREET as they hit the stage at 7:30pm sharp.


WILDSTREET are an amazing band. I have seen these guys before at shows such as Rocklahoma and I love these boys not only for writing some of the best glam/sleaze rock tunes, which are catchy and powerful but also for their image and attitude. Tunes like "Cocked and Ready", "The Fist Of Fury", "Soldier of Love" and "Poison Kiss" are true anthems and I also blame them for me not getting to sleep when I got home because that friggin' chorus on "Poison Kiss" kept me humming all night long. Thanks guys! You gotta check these boys out because it's my hope that they are gonna be huge someday soon!



Next up was a band I heard a lot about but have never seen live before. THE LAST VEGAS really brought the goods to the stage this night. Looking around they had many fans in the crowd as I witnessed many singing along with each song. The band reminded me a bit of acts like VAIN (especially front man Chad Cherry) and FASTER PUSSYCAT with a smattering of straight-up rockers TESLA and I really enjoyed their set, which had tons of energy. Chad Cherry possesses a great stage presence the likes of which you would normally see in superstar frontmen.


After that it was time for the debut New York appearance of CRASHDIET, a band that like I said I've been waiting years to see and they most definitely did not disappoint. They hit the stage at just after 9:30pm to a full house of sleaze rock maniacs. Pushing, shoving and all out annihilation in front of the stage ensued and front man Simon Cruz added to the mayhem of the crazed CRASHDIET fans with his energy. East coast fans have been waiting for this and it was time to bust New York City wide open with the best the band had to offer. The boys were simply amazing with non-stop energy led by Simon Cruz who is a madman on stage.  It was a welcome sight to see a band rock out like the old days. All the fan favorite tunes such as "It's A Miracle", "Breakin' The Chains", "Generation Wild" and "Riot In Everyone" were played plus a new tune by the name of "Anarchy" was thrown in. The song will be on the bands new release which is to hit the stores in January of 2013. Watching the band in between taking photos I noticed Peter London, a true bass master reaping the enjoyment of the fans on the right side of the stage as Martin Sweet's truly classy yet pummeling guitar sounds oozed from stage left. Drummer Eric Young was just perfect with his timing behind the kit and the energy of Simon Cruz's vein popping vocals was intense. This evening was truly like a dream come true just to be in the same venue with these bands and it was all MC'd  by promoter Samuel Valentine who had just as much fun introducing the bands and even crowd surfing throughout the night. But it was his birthday, so why not!


The after show party which was held upstairs at Webster Hall had some amazing looking women with the Toxic Vision Girls, Girls, Girls show featuring the hottest woman on the East Coast including minks like Sämånthä Scårlétté… MEOW!!!!!!! I am pretty sure after this evening CRASHDIET will be back in New York soon so look for a full CRASHDIET US tour in 2013 once the new album is released or should I say unleashed!


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