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Glorious Bankrobbers

Sticky Fingers

Gothenburg, Sweden




I was really excited when I discovered that GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS was going to play at Sticky Fingers here in Gothenburg, Sweden. I've waited many years to see them live.

When we came to the club, my girlfriend and I met Lake from GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS in the bar and chatted for a while. He was really nice and courteous! And as a bonus, during the GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS show, I went for a beer in the bar. And I met Kee Marcello (EUROPE, EASY ACTION, etc.) there we chatted for a while and went our way.

When the band hit the stage around 10 P.M they started with "Spitfire" and I was feeling that it was going to be a night to remember! In the beginning there weren't many people in front of the stage, but after a while the crowd started forming when songs like "Crazy Sioux", "Dynamite Sex Dose", and "Rodeo" were being played.

Olle Hillborg is a really cool singer, with lots of energy on stage. I really liked his stage presences and he reminded me a little of Michael Monroe from HANOI ROCKS. They both have that same energy live!

Olle was up on the balcony at Sticky Fingers and sang a little bit; Michael Monroe did the same thing when they played at Sticky a couple of years ago. The whole band did an amazing job on stage; it was really fun to watch!

It's one of the best shows I've seen in a really long time. It's nice when a band reunites and really works and feels fresh! And they proved that they are one of the best sleaze acts around these days!

They ended their set with one of the best songs they've ever recorded, "Hair Down"! As they exited the stage, the crowd chanted for an encore.

The band came back after a short break and preformed "Mum I'm A Loser".

They really rocked live and their new CD is killer. If GLORIOUS BANKROBBERS come to a town, be sure to check them out!

Olle Hillborg - Vocals
Lake - Bass
Jonas Pettersson - Guitar
Oden - Drums

Crazy Sioux
Dynamite Sex Doze
Young Alcoholic
Ridin' Down the Highway
Hair Down
Mum I'm A Loser


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