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Jon Oliva's Pain/Circle II Circle

The Haunt

Yonkers, NY.

October 9, 2008

Jon Oliva's Pain @ The Haunt in Yonkers, NY

W/ Circle II Circle

Photos by Jen Schmitt

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While a little late in its reporting, a show that deserves mentioning was the recent CIRCLE II CIRCLE / JON OLIVA’S PAIN co-heading East Coast jaunt. Coinciding with both bands’ new releases (‘Delusions of Grandeur’ and ‘Global Warning’ respectively), the night marked the long overdue live fix for the patient U.S. SAVATAGE legions. None would leave disappointed. With a fantastic mix of powerful new material, classics, fan favorites, and special guests, it was truly a special event worth the years of waiting! Best of all, Jen was there to capture the night’s images for us all!

SET LIST: Jon Oliva'a Pain:
  • Sirens (Savatage)
  • Warriors (Savatage)
  • Through the Eyes of the King
  • Maniacal Renderings
  • Tonight He Grins Again (Savatage)
  • Firefly
  • Hounds (Savatage)
  • Gutter Ballet (Savatage)
  • Walk Upon the Water
  • Stories
  • Edge of Thorns (Savatage) (w/ Zak Stevens and Chris Caffery)
  • Chance (Savatage) (w/ Zak Stevens)
  • Somewhere In Time (Savatage)
  • Believe (Savatage)
  • Jesus Saves (Savatage)
  • When the Crowds are Gone (Savatage)
  • Hall of the Mountain King (Savatage) (w/ Chris Caffery)
  • SETLIST: Circle II Circle
  • All That Remains
  • Sea of White
  • Waiting
  • So Many Reasons
  • Heal You
  • Echoes
  • Fatal Warning
  • Messiah
  • Revelations
  • Chase the Lies
  • Taunting Cobras (Savatage)
  • Turns to Me (Savatage)

  • All photos copyright Jennifer Bartram-Schmitt
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