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Miss Crazy

The Cherrywood Rock Club

Clementon, NJ



Well we finally got our first live taste of MISS CRAZY after a very long wait as their tour finally made it to the East Coast. has been a proud supporter of MISS CRAZY ever since we first heard their debut CD back in 2005 which received 5 stars on our site Miss Crazy" and their legions have been growing since.

We were personally invited by the band to attend their New Jersey show at the Cherrywood Rock Club in Clementon and were also contact by Cherby one of the main people from the club who we meet shortly after we arrived. .

We arrived at the venue early enough to see the band preceding MISS CRAZY, a local grunge band named KICKIN CHICKINS. Stephanie liked them and took a few shots of them (which are posted on their site!) after she won a KICKIN CHICKINS T-shirt. They weren't bad, but I was really there to see MISS CRAZY a show I have been waiting for impatiently.

MISS CRAZY took the stage about 12:10am to just about a sold out crowd and they didn't disappoint. Opening with "Billie" which came off their debut CD the house was rocking right from the first note. Markus -- front man and main attraction beside the sensual Kim Racer had the crowd on their feet through the night playing about a 40-minute set of songs such as "Can't Get Enough", "Nothing", "So Long", "Now" and many others. As Markus walked into the venue he had an aura that oozed stardom. Major Tom lead guitarist looks like he just enjoys slinging some kick ass leads and having fun with every moment being on stage. .

Drummer Jimmy Z pounds the shit out of the skins behind the kit and keeps perfect time with Kim's thundering bass making it a great midsection. But you can see the true leader of the band is Markus who demands to be the focal point of the crowds' attention and the crowd helplessly complied. .

I would like mention a special thanks to the band for dedicating "Life's Been Good" to me and my staff at who have been working to bring some great music back to New Jersey and the world and MISS CRAZY is moving in the right direction.

MISS CRAZY hit the crowd with two covers "Walk All Over You" by AC/DC and their last tune "Looks That Kill" by MÖTLEY CRÜE. With the time winding down and their set cut short they never got to play "No Compromise" which I really wanted to hear, but that's the breaks. The stage was a bit small and the band made the best of it still rocking the doors off the Cherrywood Rock Club.

After the show all the members of the band were happy to meet and greet fans with photo opts and autographs. Markus also let the crowd know that they are working on new material for a new CD that should be released next year, so keep a look out for that and visit their official site "" And their MySpace site "".

This was MISS CRAZY's 148th show on this tour and with some critics mentioning that Markus would lose his voice half way through were completely wrong and it seems the man is rejuvenating his chords even better as the tours moves on. MISS CRAZY is keeping rock alive and bringing back the sound and live show that has been missing for years.

It's also funny, just as in the early days of KISS , many bands such as CINDERELLA and KIX shy away from MISS CRAZY intimidated for fear of being upstage by and up and coming band. The truth is having MISS CRAZY on tour with you can only bring more attention and help you sell out shows. Look at history KISS' opening acts JUDAS PRIEST, MÖTLEY CRÜE and many others, it didn't seem to hurt them at all. .

This was a great night of great tunes and having a good time with one of the best new acts coming your way. Check out some of the photos from Sept 22 at Cherrywood Rock Club.

Markus Allen Christopher- Vocals/Guitars
Major Tom - Guitar/Vocals
Kim Racer - Bass
Jimmy Z - Drums

Can't get Enough
My Way
Walk All Over You
Life's Been good
So long
Tattooed Freak
Looks that Kill

Special thanks to my wife Stephanie Rademacher, who video taped the show for the band. Cherby from the Cherrywood Rock Club, MISS CRAZY and most of all Markus Allen Christopher, I would also like to thanks my daughter Sara (who I recently adopted) for watching the two little ones Ashley & Tyler 'til the wee hours of the morning.

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