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Battle of The Bands

The Starland

Sayreville, NJ.

March 22, 2008


Well another Battle of The bands at Starland Ballroom and the winner this time will get to play The IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey for the Music As A Weapon IV tour with headliners DISTURBED along with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, LACUNA COIL and CHIMAIRA. March 22, 2009 Starland Ballroom Sayreville, NJ

I contacted all the bands a week before the show and only six replied. Those bands being. DONWCAST THEORY, SIMENSIS, METHODICAL, WITH DAGGERS DRAWN, FIRE WITH FIRE and ROOM 237 (so thank you to them). What I liked about this show is that all the bands played extremely well and even if I didn’t like the genre of music they played, they all drew my attention. Each band had approximately 20 minute sets with the show starting around 2:30pm.

The first band up was SANITY’S CHOKEHOLD {click here for photos} it’s funny because before the show my daughter Sara tells me she goes to school with some of the members. Anyway being the first band on is not the easiest thing to do because the doors just opened and people are still coming in and getting drinks, but my attention was drawn to guitarist Gabe who made the band glow, Seriously this guy has star qualities and I look for him to make a name for himself, and the band themselves did a heluva job with heavy growling and hardcore thrashing metal.

Next up FIRE WITH FIRE {click here for photos} and another band that stood out and the charisma of front man Ryan Kayser took the stage to another level. These guys are not your traditional Rock hardcore band but Kayser is truly a spectacle to see live.

Next up ROOM 237, {click here for photos} I thought they were good for what music they played but I really could not get into Rap Rock unless your name is ANTHRAX. They had good movement and Mr. Norris was nonstop action but for me they just didn’t excite me.

THE JOHN LIST SYMPHONY {click here for photos} another hardcore band that caught my eye with the dual guitars of Keith Kohlhepp and Jeremy Miller making the impact here. The band played very well and did a great job.

LOWCLAS {click here for photos} was next and these guys are one of the bands that I was very impressed by. They were tight and front man Chris busted some vessels screaming out the tunes. Watch these guys for sure.

NOBODY LIKES A HERO {click here for photos} was a hardcore screamo band that I was expecting a little more from. Vocalist Little Mikey; I don’t know how the hell his throat doesn’t hurt. The band did a great job and had plenty of fans in attendance.

SIMENSIS {click here for photos} now that’s what I’m talking about a band that took the stage and annihilated the crowd pushing them back a few steps. With the heartbeat of metal yet screams of CRADLE OF FILTH this band has caught the wave. These boys need to be signed!!!

DOWNCAST THEORY {click here for photos} what can I say, one of the two bands that I thought would win the battle; good songwriting and great vocals by Mathew Simon and one of the bands that seem to play from the heart. The band was tight but the emotion by Simon makes for an undeniable star quality.

WEST GATE {click here for photos} another fine band that will shine but the vocals needs a bit more range.

THE ETERNAL AFFECT {click here for photos} all I have to say this is the other band that I though should win the battle. Keyboards by Jordon gave the band a full sound, front man Niko was powerful and they are just an outstanding band musically and in concert.

METHODICAL {click here for photos} was next and if you want to see a show then go see these boys! They are visually entertaining and musically killer. Front man Wilhelm is a total icon of a front man diving to the stage floor flipping around, the band were in sync with all members firing with guns blazing.

WITH DAGGERS DRAWN {click here for photos} there were many bands that made the night memorable but vocally they saved the best for next to last. Vocally Jason Gabriel Marcos is a God; I mean the rest of the band kicked it up but my full attention was on Marcos. Looking at him he’s just an ordinary guy in street clothes, but put a mic in his hands and get ready for a true sensation. This guy really impressed me and so did the band as a whole.

SYKOHEAD {click here for photos} - All I can say nutcase! If you’re looking to get entertained then see these guys. Rob Gonzo will get in your face and munch down on your ears better than Mike Tyson. These guys are all about fun and entertainment.

Well there you have it, a fun night good music and really not a bad band in the bunch.

Special thanks go to Ben Duvdevani for helping us out for this show at Starland Ballroom

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