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Adler's Appetite -

Crazy Donkey

Farmingdale, NY.

March 13, 2009


Adler's Appetite
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Photos from The Show

ADLER’S APPETITE, all I can say is that it was one of the most powerful rock shows in a club that I have seen... and I’ve seen a lot.

The band is super-tight, Adler is playing better than ever, and the enthusiastic crowd just made for a great show.

Every time they paused and Adler stood in the limelight at his kit, it became almost like the Jerry Springer Show, except the chants were for STEVEN, STEVEN and STEVEN, STEVEN . You could see just how appreciative he is of them and how they really wanted Steven to be ok, more than aware, yes from Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, that deep down inside, Steven is such a sweet guy, very warm and caring.

I have to say that while Alex Grossi has always garnered great reviews in whatever band he has played in, Michael Thomas has become my new favorite guitarist as he shined.

Sheldon Tarsha did a helluva job handling lead vocal duties, and that comes from me, a singer, one who was asked to submit an audition disc for VELVET REVOLVER when they were first looking for a singer. To scream Axl's vocals note for note on a nightly basis... just amazing.

Funny thing is the guy who saw me with the band afterwards, not knowing who I was, just knowing I had SOMETHING to do with the band, corralled me to say ‘I’m a better singer than Steven’s singer. I have more range. I am the singer Steven wants in his band’, To which I put my hand on his shoulder, looked straight in his eyes, and without missing a beat said 'apparently not!’

Of course rounding things out on bass was my brother in arms, Chip Z'Nuff, who I have been close with for 20 years now to the point where we are family. Unfortunately, I was so mesmerized by Michael Thomas in front of me on the right side of the stage that I didn't venture to the left side to take any pictures of him! Sorry brother.

Adler's Appetite Band Line UP:
  • Steven Adler – Drums
  • Michael Thomas – Guitar
  • Chip Z’nuff – Bass
  • Alex Grossi – Guitar
  • Sheldon Tarsha - Vocals

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