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Lillian Axe

The Starland Ballroom

Sayreville City, NJ



This is one I will always remember; it all started when our former writer Pedro Lopes and I were going to attend the LILLIAN AXE show on Sept 16th at Starland Ballroom. As I’m waiting for Pedro to show up at my home I received an IM from Pedro saying I am not sure if I can make it, so go on without me.

Our chief editor, my wife Stephanie sensing my dilemma volunteered to go and all was well and good. Steve Blaze leader of LILLIAN AXE told me he would be going on about 10pm and the venue is only 15 minutes away, so off we went.

As we were entering the venue for some weird reason they card my wife and not me, that’s strange I’m only 29 stop coughing, ok maybe a little older, ok a lot older…Are you happy now!

Well we’re in, we hang near the back and just happen to bump into Mr. Blaze who thanks us for coming and tells us their on next. As we make our way to the front as guests of Mr. Blaze we also bump into New Jersey’s own Sean Hollywood who we chatted with for a bit before LILLIAN AXE was to hit the stage.

It was 9:35 where the lights grew dim; smoke filled the stage as shadows came from the sides of the stage. Full-blown madness with the opening song “Misery Loves Company” all I hear is Steve, Steve, Steve. The man himself an icon in the music industry is center stage bending with his searing guitar screaming high notes.

This was my first time ever seeing LILLIAN AXE live and what an impressive performance. Not being a big fan of the AXE I was engulfed by the professionalism and charisma the entire band had, They owned the crowd. No wonder why they were asked to come back for ‘Rocklahoma 2008’.

The band hit the audience with their biggest hits "Dream Of A Lifetime" (From their debut album), plus "True Believer" and "Body Double" which are all found on their 1992 album, “Poetic Justice”.

This is definitely a live band to see especially with a madman on bass Eric Morris who also plays with Blaze in NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE. Morris snarls, grins and intensifies with each thundering note.

Vocalist Derrick Lefevre has some pipes reaching quivering peaks and with the mid section and rhythm by Sam Poitevent and percussion by Ken Koudelka the band is extreme. But wait did I forget anyone, Sorry Steve or yeah Mr. Steve Blaze himself a man that followed his dream and tells it like it is as you can read in our interview RIGHT HERE.

Steve tells us one of the highlights and most nerve racking moments was his playing of the “Star Spangle Banner” at a football game and to fans delight he hit the mark once again playing it at Starland. Blaze is such a talent and completely humble guy and it shows with his stage presence. LILLIAN AXE played the best of the best for over 90 minutes and also playing three tunes from their new CD “Water Rising”. As they broke into the title track “Water Rising,” you can feel the arena aura as they were so tight and had all cylinders clicking, it made it a night to remember.

After the show we had a chance to meet with the band and they showed us what true southern hospitality is, one class act named LILLIAN AXE.

See more photos in our gallery HERE

Derrick Lefevre - Vocals
Steve Blaze - Guitar/Vocals
Sam Poitevent - Guitar/Vocals
Eric Morris - Bass
Ken Koudelka - Drums

Misery Loves Company
Love and War
Kill Me Again
Body Double
Ghost of Winter
Water Rising
Fools Paradise
I Have To Die Goodbye
Dream of a Lifetime
Letters In the Rain
Those Who Prey
True Believer
Show A little Love

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