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Vains of Jenna / CKY / GWAR / Cradle of Filth

The Starland Ballroom

Sayreville, NJ



Well The Rockstar Viva La Bands Tour has raised its head once again with an extremely versatile set of artists. We had the pleasure of checking out the show at Starland Ballroom thanks to Roadrunner Records' Zeena Koda and Keith Ryan Cartwright working with VAINS OF JENNA.

The show started early 6 pm since it was a Tuesday night, surprisingly even though it was weeknight, the crowd was still filing in and it was already packed to the point where you could not move. I could tell the crowd anticipated a killer show and that's what they got.

Vains of Jenna
VAINS OF JENNA particularly does not fit well with the other extreme bands but put on a fantastic set, even though some people were calling them GUNS N ROSES. Lizzy DeVine seems very upset at someone in the crowd and wanted to punch there bulbs out and had such an evil look but would not bow in anger and made sure fans that came to see them, which I am one got a killer show. If VAINS were on another tour they would of stole the show. Nicki Kin guitar playing was top notch and posed for photographers all night as he reeled off some great licks. Loved these guys!!!

CKY was up next and thrashed the night away. This is a band I have heard much about but this was my first time seeing. I will have to say this was the band of the night. Mixing thrash with some hardcore melodic tunes, I would compare CKY to early stages of METALLICA. They can be passive with mellow tunes yet hit you hard with thrash; vocally Deron Miller could be the next coming of greatness. Their set was totally perfection as they rip through so many cool tunes and since I was not a fan of the band and did not know their songs, it was even more impressive that I paid more attention and CKY made a new fan. WHAT A BAND!!!! I loved the way they ended with the song on the "Bodyguard Soundtrack", "I Will Always Love You" putting their hands out to the crowd Gwar

Next up GWAR. All I have been hearing is what a show. Another photographer came to me and said your camera is going to be ruined if you don't cover it with plastic. I said why, he said here take this plastic bag and cover your camera and make a hole for the lens and you will see why. What the fuck did I get myself into when I got home my wife asked me why I looked like the hulk. Well let me to tell you, you want theatrics, go see GWAR but wear a poncho. Blood, green slime the whole nine yards, musically ok, stage show AAA+++. Its needs to be seen to believe it. Look at the photos.

Now for the headline band CRADLE OF FILTH a band I heard a lot about and my partner Pedro Lopes said they ooze evil. To tell you the truth I didn't feel that way. For what they do, they are one of the best. The charisma Dani Filth possess he truly is a king pin. The man has great stage presences, knows how to work a crowd and is purely a showman. Their music, which I am not a fan of but loved the show it is killer. I would be more inclined to see their live show any day just by the greatness of the band.

Cradle of Filth It's funny I have heard of all these bands, yet have not been able to catch their shows. After this show, I would go see them anytime they played and I do recommend that you check out all of these bands, you will see a show on the highest level. The 'Viva La Bands' was very interesting because of the different styles of music being played by all four bands and if you're narrow minded and can't adjust to genre's of music. Give it a try you might be surprised how good these bands are.

The show ended before midnight and special credit has to go out to Starland Ballroom and their security. This is our third show in a month at Starland and I have to say, the security team does a great job, they made sure everyone was safe and controlled. My applause!!!

Viva La Bands website

Cradle of Filth MySpace
Cradle of Filth Official site
Dani Filth - Scripture and Howls
Paul Allender - Guitar
David Pybus - Poisoned Heart Throb
Martin Skaroupka - Live Drums
Charles Hedger - Guitar
Sarah Jezebel Deva - Backing Vocals
Rosie Smith - Live Keys

Gwar MySpace
GWAR Official site
ODERUS URUNGUS--Throat-thing and two-handed sword
BALSAC THE JAWS OF DEATH--Guitar and bear-trap
JIZMAK DA GUSHA--Drums and brain-clotted club
FLATTUS MAXIMUS--Guitar and colossal gas
BEEFCAKE THE MIGHTY--Bass and massive war-axe

CKY MySpace
CKY's Official site
Deron Miller - Vocals/Guitar
Chad I Ginsburg (CIG) - Guitar
Jess Margera - Drums
Matt Deis - Bass

Vains of Jenna MySpace
Vains of Jenna Official site
Lizzy DeVine - (Vocals/Guitars)
JP White - (Bass)
Nicki Kin - (Lead Guitars)
Jacki Stone - (Drums)

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