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AC/DC - The Answer

Izod Center

East Rutherford, NJ.

November 19, 2008


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Last night was a dream come true for my wife Stephanie getting to see her all time favorite rock band AC/DC wreak havoc at New Jersey’s Izod Center.

The opening band THE ANSWER hit the stage at 8pm.and immediately brought back the good ole times of the ZEPPELIN era. Cormac Neeson the lead vocalist is just an amazing front man as he caressed each lyric in a classic style. Usually back in the day an opening band did not have a chance to make an impact on a crowd as they were booed off the stage. Not this time as THE ANSWER made an impact as fans, or might I say new fans, were glued to front man Neeson.

It really was a breath of fresh air listening to THE ANSWER. I feel fans today are bored with the alternative sound and still cling to the great era of the rocking 70’s and 80’s and I think THE ANSWER brought back that aura. Cormac Neeson sure can bring images of Plant and the slicing guitar by Paul Mahon helped the cause during their thirty-minute set. This is a band to you should check out.

After a thirty-minute break to pick up some of those “Black Ice” tour goodies and we were back to our seats before 9pm for the opening song from AC/DC “Rock 'N Roll Train”. The huge screens as the backdrop shows train images and smoke filling the stage as the guitar roars the man himself stands center stage. Angus Young an icon of disbelief appears as the crowd chanted “Angus, Angus, Angus”. Age is catching up to us all but the rock n roll is magical to AC/DC and their fans as they came out to the SOLD OUT show! Dad’s and mom’s bringing their kids to maybe their first show ever and AC/DC will be burnt into their memory forever. Song after song where executed with sheer perfection but when they played the classics “Back in Black”, “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”, and “Thunderstruck” chills ran down my neck. Once the huge bell with the AC/DC logo drops from the top rafters at the Izod Brian Johnson started swinging on the rope attached to the bells and the place went nuts for “Hells Bells” which was then followed by “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “TNT”. You know Johnson really has some great charisma with his stage presence. He doesn’t have to run from side to side of the stage just his movement as he sings brings excitement. The guy puts every drop of his power into his performance and strolls down the catwalk shaking hands with as many fans as possible.

Next up was the title track for their new CD “Black Ice”, “Black Ice” sure keeps in style with vintage AC/DC with those riveting power chords of Angus Young, “Black Ice“ is a power packed CD you must add to your collection. Next was the song I have been waiting for “Whole Lotta Rosie” which is my favorite AC/DC song. For me listening to Bon Scott and the comparison to Johnson is not far between, both men have a similar style and can rock your ass off. “Whole Lotta Rosie” was truly mind bending and powerful. Unusually it’s always the lead vocals ala Johnson being center stage but the rapport between Johnson and Young sharing center stage is golden, these guys just have charisma and look to have a great friendship on stage it don’t look like no egos here!

“Let There Be Rock” as Angus just was over the edge walking down the cat walk to a riser that lifted him twenty plus feet in the air in the middle of the arena so fans can catch a close glimpse of the legend. Young drops to his knees, lays down and swivels in his traditional full circle, the fans were in a frenzy and Young enjoyed every minute of it! Their ninety-minute set ended with a great audience participation solo by Angus.

The crowd were not leaving unless they did an encore and AC/DC were there to please as they entered back on stage to hit the crowd with two more songs. The blackened stage had a square hole it the middle with smoke bellowing, Angus rose with all red lights and wearing lit devil horns for “Highway to Hell” and the song just rocked. For the second encore six canons were drawn from the top of the amp stacks for “For Those About to Rock” and it shook the Izod, the blasting of those canons was an experience one will never forget! What a great night with AC/DC!

  • Angus Young – Guitar
  • Brian Johnson – vocals
  • Malcolm Young – Rhythm guitar
  • Cliff Williams – Bass
  • Phil Rudd – Drums
BAND LINE-UP: The Answer
  • Cormac Neeson - Vocals
  • Paul Mahon - Guitar
  • Michael Waters - Bass
  • James Heatley - Drums
  • Rock 'N Roll Train
  • Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be
  • Back in Black
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Thunderstruck
  • Hells Bells
  • You Shook Me All Night Long
  • TNT
  • Black Ice
  • Whole Lotta Rosie
  • Let There Be Rock
  • Highway to Hell
  • For Those About to Rock
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